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@nals: I've found that the Chemex is a bit more consistent than the V60, although the V60 can bring out a great coffee's flavor more than the Chemex would. All this barista talk makes me miss dialing in. Guess I'll just have to save and hope for the that home setup someday ;)

I recently got an Able Kone filter for my Chemex, as well as a Hario Mini Mill instead of an old crappy Krups Burr Grinder, and holy shit what a transformation. Because the Mini Mill can grind with very little "fines" and the Able Kone has such a fine mesh there's basically no sediment that gathers in the coffee, and the flavour is quite a bit different when compared with using a paper filter.

I'm only saying this because you mentioned Chemex, and I felt the need to ventilate. My girlfriend(with whom I live and who bought me the Chemex, the Hario pour over kettle and the Able filter) doesn't drink coffee. We are, however, equally big tea-snobs.

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I only watch the beginning and end of these, and for 3 I watched the bits where Drew left and came back("Garbage!"). I don't want the guys to sit through 4 hours of garbage so I can see the last 5 minutes of it. The last five minutes are amusing, but seriously.

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I was trying to connect my NNID to my Club Nintendo account yesterday and could not figure it out. Is that not possible for EU accounts?

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@schnoo said:

That information about the controller was mentioned in the Direct is an exceptionally weak argument. It should be clear from the store page what you are buying and I don't think it is.

Truly they should add a list of compatible controllers on that page. On the eShop every game has a list of compatible controllers, which every Wii U user should've learned to study closely because of Nintendo's crazy controller situation.

To answer the OPs question: I'm interested in buying any great Wii games that I never played because I didn't own that console. And the idea of getting the Metroid Prime trilogy makes me extremely goddamned happy.

I don't expect a game that isn't specifically marketed as a remaster to be a remaster; it they'd done any work upressing the graphics or added control possibilities, they sure as shit would've said so front and center.

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I'm assuming that the other ships that came and went to the trading port or whatever are actually part of the player's fleet, which is why they just come, unload, and go giving the player plus monies in the process. Anyone else feeling that?

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@castiel: Here's the article from which that Polygon quote was pulled, in case anyone is interested in getting the context for that quote. I'd say it's a pretty shit title, but the content of the article gives it enough context that you understand what the writer is trying to convey.

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I should hopefully be down for some Monster Huntering within the near future, my Nintendo ID is "englundf".

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Watching the synopsis of my choices in the first two games really makes this sound like a video-game-ass video game story.

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You, sir, are doing the Lord's work.

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So contrary to what I would've thought from Nintendo, they actually do a straight-forward outline of the supported controllers here:

○Wii U GamePad (Max 1)

○Wii Remote or Wii Remote Plus* (Max 7)

○Wii U Pro Controller (Max 7)

○Nintendo GameCube controller** (Max 8)

○Nintendo 3DS series system*** (Max 8)

* Includes expansion controllers (such as the Nunchuk or Classic Controller Pro).

This is good news, as it means I can buy more Pro Controllers instead of investing in Gamecube controllers just for this game, but I'm still confused on whether the Wiimote requires a Nunchuk or not.

I wonder how they display the player numbers on the devices.

EDIT: The "Controllers" page there actually outlines that you can use just a Wiimote, which seems crazy but awesome.