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So much talent. Fuckin a, brother. As we say in the Chi, you snapped.

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I've been getting lots of iTunes gift cards, and I'm thinking about jumping into Apple TV. Since Apple is having their conference in June, I'm wondering maybe they'll announce a new Apple TV, and I should wait. I have a Roku, but obviously I can't watch iTunes movies there, well I think I can't anyway.

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After watching the entire series with the wife, I have to say that Samantha was the funniest, sexiest character on the show. Didn't care for the movies.

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Hell no. Don't support this shit ass DRM.

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He's not only scamming EA, he's also scamming Amazon. And that shit ain't cool.

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I'll give them a break. BREAK MY FOOT OFF IN THEIR ASS.

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Oh, fraud. Great.

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The fuck is wrong with you, OP? Don't do that.

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I'm disgusted with the level of intolerance, and downright lack of respect some folks have around here. I mean the rude comments on Carolyn were just cringe inducing. And could everyone for the love of fuck see the big picture here? So much negativity with anything having to do with GameSpot. These fucking people work on the same goddamn floor, why the hell wouldn't collaborate on content creation?! Stop being so close minded.

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Need For Speed Most Wanted. I really liked that game. It was a ton of fun.