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I'd be so sad.

So, so very sad.

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Nothing is worse than forgetting your Off spray, and wearing flip flops like a FUCKING MORON when you're out camping. Those motherfuckers ate my legs and feet up.

Most uncomfortable week of my life.

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So much talent. Fuckin a, brother. As we say in the Chi, you snapped.

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I've been getting lots of iTunes gift cards, and I'm thinking about jumping into Apple TV. Since Apple is having their conference in June, I'm wondering maybe they'll announce a new Apple TV, and I should wait. I have a Roku, but obviously I can't watch iTunes movies there, well I think I can't anyway.

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After watching the entire series with the wife, I have to say that Samantha was the funniest, sexiest character on the show. Didn't care for the movies.

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Hell no. Don't support this shit ass DRM.

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He's not only scamming EA, he's also scamming Amazon. And that shit ain't cool.

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I'll give them a break. BREAK MY FOOT OFF IN THEIR ASS.

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Oh, fraud. Great.

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The fuck is wrong with you, OP? Don't do that.