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I now use: 
 -M4A1 w/ Red Dot or Holo (Doesn't matter) 
-Desert Eagle 
-Scavenger Pro
-Stopping Power Pro
-Ninja Pro 

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@bjorno said:
" i smoke fools like you on the basketball court "
DAMNIT! I really wanted to post that! :(
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@Coombs said:
" I voted A because its probably your cheapest option, But unless you have tons of cash to throw around. I'd recommend buying a cheaper car and just run it into the ground. In that time you can get yourself financially stable enough that you can afford to buy a nice car. And not risk sending yourself into massive debt. "
This is pretty sound advice. I like it, do this.
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@Napalm said:
" I am not currently playing it, I am indeed taking a break. After putting in two playthroughs (with the same character), and a little over sixty hours, I'm currently taking a break from it. I definitely will come back to it, because I want to play at least two of the other classes, but I'd like to try some other games I've missed this year that I've been interested in, and I'd like to not wear out Borderlands, considering how big and expansive the game is. "
I hear ya! I played 3 characters up to their high 40's and one to 50 and I need a break, lol. 
Great game and yes there are people playing it, of course.
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@pause422 said:

" @imhuntad said:

" @pause422 said:
" @JDDrewes said:
" @InfiniteGeass said:
" GameTrailers gave it game of everything ever apparently. "
That's better than GameSpot, who think that they're so cool and didn't give it best shooter, competitive multiplayer, or co-op. "
Or maybe they have an opinion like everyone else and chose something else because of it? Get over yourself...just because you think a game deserves something doesn't mean someone not giving it what you feel it deserves means they are "trying to be cool". "
Both of these sentences would have worked just fine without the "Get over yourself" part. Having family problems at home? Wanna talk about it? "
Come up with a better response before trying to sound witty in some way. It really doesn't work well for you. "
If you had any common sense, you would see that my statement was pure common sense. Why attack the guy for no reason? Either you are having problems or are just a jerk. 
Edit: Probably a little of both, eh? :P 
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I will never understand why people are unable to use the mute functionality that is built into the game. 

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This looks like a stupid gametype anyways. I would rather they made it like CoD: WaW's War gametype than this. At least that had some sort of progression. But I guess IF is too stuck up to incorporate something that Treyarch did...asses...

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Another one of these topics... 
I'm not sure why some people are so offended when female character models are left out or used in a way that does not suit them. Historically, it is probably close to how it was, but nonetheless why does it really matter? I see girls walking around just like the guys. The girls are prostitutes and the guys are theives and annoying-ass instrument players. A piece of entertainment should not offend you. Stop playing the game.

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@captain_clayman said:
@ZombieKitty said:
" Oh Bethesda, I am sad you have your name on this, and I love you. Well at least I did. I was looking forward to Brink coming out. The game premise seems fun. But seeing some gameplay footage, it was plainly clear that it's a serious sausage fest. So I look up some info on this, and as it turns out, nope you can't play a female, because apparently making women in a game is too hard. However, they sure can make some dudes that look like Easter Island statues. Great job! "  
Isn't the game being developed by a different studio? How is bethesda to blame when they are only publishing it? I think the blame is primarily for the devs and Bethesda is ok. Besides, like everyone said, female characters in games tend to have thin bodies making multiplayer unbalanced.
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I dunno, but I had a bug where no enemies would attack me. They would become alerted and surround me but then would just stand there circling me. It was hilarious.