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I need an invite to a club if anyone has space open.

PSN: IBurningStar

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Has there ever been a game with a Gangs of New York type setting? As in something that took place in New York while that was happening. I've wanted that for years.

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IBurningStar on PSN. I have the full game and have nothing else to play this month.

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Dark Souls II. Even though I think it is extremely disappointing and I have no interest in revisiting it. Honestly, this year has sucked for AAA and indie games. The main reoccurring theme to me has been disappointment. Dark Souls II, MGSV:GZ, Titanfall, Watch Dogs, Destiny. All have been disappointing for one reason or another. Watch Dogs was by far the worst. I think I might actually hate that game. I haven't played an indie games that really grabbed me. Granted, I haven't played Shovelknight which I hear is great, but what I have played has been just alright. Hope next year is better.

Back to replaying Hotline Miami, I guess.

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I won't be satisfied until there's a Metal Gear Collection every 3 months, complete with a copy of Resident Evil 4.

Underrated post.

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Capcom. Capcom games have either a terrible story or a totally idiotic story.

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No, this is about wrestling. The center idea here is a parody of the WWE's royal rumble. The moment you remove this from a wrestling game is the moment the whole joke goes off the rails.

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@mb: Well she summed up what it looks like it is. The game literally looks like a gutted and inferior version of Sims 3. Hearing that it is exactly that isn't surprising. The game doesn't even have pools. Pools! A thing that has been in the series since the original base game.

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I played the beta and after that ended I didn't have any desire to ever play it again. I don't know, it seemed well made and was fun, but nothing about it made me want to keep playing. There may be a lot more to it that I won't ever see, but I don't care. It has the dubious honor of being just alright.