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How is calling someone by their last name edgy? Did I miss something somewhere?

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Well that video certainly helped me make up my mind on what I think of the game. I'm going to treat it as if it has projectile leprosy and never play it. I managed to go from indifferent to completely uninterested. Hell of a marketing department they have there.

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The game looks terrible and all it has going for it is its trying to hard to be edgy bullshit. The fact that we all didn't roll our eyes and looked away in disgust for it to be forgotten is baffling to me. The correct response was one good "this is stupid" and maybe a laugh or two. How can people be offended by something this immature and juvenile? It is a grim dark murder simulator called Hatred made by a bunch of racist assholes.. If that doesn't warrant a dismissive wanking motion then I don't know what does. Spoiler, by the way, there is no chance in hell that this turns out to be good. None. How do I know that? Well, I can look at all the decisions that team has made up to this point and can tell that they aren't the brightest bunch. I mean, they are the ones making the game. They all collectively seemed to have thought they had good ideas. They don't, but they thought they did.

Then again, who knows, maybe they did what they did because they knew controversy generates coverage. If that was the aim then they got it. However, I maintain my stance because if the game was good on its own it wouldn't need the guaranteed to offend presentation.

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Anyone in Diesel Racing (I think that was the name) mind popping on and accepting my request to join?

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Battlefield 4 and Killzone came out last year, why are they even in the poll?

Shadow of Mordor or Wolfenstein: The New Order would be my picks for best of this year. Since Wolfenstein isn't on this poll, I'm going to vote SoM.

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I need an invite to a club if anyone has space open.

PSN: IBurningStar

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Has there ever been a game with a Gangs of New York type setting? As in something that took place in New York while that was happening. I've wanted that for years.

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IBurningStar on PSN. I have the full game and have nothing else to play this month.

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Dark Souls II. Even though I think it is extremely disappointing and I have no interest in revisiting it. Honestly, this year has sucked for AAA and indie games. The main reoccurring theme to me has been disappointment. Dark Souls II, MGSV:GZ, Titanfall, Watch Dogs, Destiny. All have been disappointing for one reason or another. Watch Dogs was by far the worst. I think I might actually hate that game. I haven't played an indie games that really grabbed me. Granted, I haven't played Shovelknight which I hear is great, but what I have played has been just alright. Hope next year is better.

Back to replaying Hotline Miami, I guess.