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@Red12b: I am a girl. 
@FunExplosions: I groan because "lego for 'grown ups'" steals hours away from me. 
@TurboMan said:
" @FunExplosions: if your looking for cheap plugs, you've came to the wrong place, no one pays attention to this podcast "
I listen. That totally counts, just like the question you submitted to yourself. 
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Reading your growing disgust for pizza just made me crave some pizza more. I would love a slice for some sweet, sweet Walking Dead tonight.

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@Jazz: atatatatatatata 
@FunExplosions: As far as I'm concerned, they are one.  
@W0lfbl1tzers: Would you if you could? 
@Jazz: So you break out into song constantly when you get tired? Apparently I turn into a foul mouthed sailor when I'm sick and have a headache. 
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@Red12b: One of them, one of them! 
@dudeglove: They paved paradise, put up a parking lot.
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@Scrubiii: It was the other way around for me. Tons of resources but not a lot of cash left by the end to buy all the weapon and armor upgrades.
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I've got a great finger exercise for you, but do you have a girlfriend? 

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@TurboMan: Just like our Asher Roth assassination plans flying over Jazz's head? 
@Red12b: Oh you mean the illuminati?
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@AjayRaz: Honestly, I would have hesitated too. I love me some general Tso's. 
@Snapstacle: The only beta they ever sent me was for fucking Home. They hate me. 
@Red12b: Whoa dude... don't be racist.
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@Abyssfull: Drop by next time, it'll still be topical! Probably. Maybe?  
@ZombiePie said:
" I cannot believe how much time you spent discussing my questions...all of you are crazy! "
Those were probably some of the best questions we'll ever get. Good stuff! You spawned the podcast branded fleshlight with deadglove soundboard. Props. 
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@Godlyawesomeguy: It was my turn to have a shitty mic.  
@ZeForgotten: Cool beans, chime in when you finish! 
@HandsomeDead: .........laters.