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The people here at Giant Bomb definitely aren't. They need to stop referring to themselves as such, and stop hiding behind "Well the definition of journalism is so vague these days".

To be clear, the GB staff have already said, on multiple occasions, that they are not journalists, and should not be considered as such.

That gets a bit muddled when they're involved in the "Games Journalism Hunger Games" panel, and when pretty much all of their contemporaries refer to themselves as such.

To be fair, I think many of the articles that Patrick writes are closer to the idea of journalism that people have in mind, and there are very few people out there consistently writing like him (besides the occasional gaming blog piece). The rest of the crew has stated multiple times that they don't consider themselves journalists in the traditional sense, but the term is the closest they get to a traditional job description.

To answer the OP question, I want journalism about the people and the stories behind the games. Pieces like this or this. I believe there are fascinating stories to be told about almost every game, released or not... Real interviews, not scheduled or filtered through the PR department of big companies.

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Interesting. I never thought Amazon would be interested in expanding into that territory but, as others have said, it is a LOT better than Google...

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Interesting reading... and apparently Patrick is not alone.

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Yeah... Brad is pretty good as host.

Jeff does his best job when he is tasked with taking cues from others and providing some commentary; but I wasn't so happy with his role as a moderator.

I wouldn't mind Drew taking a chance as host, though...

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The Great Gatsby: 4/5

It was good, in general, but it doesn't hold a candle to the book. The performance of Di Caprio is top notch, though...

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After a while, I got used to the art style, to the point it didn't bother me so much... I just wish the game had more variety to it: there are only 8 short dungeons that you have to play twice in order to get to the final boss, and they are all really short (a high level character can fly through all of them in about an hour). However, you can only take a few side quests at the time. And, to make matters worst, the next dungeon is randomized, so you can spend a lot of time going to the same places over and over again. It felt like, knowing they have little content, they stretched the length of the game to the breaking point.

Plus, the online is garbage...

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I used to defend Phil Fish. He was just a very opinionated person who often got on people's nerves. Nothing wrong with that, and he had some very understandable frustrations with a few dicks on the internet, even if he did handle it poorly by making sweeping, generalizing statements that caught innocent bystanders in its wave of hatred.

After the heinous and utterly evil actions he did earlier this week/last week, though... I don't support any form of attacking and bullying, but karma's a bitch. The employees of Polytron are the victims here.

Which was? I am honestly curious about it, since I didn't heard of any utterly evil action he or Quinn pulled of recently to justify this response...

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My money is on a new Red Dead. The game was fairly successful and its been almost 5 years now...

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  • Monkey Island series
  • Sam & Max Hit the Road

If you are interested in more serious point & click, adventure games, I would recommend you to check on the sierra library. Same genre, but a lot more serious in tone.

Or you could try the more modern approach to the genre, with games like Walking Dead, Heavy Rain, Murdered and LA Noire. They are very different from each other, but the inheritance of classic games is noticeable...

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You know, I wish it was closely related. I think if designers try to make games inspired by real events, the result can be a more careful and thoughtful experience than, say, base it in some random, invented location, with random, invented factions. I believe the Call of Duty games lost some of its heart when they stopped being about real conflicts and started being about modern, Clancy-like world conspiracies...

I wish it were, but clearly the author of the article is over-analyzing it. As others have noted, the game borrows a lot more from heist movies like Heat and games like Payday than any real world commentary.