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Games "series" that should have ended after 1 game, but didn't:

  • God of War
  • The Walking Dead
  • Final Fantasy X
  • Bioshock

Not that I don't think the sequels are good games (or even better than the original), but the way they wrapped up the world and story after the first game makes the sequels redundant...

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My previous cel phone was an orange/black screen Alcatel model.

Eventually, I decided I had enough of a phone whose idea of a game was snakes, so I replace it with an Galaxy S3, which is my current phone... But I am still pretty sure I could turn my old phone on.

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Under Siege is, without a doubt, his best movie (or his only good one). And Executive Decision, only because he is barely in it.

I want to second other people that say you should avoid him. Seriously, he is not a good action actor, he is not even a good stunts performer, the movies are shit (not in the so-bad-is-good kind of way), and he remains in the bad side of camping for most of his career.

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So, they are all pulling a Travolta pose...

I approve. (personally, Disco Kanji is my favorite)

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I am growing tired of the Telltale format, and playing a "dramatic" game like GoT might just push me over the edge. At least Borderlands has light moments to it...

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@mintyice: Because the sales they expect to get on the game and new consoles dwarfs the small change they can get on steam sales. You have to remember that Sony is in it for the hardware, not the games. After all, if everyone made everything to run on everything, what is the point of new hardware?

Sony gets to be "playstation fanboys". They MADE the damn thing.

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Of course it will. The same week as Gears of Wars is available on PS4, Uncharted is available on PC, and Mario is available on PC...

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I am more cautious of these early reviews.

Remember the early reviews of Dark Souls 2? They were all glowing because they got the chance to play a new From game, but a few weeks later, a lot of people cooled down the hype and the opinion became more realistic...

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It is awful.

It is ice hockey made by people that understand stats based games. It is like what would happen if you asked Infinity Ward to make a soccer game.

It only exists because of the tendency of Final Fantasy games to have games inside the games...

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Ok, that settles it.

Not that the delay is so game changing, but I was going to be in NY the week of the release, so I was considering getting a PS4 and this game on it...