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@bartok: I believe it is the one where superheroes *do* age...

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I love space and science stuff, but I'm not that great with understanding it all, does anyone know how far away that is in, like, regular earth years? As far as the speed of the shuttles we have now? Is that like, we would need to invent faster travel then we have now for it to be even remotely visitable? Or like build some sort of massive space ship that can support life for generations so like, our kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids can see it?

For reference, Voyager 1 has the record for fastest man-made object to leave the solar system with 17,1 km/s (38.000 mph). If we traveled at that speed toward that planet, it would take us 24,5 million years to reach it (which is about 1 million "kids" in that sentence)...

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What is happening between that woman and that jukebox?

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Its a typical quest story in a dystopian future controlled by corporations, with a McGuffin hidden in an MMO, and clues consisting on 80s and 90s references and nostalgia landmarks.

If it sounds more reductive than it should, it is the intent. The author clearly made his homework and created a world in a weird intersection that is laser focus on the audiences these sites tend to grow around (see also, fans of MMO Anime [yes, that is a genre]). However, it is not a bad book. Some of the references can feel pandering, but there are worst things out there.

If you are not so interested, know that a movie is in the works, so you can get the condensed version. Due to its nature, it is likely going to change 90%, which will anger purists and provide for spectacle for the rest of us.

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I don't think they should, because there are a lot of properties they haven't really explored it seems like a lost opportunity...

But I could totally see Sora running around with Clone Wars characters with lightsaber keyblades, or in a Guardians of the Galaxy world with Groot as a summon...

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It was the best 3rd person shooter Rockstar ever did. In global terms, it was ok.

I didn't liked that it didn't allow much experimentation. In everything but the easiest difficulties, jumping in slow motion trying to kill people was a fast way to getting ripped in half; so the only way to survive most encounters was playing defensibly and staying in cover.

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Mine would be The Adventures of Baron Munchausen.

And since he is listed as "director" in most of the Monty Python movies, the second would be Holy Grail.

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I don't understand all the people that are saying they don't know many games that try to be "photorealistic". About 90% of the AAA industry gets into photorealism. Call of Duty, Assassins Creed, Batman, Uncharted... Just because they feature a guy dressed as a black bat doesn't mean they are not trying to be realistic about it (look at the drops of rain reflected on its suit. Look at the drops, damn it!). I think Nintendo is the only one that consistently makes their high profile games not realistic (and look at all the hate they got for games like Wind Waker). So, yes, I think too many of them are obsessed with it as if it were the only style possible.

The only way we can rule out photorealism is because indie games tend to rule it out (mostly because of budget), and currently they are 90% of the market. But, on the other hand, more money is spend on any AAA games than most indie games put together.

I would like to think the public has grown tired of that style, and has became more accepting of games that are more stylized; but most people still associate AAA graphics with high polygons count and high level of details...

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If we are counting animated feature films, then Grave of the Fireflies wins hands down...

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A lot of Zack Snyder hate in this thread. Did people really not like Watchman? Man of Steel was alright, not terrible but not great. I dunno I can't recall movies he has made that were absolutely terrible.

Those that hate him should understand that the fucking screenwriter of Argo is writing this damn thing.

That right there should be hope enough that this movie will not suck. Will it be great? Sublime? We'll see. But in my opinion, the screenwriter is important. The director is just a dude who makes the script become a reality.

I don't know. I get where you are coming from, but the truth is movies are such a collaborative process and a constant battle of egos that a pretty good (or bad) element here or there can turn a pile of crap into a masterpiece (or the other way around). Screenwriters, directors, editors, actors, cinematographer, they all take part in the creative process... There are stories about how Zinner editing made an unwatchable Godfather into the movie we know today.

Or, let me put it this way, the person responsible for the scripts of award winners Syriana and Traffic was also the writer of Call of Duty Ghost...

I agree. But you gotta admit that Call of Duty Ghost is the best written CoD game in the series, if that means anything.

Also, Traffic and Syriana are the only good films he wrote. Other than those two, Stephen Gaghan doesn't have a good track record.

Lets just agree to disagree then, because I consider Ghost to be the worst written game in a series that never had stellar writing to begin with...