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I'm really looking forward to Axiom Verge and Splatoon.

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Thanks for doing this! I would like a chance for a key.

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I don't see a problem with a review talking about any social problems in a game. If it is something that effected the reviewers enjoyment of the game it should be fair game. There aren't even many sites that touch social issues in their reviews. I think polygon was the only review I read that really criticized Bayonetta 2 for its portrayal of the character. I think it is a good thing that people are bringing different perspectives to game reviews. What is the point in having multiple reviews if they are all the same?

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@sylect: lol how much influence do you think these journalist have? Most of the people that gg have targeted are fucking freelance that are making barely enough to live. Where are all these games that have been censored because a "witch hunt"? GG is complaining about something that is not happening anywhere near the scale they say it is. I can't think of a single game that has been majorly changed because of something a "sjw" game journalist said.

Not really sure what Max Temkin has to do with anything. He has published games so don't really see anything wrong with people running stories about it. Also tried to search for these multiple articles on gaming sites and the only ones I could find was opinion pieces on kotaku and RPS. Might be more but that was what I found after a quick search.

The section of the article that you posted just seems like the dude can't handle criticism of the games he makes. As an artist you are can make whatever art you want, but people can also criticize that art all they want. As an artist you can decide whether or not you want to listen to that criticism. Infamous 2 change the look of the main character after fans and journalist criticized the character design. Is this a case of censorship? I really don't understand why so many people are so against people criticizing games for social issues. If these social issues negatively effected a reviewers experience then I don't see why they shouldn't mention it. Most reviews do not really touch social issues, so what is the harm in some that do.

Edit: Wanted to add this but didn't want to post again.

Like I said in a previous post. There are many problems in game journalism. A few writers talking about social issues isn't one of them or at the very least one of the smallest. but for some reason this is the problem that gg seems so focused on. Not gaming sites have to really on advertising from the games they are suppose to review, not game companies giving free stuff to journalist with game reviews, not companies flying journalist to cool locations to review their games. No lets focus on the relatively small amount of reviews and articles that mention social issues or the fact that people make friends with people in the same industry as them.

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@sylect: Just curious, if people started demanded that sites refuse to cover games that offended them how would you feel? According to gg this would be a totally valid move to get what you want. If people used even half of the tatics used by gg to change how women are represented in game many in the gg movement would freak the fuck out.

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I find it sort of hilarious that a lot of gg people view criticism of sexism in games as censorship but trying to get sites shut down for posting opinions they disagreed with isn't. I can't even remember a single instance of a someone trying to even boycott a game because it's depiction of women let alone trying to get a game canceled. Others have said this but game reviewers that have to listen to what advertisers want seems like the last thing gg would want if they were actually interested in game journalism ethics, but what do I know.

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It has been pretty clear to me after reading many gg post that many gg supporters don't actually care about game journalist ethics. They care about driving away people they view as "sjw" out of the industry. Every time I decide to check the hashtag it is overrun with people talking about how "sjw" are ruining gaming. Which is a real shame because there are definitely problems in game journalism, but "sjw" aren't really one of them.

Note: Not saying that there is no one who cares about the actual issues, but from my time reading stuff from gg over the last week this was the impression I got from the movement.

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St. Petersburg, Florida, USA

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@hailinel: Why do people seem to overblow people's reaction to these things? I don't really see how the reaction from the press could be described as them "getting out their pitchforks". The only comments I read came right after Nintendo's press release. Haven't seen anyone talk about it for the rest of the day. I think I saw one opinion article on polygon but that was about it. The press's reaction has seemed pretty mild so far to me but maybe I'm missing something.

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