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I also had this weird problem. Thanks again for the easy fix!

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So, I bought my PC about 8 months back and have had problems with the RAM detection ever since. I bought it with 2x4GB of corsair RAM and my computer properties screen read 8 GB detected (3.14 usable). I let it go because I'm on a tight college budget and lazy. I recently got some cash and bought two more sticks of identical RAM figuring it was just a bad RAM stick. (I had tried the two RAM sticks in all the slots and always got the same problem). Now it says 16 GB detected and still 3.14 usable. Do i need a new motherboard? Or is there something I can do with the voltages, which seem to have some affect on RAM detection. I am noob, please help.

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Best wishes to the crew, his friends, and his family.

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This is both aesthetically pleasing and quite delightfully grin inducing. I thank you for your contributions to my overall happiness. That is all.

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Agree with mrburger too bad [rec] isn't on your list, that being said kill list is really great as well as a few others enjoy sir.

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Great Logo!, also really liked the segment even if it was just two of the many JP games. Hope to see more!

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This needs Adam West, Burt Ward, and maybe even some Cesar Romero sound clips to work out just right. Also, glad to see you back Patrick.

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I still have to watch most of the presentations and play most of the games. Just reading the your story and how much insight and work came from what was originally a joking message goes to show one of the consequences of using hypothetical jokes on a public platform, which is accountability. That being said, I am really glad it turned out so well and I am happy for you Patrick, glad to see it has been a positive learning experience and that you want to potentially make it an annual event. Looking forward to participating next year, again great job with the organization of the event and it just goes to show the kinds of ideas that GiantBomb can facilitate now that they are in the new offices.

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