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Dragon Quest 7 and 8

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It really bothers me when people say that this isn't censorship because it is Apple and not a government. That is not true and never has been. Censorship is not just something that a government can do, especially in the world we live in today. Apple can censor something. You can censor yourself. It's not something that just the big bad government can take part in.

Apple should modify their policy to only include porn. That makes sense to me. Nudity is an unavoidable thing in life and in relation to Papers, Please it does add weight to the situation. It was a shocking moment when I had to scan my first civilian. Think about all the beautiful art made throughout all of human history that Apple is inadvertently calling offensive. It's an immature stance.

While I agree with you that censorship is not really limited to governments, this case is not really censorship...

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I also often do it while playing something grindy, like Rogue Legacy or Borderlands. I also used to listened in the gym, while walking or weightlifting...

Other than that, I just listen while whatever. I don't have long commutes to work, so I can't really save stuff for then...

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Yeah, he is not as good as Ryan or Vinny, but who the hell is?

So far, he has been doing a pretty good job. I think he is better at leading the conversation than Jeff, and has a good dynamic with Drew and Dan on board.

Ohh... and the emails section has become even more epic.

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@maajin said:

I think Her was pretty spot on.

I think its accurate because if OS would be on that level, human/AI relationships would be not that uncommon. Of course, that is some scary levels of Turing's test being obliterated there...

I believe Deus Ex is the closest one, although I wouldn't put a timeframe to it. Something about advances in prosthetics, corporate overlords and lost of privacy in favor of new technologies makes it look rather accurate.

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I think it would help if they were more open about it.

I was mad at the Bayonetta 2 situation, but once they explained it, I directed my frustration away from Platinum and Nintendo. In the case of SF 5, there are several theories about the exclusivity: MS being cagey about the crossplay functionality, Sony partially backing the development of the game, etc... If they actually talked about the real reason, it would help the public better understand the situation, and direct the blame to the real target (if there is even one here).

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weird often see him marked as the inventor of video games i always thought alan turning or some other people technically invented video games and ralph invented usage of tv connected video games

google search inventor of video games and its always ralph seems incorrect

but still doesnt take away from fact that had massive impact on how video games are today

He was the precursor of using interchangeable cartridges to change the programming of whatever it played, and machines that worked by reading those cartridges. In other words, he is the direct "father" of home consoles and modern arcade machines technology.

He was also the creator of the light gun, so, there is that too, I guess...

Men like Turing were incredibly influential in information technology, and their work is the foundation behind most of what we consider IT today, but they never thought of applying their research to home entertainment systems (or even personal computers), so to consider them as fathers of video games might be a bit of a stretch; like thinking the inventors of http to be the inventors of video streaming as well.

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Mhh... Die Hard is probably the best answer.

But if we open up the options to include action/adventure films like Indiana Jones, the discussion get tainted. For example, I believe Pirates of the Caribbean 1 is as good an adventure movie as Raiders of the Lost Ark; and if we include Asian martial arts flicks, many movies of Jackie Chan deserve a spot here, like Drunken Master or Police Story...

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The game is overly Japanese... overly. Kind of how GTA games are full of references to American pop culture and films, Yakuza is to Japanese culture and mob films.

Combat is visceral and the setting is over the top. Not Platinum levels of over the top, but still... No one will accuse Yakuza games of being restraint.

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Ironhide just made public the cancellation of plan for any PC version of Kingdom Rush Origins.

Though sad, the reasons can't be argued with... they are a really small team and porting the game to PC would strain their budget.