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Myself and a few other Australian Giant Bomb users have been working on producing a podcast that we would love to get some feedback on. The basic concept is the idea of providing the opinions of the regular work-a-day player of games and our thoughts on games and the video game industry. We've recorded a few episodes (which can be found at shouldiplaythisgame.com), and we would love to get some feedback or emails or topic discussions. Our email address for the podcast is podcast@shouldiplaythisgame.com, and we can also be found on Twitter at @shouldiplaythis and on Facebook at facebook.com/shouldiplaythisgame.

Anything that anyone could add would be greatly appreciated...

PS- We have on numerous occasions compared Chad Kroeger of Nickleback to a boot. Just a little teaser for you guys...

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Sounds good. I'd be interested to get in on this. I'm looking into the Yeti mics so audio quality shouldn't be a problem after too long. I think it could be interesting recording with people from around the country too.

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Sounds like a pretty cool idea. I have some questions though:

1) When would you be thinking of recording, and how often?

2) What 'format' would you be thinking of? Like the Bombcast 'stages' or something different?

3) For internet recording (I'm in Perth), what quality of microphone would you require?

That's all I can think of at this point, but, like I said, sounds like a good idea...

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The most elaborate I'll remotely consider is what I call the Troy-and-Abed, but even that takes some time to perfect, and I think that only works with like-minded individuals for me (one guy I work with...). A simple handshake, or even some dap (which is surprisingly popular in Australia...), is more than enough.

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My worst one is feeling like I'm close to the end of a game (mainly shorter ones...) and having to finish it at that time rather than come back to it and finish it later. As a result, the last 10-20% of some games become frustrating as hell because I'm missing things or wanting to be done so I don't forget something or boot up a game only to have 5 minutes left to play. It happened this weekend with Strider - basically everything after the resurrected version of Solo pissed me off because of things I wasn't getting or I was trying to rush. Caused me to start disliking it (or most certainly the last section) by the time I'd finished (a reaction that, in retrospect, is not fair - I liked Strider). It happened with Dishonored, Spec Ops: The Line, the first Uncharted, and the Exile add-on to Hard Reset, just to name a few

That's probably my worst one, and one I'd really like to get rid of...

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@goreyfantod: cheers for the kind words. Hoping 2014 will be a better year than the last...

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This is a fucking bummer of a day - woke up about an hour ago and checked my Twitter feed to find this horrible news. To say this fucking sucks doesn't even come close to it - Ryan Davis is one of the reasons we're all on this site, and was an awesome guy. I'm trying to find the right words, and nothing is coming, so I'll just say this:

RIP Ryan Davis - you will be missed by a great many.

Condolences to all who knew and loved him, particularly his new wife and the entire Giant Bomb family.

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Lupe Fiasco - Food & Liquor 2

Coheed & Cambria - The Afterman: Ascension (Domino The Destitute is a fantastic song - a real throwback at nearly 8 minutes long, and it's just a great song)

That (at this stage) is pretty much it...

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Best of wishes to Patrick and the rest of his family. Hope he's doing OK.

Like others, not really sure what else to say, but hopefully all of these messages are helping in some way. This topic is a great idea and it's awesome to see the amount of support Patrick and the rest of the GB crew get - nice to see some love on internet. Props to Patrick also for all he's brought to GB.

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The original was a well-written and informative piece that gave an insight into a condition many know about but few truly understand (I don't also, despite teaching kids with aspergers in the past). This follow-up was again interesting to read, particularly seeing others who experience the same. Articles like these are among the reasons why Giant Bomb is a favourite Internet destination for myself and, I'm sure, many others.
Great job Patrick. I'd love to read more articles like this, assuming you have the time to write said articles.