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@Scrubiii: It was the other way around for me. Tons of resources but not a lot of cash left by the end to buy all the weapon and armor upgrades.
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I've got a great finger exercise for you, but do you have a girlfriend? 

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@TurboMan: Just like our Asher Roth assassination plans flying over Jazz's head? 
@Red12b: Oh you mean the illuminati?
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@AjayRaz: Honestly, I would have hesitated too. I love me some general Tso's. 
@Snapstacle: The only beta they ever sent me was for fucking Home. They hate me. 
@Red12b: Whoa dude... don't be racist.
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@Abyssfull: Drop by next time, it'll still be topical! Probably. Maybe?  
@ZombiePie said:
" I cannot believe how much time you spent discussing my questions...all of you are crazy! "
Those were probably some of the best questions we'll ever get. Good stuff! You spawned the podcast branded fleshlight with deadglove soundboard. Props. 
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@Godlyawesomeguy: It was my turn to have a shitty mic.  
@ZeForgotten: Cool beans, chime in when you finish! 
@HandsomeDead: .........laters.
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 I was on a podcast with David Hasselhoff & Peter North.

 After a month long absence the podcast you never asked for is back! We recorded one before this with guests Axxol and HandsomeDead but it was lost due to the technical ineptitude of a giggly Englishman living atop a mountain monastery. No guests this week, just the regular crew minus one. We're joined by host Jazz, Billy Ray Cyrus aficionado TurboMan, homicide enthusiast GodlyAwesomeGuy (Bateman) and HS21 who sounds like he's underwater for the first 20 minutes. We talked about games a surprising amount. It was weird. 

   Download link here.
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@lavaman77: Breathe that steam in, it'll loosen the phlegm. 
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Drown yourself in orange juice. Wash your hands often. Shower everyday if you aren't already. 

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