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I agree with the people that mention the Shadow of Mordor nemesis system, but I would incorporate an important difference: make it possible to shut down an entire section (maybe having different armies, and once you defeat Joker, Penguin or Two-Faces, that army does not get repopulated). Near the end of Shadow of Mordor, I grew tired of the sense of futility the whole system has.

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All of the above. If anything, the options make it look like "make the PC version on par with the consoles" is enough, but at this point they have to make sure the PC version is the best possible version of all the available ones. This is not something against the console crowd, but after the amount of crap this game got on PC, they have to try extra hard to compensate or go home. I don't think people will be happy with "almost as good".

On the other hand, some extra content would be a nice token, maybe giving for free the content that was locked as preorder bonus. After all, what happens with people that got DLC for pre-ordering but asked for refunds because of the state of the game?

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The Mexico section in Red Dead Redemption was something that dragged oooooooon forever. It is not the game was boring, but the mission structure took a nosedive in that part.

Similarly, the Library map in Halo 1 was really, really tedious. Long and uninspired, it felt like someone fall sleep over Ctrl + V.

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@jonny_anonymous: Yes, just not only Ellroy, the series is so noir the only thing lacking is to be shot in black & white...

The moment I realize the conspiracy was about the interests of a real estate company in suburban LA, a plot twist that was in Chinatown, L.A. Noire and even Roger Rabbit, I kind of lost a lot of interest in it...

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  • Borderlands 2 - 118 hs
  • Plants vs. Zombies: Game of the Year - 48 hs
  • Borderlands - 41 hs
  • Saints Row IV - 40 hs
  • Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel - 34 hs
  • Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor - 30 hs
  • The Talos Principle - 26 hs
  • Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY Edition - 21 hs
  • Tomb Raider - 18.3 hs
  • Dust: An Elysian Tail - 16.9 hs

Relatively new to PC gaming. I likely have more time spent of console games, but there is no way to know that...

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@gregorygold:I am not saying it should not be eradicated. What I am saying is that something that portraits it as being historically relevant to its setting is not the same as something that portraits it in a subjective light (by that I mean, trying to take a political stance, either positive or negative).

Historical presence and representation should not be part of this process of eradication, if at least to be part of our collective memory. Otherwise, we run the risk of believing solving the issue is the same as not speaking about it.

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Just to clarify. I had issues with the controls, but they were nowhere near insurmountable, so to label it "unplayable" is quite a stretch. It is just a typical example of a game that heavily priorities animation over movement.

As I mentioned above, the game has a "preferable" path... if one follows that path, the game is a blast; which makes it a great showstopper game. Like a mix of Call of Duty and Dark Souls...

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@gregorygold said:

Can't have Swatiska's in Germany. Same deal. Cool move.

Ehhhh... not really the same deal. The Swastika issue in Germany was not born out of the country trying to disassociate with the ideologies it came to represent; it was ordered by the allies as a way to completely remove the Nazi party from the public eye; which was a pretty dumb move because, while they are not allowed to show any Nazi imagery in games or movies, they sure aren't above guilt-trip the entire country for the last 70 years.

This is just overreaction. While I agree the flag in many contexts does not belong and should be removed, historical settings and historical preservation are not among them. To expect to solve a problem by denial can be almost as harmful as romanticizing it.

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He seems like a really easy superhero to adapt. Look at all the game characters that used bows as their main feature.

If small budget is the thing, a game were you play as the elf in Gauntlet with several DC cameos could work.

I would like it as an "escape of prison island" game, with Uncharted and Tomb Raider as main inspirations...

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The game wouldn't even run for me... just crashed back to the desktop.

So, yes, I asked for a refund. I may reconsider it by the time it is on sale, which should be after a decent amount of patching.