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The first 3 Silent Hill games are all scary. All the Siren games are unnerving as fuck.

P.T. was one of the scariest games I had ever played, however that was only true for the first 45 or so minutes. After that it stops being scary and becomes just obtuse. Also, once you know how the game works and what its tricks are it loses all impact. It has no replay value.

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Why can't we talk about this?

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I've been off the internet a few days and I come back and see that apparently there is some thing going on about how Zoe Quinn apparently had sex with five guys involved in game journalism. I also heard that she faked the attacks on her. What the hell is going on guys?

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Game of Thrones finale is tonight, so I don't know if anyone will be watching TNA.

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Balancing content is usually one of the last things they do. This is only the alpha. I wouldn't consider the current difficulty to be representative of the final product.

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@anund said:

After feminists bawled their eyes out of the last Tombraider game they completely lost me. Lara was the epitome of a strong, female lead and that game took no end of shit from upset feminists. You know what I say to those people? Fuck off, you useless turdmuffins. I'm done with you and your worthless crying over non-issues.

What's worse? Men did this to feminism. I didn't see many females crying over Lara. What I saw was men being upset a woman was not treated with silk gloves and writing article after article about how horribly sexist it was. No, gentlemen, that if anything is sexist.

So what you are saying is that this all nothing more than a bunch of white knights seeing who could be the white knightiest. Interesting.

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At a certain point, most of it turned into the game related media trying to prove how "mature and grown up" they all are. They want us to know how progressive and enlightened they all are. Only, they are often doing it in the slimiest and cheapest way possible. They go for the lowest hanging fruit, and blow thing way out of proportion. Sometimes they create issues to have with games and developers seemingly out of thing air. People called Puppeteer sexist because it didn't have a playable female character. I'm sorry that the developers resources and creative vision didn't line up with your requirements. The terms sexist and racist have been thrown around so haphazardly that they are starting to lose all meaning. And all this causes the real problems to get lost in the shuffle. This medium does need to expand and grow, but having the media go click bait crazy and essentially becoming cheap newspaper tabloids is not the way to go.

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The thread title really sums it up. Here is a really interesting article about how the creators of EVE Online failed to properly manage a game for nearly decade. I have never played EVE, but have considered it from time to time. However, after reading this article I have to say that I no longer care to give them my money. The article made it sound like the game was dying anyway. Which honestly makes sense for a game of its age.


I thought Square Enix was incompetent after they managed to work on Final Fantasy XIII for two years and only produce art assets and not know anything about how the levels fitted together, what the battle system was, what the story was, or basically any part of the game. However, they managed to shit out what some people consider to be an alright game, even with a directionless development cycle. So far they haven't managed to work on a game for a decade yet. Yet.

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@clonedzero: He isn't the new commander. He is just a temporary acting commander until they elect a new one. Thorne has been around since season one, and he has always been a colossal dick to Jon Snow.