Venetian Blinds FanFic: The Blinds Leading the Blinds

 Hey guys, I watched the latest game room quick look and got a great idea for a Fan Fic. Hope y'all enjoy.
Vincent eyed the draw string on his venetian blinds, marveling at the its simple construction. A thin, black line of string, running up and down the entire length of the blinds. The material the string was hard to discern, but it was smooth in texture; if you were careful enough, you could pull the string it's entire length without even the slightest hint of movement, except for the blinds themselves. Vincent was terrible at this though, as he could never grab the cord in just the right way.
None of that mattered though, as Vincent was content with his Venetian Blinds, knowing that the world was not always blessed with such wonderful technology. His grandparents told him of a time where Venetian Blinds were not even the visible in the faintest part of mankind's collective intelligence, a time where the rich adorned their windows with garish drapes, while the poor lived a meager existence with uncovered windows.
Vincent shivered at the thought. No one should be forced to live in such squalor, enduring the harsh midday sun and the cold nights as heat escaped through their single pane windows. And curtains...the less said about them, the better.
But the world was not revolutionized by the invention of Venetian Blinds overnight. He recalled the stories of his father, would said that the first Venetian Blinds could be raised upwards, but no amount of force would lower them; any attempt to do so would irreparably damage the blinds. The only way to lower them after they had been raised was to dismantle the blinds and put them back together. Venetian Blinds were expensive and complicated pieces of machinery at the time, so most people opted to simply detach their Venetian Blinds from the window when they were in the mood for more sunlight. Of course, they managed to reverse the process, creating Venetian Blinds that could lower instead of raise, but these were of little use to people not living in tropical or desert climates, savages who would sooner go with uncovered windows. The limitations were fixed eventually though, resulting in the modern style of Venetian Blinds currently residing over the window sill.

But Vincent was tiring of the history lessons he learned in school replaying in his head. He grabbed the draw string firmly in his hand, and began to raise the blinds. Halfway up,  the sunlight from outside blinded him for a moment; he hadn't realized just how late in the day it was. He noticed the barn outside and wondered who it belonged to; the doors were always open, yet he never saw anyone going in or out.
"Oh well", he sighed to himself, momentarily breaking the calm silence of the room. He continued to raise the blinds until they reached their apex.
"GAh, too bright," he said, lowering the blinds a bit. The sunset outside was beautiful, but not enough that he wanted to risk burning out his retinas. But then he realized that maybe he had lowered them a little too much, and raised them a bit. Vincent giggled a little bit, knowing that there was no one to chastise him for needlessly fidgeting with the Venetian Blinds. He lowered them a little further, and then raised them. And lowered them, and raised them, varying the number of slats he would go up and down each time. He could hear his dads voice, ringing in the back of his head:
"Just WHAT is it that you think you're doing? You know that when I was growing up, adjusting the blinds wasn't something we did on a whim! If only you were around then, you'd see. When we were done, we each took our tools out and spent hours together, as a FAMILY, working together to get the blinds rebuilt by sunset. You kids have it too easy, and have no idea what it means to be a family. And another thing..."
Vincent didn't care. His dad's voice faded from his consciousness, as he wondered if there was any way to turn this into a game. How many blinds up could he go up before blinding himself, or how far could he let it drop without it touching the windowsill. But he had nobody to play with, and nothing to keep score with. And he also didn't want to risk damag-
"Hello Vincent."
Vincent violently flinched and took a step back. The voice came seemingly came from nowhere, and he was alone in the house. "W-w-w-ho said that? Where are you?"
"I'm right in front of you Vincent. You were playing with my string not a moment ago."
A look of horror came across Vincents face. The Venetian Blinds were talking to him. He could hear them, and somehow he knew that plugging his ears wasn't going to stop them. "How are you t-talking? You're a pair of Venetian Blinds!"
He paused for a moment, as if to take a breath, but he couldn't because he's a set of Venetian Blinds. "...and what do you think you are?", he mumbled.

The words rang hallow between Vincent's ears. "What are you talking about? What does that even mean?"
"You know exactly what it means, VINNY THE VENETIAN BLINDS."   
Vinny looked down at himself, and only then did he notice that he was a pair of Venetian Blinds, floating several feet off the ground. "But how is that even possible!? And why am I only noticing this now?"

The Blinds did not stop to even consider his question. "You escaped once but you will not escape again. You're coming back with us."
"NEVER!", Vinny yelled instinctively. It was all coming back to him now. He'd forgotten on purpose. But nothing lasts forever, especially when the past you tried to run away from comes back to haunt you.
"YOU WERE THE CHOSEN ONE." The sound of his booming voice was ruffling Vinny's slats. "You tried to forget, but you had to have known you couldn't hide from us forever!"
"Maybe not forever, but long enough."
Vinny bolted out the door, as best a levitating set of Venetian Blinds could, and into the street. They couldn't catch him in time. They spent the next few months trying to track him down. Some reports came in from a few towns over that some kids saw a pair of Venetian Blinds heading into an arcade, some sort of Gaming Room.
But that's another story.
And luckily for all of you, I have no intention of writing that story :D
Anyways, thanks for reading (unless you didn't read it, in which case, thanks for nothing jerk D:<). If you notice any spelling or grammar mistakes, be nice and point them out. Thanks to Vinny for suggesting the name Vinny the Venetian Blinds during the Quick look.