Best of 2010

My top 10 games of 2010, yo. 

All of these games are for the Xbox 360 because, well, that's the only console I have at the moment. I'm sure if I had a PS3, Heavy Rain would be high on here, but unfortunately I'm too poor to pick one up. Christmas is coming up in a few days, so hopefully I get my PS3 then. I'll be getting my new laptop too, which will allow me play more PC games. My current PC is kind of poop.  
I've enjoyed quite a few other games this year, so 
Honorable mentions go to: Singularity, Dead Rising 2, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Deadly Premonition, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Mafia II and Fable III

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Posted by CabbageSensei

Did you end up playing any of the DLC for Alan Wake? To me it felt mostly as if they were just rehashing content from the main game, but this is only from playing "The Signal." It left me with a bad impression and not really wanting to try out "The Writer"

Posted by Hourai
Nope, not yet. I should really play them soon. I heard The Signal isn't too great, but I've been hearing some more positive things about The Writer. Apparently it leads directly into what could be Alan Wake 2, so I think I'm gonna download them if only for the story. 
Posted by raidingkvatch
@Hourai: There's pretty much no story of any importance in The Signal, but I'm interested to hear that The Writer leads into potential sequel so I'd be interested to hear if that's any good.
Posted by AZ123

FFXIII was still pretty linear once you got to Gran Pulse. Very little of the game changed. True, the game became more open-world, but you had the option of entirely ignoring the side missions (most of which were lame anyway) and plowing through the main story. I'm glad FFXIII made your list; I feel like this game doesn't get enough lovin'.

Posted by Kraznor
Posted by Hourai
Trust me, I was strongly considering it. I don't think a game has ever made me laugh so hard :P
Posted by XileLord

Pretty cool list

Posted by SoFuLL
@Kraznor said:
" Hmm, conspicuous lack of one game in particular. Puzzling. "
That game should be on everyone's list:)