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We will eventually find out... Warner Bros revealed the identity of the ghost of Shadow of Mordor and the big bad of Arkham Origins long before the games were released. If someone is cast to play the voice of the Joker, the marketing department will try to make a big deal out of it before the game is out.

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@ozzdog12: Man the Arkham version of Red Hood looks boring. The mask he has in the comics is awesome.

Or they could go with the Joker's version... Not as cool, but still better than the hoodie one.

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@devise22: Right, because coming back from the dead is something the Joker never does, nor was he ever known for impersonating other villains. I am not claiming AK is the Joker (I am pretty sure he is not), but that he will re-appear during the story to become a mayor threat.

This is the first post-City game they have made, I think its early to establish a Jokerless pattern. Besides, Rocksteady has indeed make good on the series, except when deciding to make a sizeable part of the story and unreachable collectables (before AC Unity made it such an outcry) a part of day one DLC on City.

@corevi: I don't know why that leaves Drake and Grayson out. So far, it seems like AK is a sequel to City and he is a new threat, so it is possible he was created in between games.

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At this point, I think the Arkham Knight is someone Batman knows that was turned against him by the convined effort of Scarecrow and the Mad Hatter. Similar to the "return of the joker" movie... Jason Todd or Dick Grayson are good options.

And I still have a hard time believing the Joker is not in this one.

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It definitely gets darker and more haunting as the game goes on. It does not have realistic graphics, so it does not get graphic with grim, gore or horror, but the music and the narration makes it sort of melodramatic.

Its a great game, and I would advise you to play it, just not in a channel if you are looking for bright and colorful. If you set the bar with the latest Ghostbusters game, Bastion may not be the lighthearted change of pace you are looking for...

Maybe the latest Rayman games? LittleBigPlanet? Something in the line of Nintendo? Castle Crashers can be played with friends, and its pretty lighthearted as far as those games go...

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Rayman Legends is great. The best example I can give of a "feel good" platformer.

If you haven't played Rayman Origins it's just as fun. I feel like anyone who liked one would like the other too. Check it out if you haven't already.

Origins is really good, but I strongly prefer Legends. It was more accessible, since the last world of Origins was far too tough, and the chest levels were just cringe inducing. Legends has its share of hard levels, but nothing that locked your progress as much...

Besides, Legends already includes the best levels of Origins and the music levels, which are just genius.

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I would say, if you are interested in trimming your backlog, focus on some of the games that take less time to complete and 100%:

  • Braid
  • Valiant Hearts
  • The Stanley Parable
  • Bioshock 1 and 2

With a little "Papers, Please" on the side because I would not advice you to play that game for long stretches of time...

Those are cool games, but have you heard of this one called Chrono Trigger?

Of course I have, but it is not something that I would consider "short". To put it out of his backlog would require some time consuming effort. In fact, if he is just interested on the game because of his backlog, there is a pretty great feature on this site by the great Ryan/Patrick team that might be suitable for him...

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Most of the times, game companies pitch the game to major retailers (Wallmart, Toys R Us, Amazon, etc) and decide how much to print depending of their orders, with some extra included to amount for small businesses, foreign markets and other contractors. Once they run out of that stock (and depending of how fast they depleted it), they may order new copies to be printed. In that way, they are similar to books...

Nintendo is a special case, and it has been since the time of the NES, when they controlled the entire cycle of production. They will print a big batch of games, and then work with that. They hardly ever make second prints (specially with 3rd party games), so that they never let the price of the market below a certain threshold.

The reason why most people notices games being available for months is not because they are constantly producing them, but because they control the distribution channels so that they don't run out of stock (unlike most other companies whose philosophy is to get as many copies out there as possible, on release day). It is the same thing Disney does with its movies "in the vault"...

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It is called market price control. They print less than the expected demand, so that they control the rarity, lessen the saturation of the used market and can keep their products selling as close to full price for as long as they can. If the publisher flooded the market with copies, soon retailers would sell them cheap to deplete their new and used inventory (it is what usually happens).

Nintendo as a company believes selling games cheaper is detrimental to their value (they have come on record saying the mobile prices model in cellphones is a mistake), so they are more protective of their production cycle than other companies. It is the same they did with the Wii, and it is the same Disney does with their movies.

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Rayman Legends is great. The best example I can give of a "feel good" platformer.