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@dark_lord_spam: Just re-installed the game looking to try the new content, but it turns out I'm not part of the guild anymore. Do you guys clean out inactive people every now and then?

Anywho, I'd like to get into this stuff again, if possible.

Name: Hugh Jazz.2463

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I bought a bunch of DLCs during the sale also, didn't really play too much when it was newly released because the internet is awful. I'd be down for playing some, also.

Please be to add me as friend yes?

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My NNID is englundf. Gonna buy MK8 in a bit, the idea of this tournament being the thing that tipped the scales for me.

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I bought both Tennis and Golf yesterday(no clue why), and found that there's a real lack of people playing either online. I think I'd enjoy playing a game of golf online, but I suppose that thing is dead in the water like everything else on the Wii U. The Gamepad usage is a pretty cool addition though.

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@raven10: Don't worry, I was oversimplifying your description for my own nefarious means anyway. I will say, while this game might put the same emphasis on accuracy as Hotline, the bullet trail effect leads me to believe it will have some type of slow-mo mechanic that would further serve to separate this from Hotline as far as pace is concerned. Also, there are a few "wasted" shots in the trailer, so I still hope this game adheres to the "endless bullets" concept.

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@raven10: I guess I have a different concept of "similar gameplay" than "you aim with the mouse and click to shoot". If this game ends up being about interspersing melee combat with quick, throw-away gunplay then I'd be willing to concede to a similarity, but I'm assuming this will be more of a gun ballet type thing. I'm not saying Hong Kong Blood Operas don't rely heavily on weapons changing hands during a battle, they do tend to lean more towards the "endless bullets" concept which Hotline Miami did not.

Just because you're using the same input devices for the same actions doesn't mean the game play is necessarily similar. The slightest change in speed and AI behaviour, as well as the variety of tools at your disposal(which Hotline Miami did extremely well), can upset the game play to a large degree.

All these things are why I'd be more likely to say this will be dissimilar from Hotline Miami than similar to it.

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@leafhouse: The 80's action movie aesthetic is a different 80's action movie aesthetic, complete with the over the top violence expected from a Hong Kong Blood Opera. Room-to-room advancing exists where there are rooms, which games might or might not have. Hong Kong Massacre also has outdoor segments, but that's not exactly innovation either. And while it's somewhat difficult to tell, I do believe that Hong Kong Massacre will have a different pace to the combat, which makes a huge difference from Hotline Miami.

As for the music, that trailer beat was far from "surreal" and doesn't come near the psychedelic nature of the Hotline Miami soundtrack. Saying that the music is similar is the thing I understand the least.

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I honestly don't see what the similarities are between this and Hotline Miami. They're both top-down shooters, but with completely different visual styles, from what I can tell audio design, and gameplay flow. They take inspiration from different things, and (again from what I can tell) attempt to do different things.

What is the big fucking deal with this game being a bloody top-down shooter, and why does that make people call it a Hotline Miami-clone?

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I get the feeling there are a lot of people falsely equating religion with faith.

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I'm not saying the consumer version of the Rift is necessarily going to be something I don't want, but I'm beginning to think I might need to get a DK2 just in case that ends up happening.