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It's a remake of the first game not a new one.

It's not a remake of the first game; it follows the story of the movie that's slated to come out this year which retells the Ratchet/Clank/Qwark origin story.

It's a remake.

Funny you would link that, because that's the exact article I re-referred to before I made my comment.

So it’s with great pride I get to announce that Insomniac will continue our involvement with the Ratchet & Clank movie while developing a game that re-imagines the original Ratchet & Clank for PS4.

As was mentioned during Sony’s press conference , the game will share the film’s vision of Ratchet’s origin story, and features updated gameplay along with completely new visuals that rival the best PS4 games on the market. Both the movie and game will be available in the first half of 2015.

re-imagine =/= remake/remaster. You could argue whether they meant what they said (I'm going to take their words literally because I assume they used the words they wanted to until proven otherwise), but, more to the point of the OP, as far as I know we haven't been shown any footage of the game or been given any other information to go on. My reading of that paragraph is that you could think of the game as a licensed movie tie-in game, not as a 'hey we remade R&C1 with new graphics in a new engine.'

What would be the difference though?

The term "remake" is vague enough that it supports both points: the HD collections versions that we are used to (restored/remastered being more appropriate), or the reimagining version we are used to from Hollywood (Criminal being a remake of Nueve Reinas)

On topic: I don't know anything about that game, but given how they handled Into the Nexus and Full Frontal Assault, I could definitely see them working on the game without much fanfare until the very week it is released...

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Yes, the PS3 version was more unstable than the 360 and PC versions, because it was not made by Bioware, but by a company that specializes in porting games to other platforms (in a pretty impressive time, to be fair, I think it took them less than 6 months to have the game on PS3) years after the game release.

I had audio during cutscenes cutting off (tried reloading and got the same results), some cameras looking at empty space during dialogues, etc... I even had some positives like biotics that didn't cooldown, but those were the less often. I let most of it slide since I was happy to be able to play it on the PS3, at last, but it sure is not the best version of the game.

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@vierastalo: Cool...

I am not up to date with the UPF episodes, but now I definitely have to check that one.

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This has to be featured in an Unprofessional Friday...

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Not buying it. As others have said, Kinect was made public with much fanfare that never got to deliver. The technology looks good, but the video is obviously made by marketing people that don't even know the meaning of "holograms"

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3 at the same time? That got to suck.

I got all 4 removed, but at different points in my life... the last one I removed it about a year ago. In general, it was not nice, but nor particularly painful, just bothersome; except the last one that got infected, and I spend the next weeks in severe discomfort. I was awake in all of them, and they have to drill through 2 of them.

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GMR are my real initials, but if you want to inspire nostalgia, you should use CAP...

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@dudeglove: Good to see I am not the only one. I got their names mixed up, which always leads to weird conversations.

Before Jennifer Lawrence was in everything, I used to think of the girl in Hugo as the girl in Hunger Games...

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@corevi: I might be wrong, but I think they tried to bring Yakuza 1 to the states, and they made a big deal out of hiring Hollywood "stars" to dub the voices of the characters, but then got burned when the game sold poorly.

I stopped feeling bad for SEGA a long time ago. Their management is a joke and/or they couldn't care for no one in the west. They still try to recreate the Sonic success but can't be bothered to see what works, they loose Bayonetta to Nintendo because they couldn't bother with it, and they just don't care about Yakuza outside Japan. They have great opportunities with minimal effort, but they choose to focus on Colonial Marines and Sonic (we all know haw that ended up). The OT says it all, they had a great game on the launch of a console that was going to be a great early success (but with no games to play), and a hungry audience that would be happy even with a barebones localization job, but they just didn't care...

At this point, I am truly hoping Yakuza 5 and Bayonetta 2 both turns into a big success for Sony and Nintendo (fat chance, but here is hoping), so that some heads start rolling in SEGA Japan.

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This is my setup:

  • AMD FX 8320
  • 4GB RAM
  • AMD Radeon R9

It should be enough to run the game. However, once I start it, it says I lack the RAM to run in properly. I tried it on the default settings, but the campaign is almost unplayable: stuttering, low resolution textures or textures that doesn't load, loading times in the minutes, cutscenes that don't play after a few frames, etc... I tried to lower the settings, but only got marginally better in some parts.

The weirdest part is that it says I only have 1GB of RAM avaialble...

Looking around on the Internet, I found that this is fairly common, but no workaround is provided. Does anyone else knows of these issues? Do you have a workaround? Has IW said something about a patch in the works?

I know this year, a game releasing with weird technical issues is not something to be surprised about, but I haven't read anything about CoD being among them...