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I'm assuming that the other ships that came and went to the trading port or whatever are actually part of the player's fleet, which is why they just come, unload, and go giving the player plus monies in the process. Anyone else feeling that?

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@castiel: Here's the article from which that Polygon quote was pulled, in case anyone is interested in getting the context for that quote. I'd say it's a pretty shit title, but the content of the article gives it enough context that you understand what the writer is trying to convey.

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I should hopefully be down for some Monster Huntering within the near future, my Nintendo ID is "englundf".

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Watching the synopsis of my choices in the first two games really makes this sound like a video-game-ass video game story.

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You, sir, are doing the Lord's work.

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So contrary to what I would've thought from Nintendo, they actually do a straight-forward outline of the supported controllers here:

○Wii U GamePad (Max 1)

○Wii Remote or Wii Remote Plus* (Max 7)

○Wii U Pro Controller (Max 7)

○Nintendo GameCube controller** (Max 8)

○Nintendo 3DS series system*** (Max 8)

* Includes expansion controllers (such as the Nunchuk or Classic Controller Pro).

This is good news, as it means I can buy more Pro Controllers instead of investing in Gamecube controllers just for this game, but I'm still confused on whether the Wiimote requires a Nunchuk or not.

I wonder how they display the player numbers on the devices.

EDIT: The "Controllers" page there actually outlines that you can use just a Wiimote, which seems crazy but awesome.

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@quantris: I'd appreciate being able to buy some more Pro Controllers to get to eight, since I already have four wiimotes and a Pro Controller, but I doubt Nintendo is going to denote "player number" in binary in the four lights on the controllers(though that would be super fucking cool!), so I'm assuming it's only possible via the Gamecube Controller adapter.

Man, Nintendo really has some issues when they actually think more controller options is a good thing. Shit is super fucking confusing when I can't just go into a store and buy a game since I don't know if I've got the appropriate peripherals for all the modes.

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I suppose the 8-player mode requires four gamecube controllers. Anyone know for sure?

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I've always played inverted, but recently I've gone to un-inverted when playing with a gamepad just because you're more likely to be passing a controller to or from a person who doesn't play games LIKE THEY SHOULD BE. Just to avoid the hassle of having to change settings back and forth. Also the arguments.

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I feel like I've seen that logo someplace before.