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Final Fantasy XIII. For all the issues it had, I think sexism was not one of them...

Valkyria Chronicles comes and go, but its pretty good most of the time. I don't think its flaws are due to sexism, but due to over reliance in anime tropes.

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This is a special time. Still early in the new generation, and right before E3. We are still at a time when low risks games are coming out, and most are still focusing on the last generation... I believe we will have a massive influx of games and announcements this year, because now the time for promises are done and the gloves are off. Now its the time each company will have to justify their systems and where publishers will start talking more freely about what is coming.

I get that there is little of interest to wait right now, but I seriously believe it will change in June.

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@dudeglove: yes. Stannis is THAT boring. It is part of his character that he is so unsimpathetic he couldn't claim the iron throne, even when he is the older brother, due to lack of public support.

the most interesting part of his side is Melisandre.

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I would rather if they had a twist to it. I think Resistance 1 was a pretty good WW2 shooter that they added aliens to separate it from the pack, and it works pretty well.

I am not tired of the setting (and I would welcome it if they add a little gravitas to the genre), I just wish they found new things to explore it. If their idea of a WW 2 shooter is another revisit to Normandy or Stalingrad, or video game versions of Private Ryan and Behind Enemy Lines, they can keep them to themselves.

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Your body, your choice... but you should not be impulsive about it.

Personally, I wouldn't get a tattoo unless it has some serious emotional meaning. Having something that reminds you of an anime or an videogame you just played might sound like a nice idea at the time, but you might easily regret it a couple years down the line...

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I think it has to do with the origins of the game being a fun brawler game meant more to pit divergent characters in colorful fights. Lets face it, the game has grown in the complex fighting game department, but the main reason for including characters like Mr Game & Watch and R.O.B. was for novelty issues... Many people (particularly those that have dedicated time and effort to get real deep in the systems) take offense on those inclusions, even with the designers, and in people pointing out that it shows the real origins of the series. For them, having fun is just not good enough...

It is not alone in that, and its not the most toxic community I have seen. I still remember shamefully the amount of toxicity the community of Dragon Ball Budokai had for people that wanted to put aside sprite sheets and just have fun throwing energy balls at their friends.

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The dreamcast version is better than the one in PS1, mostly because of loading times.

The HD version is pretty much the same with online and some extra filters. Plus, its probably cheaper and easier to get since the old versions are rather rare... Given the options, I would go with that one.

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I like more video reviews the same way I want more original content on the site, but its not like that niche is not covered by hundreds of different sites out there; and I find quick looks and podcast conversations way more informative, anyways...

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  • Didn't interrupt Snow. It looked like the respectful thing to do.
  • Trip Trap Bar first, then to the Dee's office. Crane's office was an obvious choice, but I didn't do it because Bluebeard was the one that proposed it.
  • Told Flycatcher to talk to Snow about a job. As much as I would like to, it is not up to me to decide about who works in the Woodlands.
  • Didn't burn the tree. Aunty had to live, Snow White was being spiteful about it (she mostly hated the practice because Crane glamoured her) and, besides, I only went for it to get some information. Once she spilled the beans, I saw no point in continue down that path.
  • Spared Dum. The reason for that was that Snow White was watching...

My version of Bigby is trying to redeem himself from the bad deeds of the past, and most times tries to defuse situations before they get extra crappy. He is also awfully concerned with proving to people (specially Snow White) that he is more than a wild beast.

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I am looking forward to it...

Then again, I didn't played any of the Borderlands 2 DLC, so I am not as burned out with the franchise as other people here.