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@dudeglove: That was an interesting read... In a "now you are just fucking with me, aren't you? there is no way you honestly believe half of the bullshit put there..." kinda way.

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The PS Move and accessories. So, 2 Motion Controllers, 1 Navigation Controller, and the Eye camera...

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That is... surprising.

I guess I still don't get what MS wants with Minecraft...

I don't know how it can be monetized besides the initial sale, but I haven't been there in forever. Sure, it is really huge, but part of that is because it runs on everything. I don't see MS cutting off a lot of revenue, but I also don't think they would be too happy to support any version that is not Windows/360.

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I will eventually pick it, once it is included in some Steam Summer Sale or something. I have been playing a lot of Borderlands 2 with friends, and this looks too similar.

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@lentfilms: That game came bundled with my IBM (CD players were uncommon back there), so I am going to guess: No. You are not...

Never knew someone else that played this one. It was your average side scrolling action game with powers...

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Yeah... I am with the people that thinks it would stagnate open conversation.

Also, many of this threads are about pretty trivial stuff. Even when I don't go into hateful comments territory, I would think twice if I have to pay to answer on many of them.

Besides, this community is fairly civil, all things considered; and the moderators are doing a good job...

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God of War used to be my example, until I got stoked like 30 minutes before the end of Ascension, and grew bored of the entire game.

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At English language class, so I lost most of the events. I saw them later on TV, countless times, though.

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  • Cowboy Beebop is a good anime for people that are not into anime. Cool soundtrack, lots of action, and its a short series.
  • FLCL is too wacky. I know it was mentioned in the podcast and its extremely short (which makes it ideal), but its too random to appreciate unless you are of the right mindset...

I still believe Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood is one of the best options out there. The only problem is that its relatively long (60+ episodes), but other than that, I think its a great anime for those that are new to anime...