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St. Petersburg, Florida, USA

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@hailinel: Why do people seem to overblow people's reaction to these things? I don't really see how the reaction from the press could be described as them "getting out their pitchforks". The only comments I read came right after Nintendo's press release. Haven't seen anyone talk about it for the rest of the day. I think I saw one opinion article on polygon but that was about it. The press's reaction has seemed pretty mild so far to me but maybe I'm missing something.

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I will probably end up regretting sharing this but whatever. I'm a closeted trans person. I don't plan on coming out anytime soon because I'm afraid my family will think I'm a freak. Being trans has never made me consider suicide, but my family hating me probably would. I also don't think I could handle people staring at me for being trans. I would probably become a shut in or something. The good thing is the depression I experience from it doesn't seem as bad as other trans people. Not sure if it will ever get worse, but right now it is something I can deal with.

Since this is a video game website and all I'll also add that playing as a women in video games always seems to make me feel better for some reason. It is a little sad I guess, but whatever.

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Rune Factory 4 is pretty great and from what I've played not at all sexist. The game seems to try to appeal to both men and women equally which I thought was pretty cool. Also the game is just super cute.

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Me and my brother could never beat the last boss in banjo tooie. We both tried to beat it for a couple weeks but eventually just quit. I don't even think it was that hard of a boss battle, I just think we suck at games.

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$75 million

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@brodehouse: I was speaking about game journalist not random forum users. I can also point to plenty of people on the opposite side that have said some really nasty stuff on this forum. On the press side of things most of the criticism seemed aimed at the game from what I remember. Could you also give me a link to the thread you are talking about? I'm interested in seeing the responses you were talking about.

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@brodehouse: Where were all these people calling anyone who liked the game a misogynist? Wasn't sure if you quotes where direct quotes and tried googling them and found nothing. I follow many of the so called "Social Justice Warriors" and almost every comment I saw was about the games art or it treatment of women and not the developer or the people who like the game. The only thing I can think of is that Kotaku article that was already mentioned in this thread and I think that dude had to apologies. Saying that you think this game is sexist does not mean you think anyone who likes the game is sexist. Using that logic Carolyn Petit was calling herself a misogynist for liking GTA.

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@darji: Where in the article does she call the developers terrible humans? The two things you brought up which are saying the scene was created for shock value and the scene invokes sexual assault. Neither of these point to her saying that the developers are bad people. She has a problem with the scene the developers made. Doesn't mean she things the developers are horrible people. You keep saying you shouldn't accuse someone of something they haven't done then proceed to put words in peoples mouth. Also why can't people criticize a game in a preview. If I preview a game and it has shitty controls am I not allowed to say anything? Is a preview just suppose to be an advertisement for a game?

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@darji said:

That was the whole purpose of this article. She wanted it to be removed because she felt uncomfortable. And she used comparisons like Rapelay to archive this.

And I've heard plenty of people say they want the meme humor in borderlands removed in the next game because they don't think it's funny. Both sets up people want something removed from a game, but only one of them is being accused of trying to censor something. Why are people criticizing games for gender issues the only ones ever accused of trying to censor games?