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#2 Posted by Hermie (49 posts) -

Since "Adjective Animal studios" was too long, I went with "Wacky Animal", though that sounds more like an actual studio. 
Wacky Animal have had many success with Pirate themed games, including: 
The educational game Buck A. Neer, 
Ship of the Coast, the Sim RPG, and the follow-up Ship of the Sea,
and the more casual Life spin-off The Ships. 
Then there's the Animal games, including 
Manymals PZLE (the puzzle version),  
and Mostimals. 
Others of note are my Gundroid/Super Gundroid series, the Golf sim Lion Forest (harr harr), the historical trivia game Who dat King?, and my very successful harbor sim series Hard Bored.

#3 Posted by Hermie (49 posts) -

I agree with Jeff as well, I find myself forcing through the shooting just to get to the next funny bit. I think I only got the bonus money for not getting hit one single time, and that was because I had replayed that section so many god damn times. 
Still, I completed it, so it never broke the experience for me, I guess.

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New rule: Vinny mans the camera of every mail bag from now on. Still crazy handheld hijinks, but actually steady when we need to see something.

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Great video Drew! Is FCP your editing software of choice, or just the office standard? What if you don't have access to a high-end Mac? (Been looking for something to replace Premiere)

#7 Posted by Hermie (49 posts) -

Nicely written, I love gameplay anecdotes like this. 
(Also enjoyed the special appearance of [Thumbs] Patters.)

#8 Posted by Hermie (49 posts) -

Since Ryan decided to use it, I made a vector version to match it a little better: 

#9 Posted by Hermie (49 posts) -

By the way, given the standards of video game names nowadays, I envision the title something like Batman: Batman-Batman. (From Carbon Neutral Games, the creators of Lincoln Force)

#10 Posted by Hermie (49 posts) -

I had to do this: 

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