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I'm listening to this and imagining Austin talking to Paul Giamatti about games. It's super weird.

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@tomba_be: VR games, if designed as sit-down experiences, still need some type of control for turning, if not looking, so a right stick is a good thing to have. In the HL2 control scheme I liked to use with the original Rift DK, the gamepad controls were kept intact, removing the ability to look up and down on the right stick, while the Rift only controlled head-movement, as opposed to the direction of the "body", and aiming.

I hope there are smoother interface designs coming, and I'm sure there's an intelligent physical analog for lifting your thumb off the left stick to press a button. You need to stop moving to tie your shoelaces?

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@duke_of_the_bump: I thought the translation work was really well done(I say as a native Swedish speaker who knows not a word of Polish, so grain of salt that shit), as it was very readable while retaining a clear identity and character that felt specifically non-Anglic(speaking out my ass, mostly). Also, at least the Kindle edition had a really nice layout with the mostly short paragraphs being very spaced out, making it feel really fresh.

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It had some bitchin' grass technology, and also the way units would push each other around on the battlefield made it look really dynamic and awesome. I had it on disc back in the day, lent it to some asshole 10 years ago who never returned it and have been missing it on and off since. I'm looking forward to trying it out again!

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I voted for The Last Wish because I want to watch the world burn.

I've read both books. Masters of Doom recently, so The Last Wish could do with a re-read.

It's fantastic.

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I haven't really found anything as far as co-op, given that most co-op games tend to require quite similar skill levels from players in order to be fun, but Affordable Space Adventures seems really cool, and the asynchronous co-op could be easier to swallow than something like Super Mario World. Also Chariot, maybe?

I played Wind Waker first on the Wii U and it blew me away, so even if you played it back in the day it might interest you. It looks fantastic, and plays very well on the Gamepad too. As far as other must have games are concerned, Zombi U comes to mind, and if you're into action games I'd recommend Wonderful 101. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate seems like it's a really good version of a Monster Hunter game, and looks pretty nice considering it's basically a Wii port, though I haven't played any online yet, and only about 20 hours of the singleplayer.

Pikmin is super cool, though I don't imagine it being worth the price for the multiplayer alone.

My girlfriend recently finished A Link to the Past on the Virtual Console, after having hacked away at it for the better part of the year, and I can't recommend that game enough to people who need a primer in video games. It's basically the proto-game, that contains everything that we see in games today. Just remember to make liberal use of the save/restore system in the dungeons.

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I was about 11 and not a native English speaker, came up with what I thought was a pretty clever play on words. I'm still paying for my mistakes, and having spent more than halv of my life with this handle it's kind of too late to change it now.

And my avatar is a picture of my actual face.

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I had a game crash in Gothic 2 while saving to my only save file. This was a save just before the start of the final bit of the game(fighting the dragons or whatever). I never finished that game.

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I'm running Windows 7, tested on the newest version of Chrome and IE 11.0.18. Tried Firefox at some point, but as far as I can remember, the HTML player has never actually worked for me.

Log says there's a connection timeout on downloading the resource file, but tracert to works, so I dunno what's up. Anyway, here's a bit of the log:

GET net::ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUTUVP_Video.loadVideo @ CBSI_PLAYER.js?_=1430028668348:325UVP.createVideoInstance @ CBSI_PLAYER.js?_=1430028668348:387UVP.loadNextVideo @ CBSI_PLAYER.js?_=1430028668348:375UVP.loadVideoByUrl @ CBSI_PLAYER.js? @ all.js?45bf119888c9283d7863739045849063:68runPlayerMethod @ all.js? @ all.js? @ all.js? @ all.js?45bf119888c9283d7863739045849063:69ui.togglePlay @ all.js?45bf119888c9283d7863739045849063:69ui.getEventFunction.eventFunction @ all.js?45bf119888c9283d7863739045849063:69v.event.dispatch @ jquery.min.js:2v.event.add.o.handle.u @ jquery.min.js:2

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I've been getting a few bits of cut off VO, but nothing else as far as I could tell.