I think my PS3 died on me

I was playing Dark Souls yesterday. It was late afternoon, I was doing pretty good when suddenly BAM my PS3 turned off. I tried turning it on again but instead a yellow light flashed and 3 high-pitched beeps followed.
After a quick internet search it turned out to be the infamous yellow light of death. I successfully managed to get the hairdryer trick working, but after 5 minutes of playing my console turned off again; I was still able to restart it but it quickly became obvious that this problem isn't exactly temporary.
I mailed Sony support but have yet to receive an answer. So I turn to you guys: what's your advice? Is there a way to save my PS3, or am I doomed to get a new one? Will Sony be willing to repair/replace it? It sure sucks to have my PS3 dead with Uncharted 3 around the corner, but what pains me the most is the fact that I can't play Dark Souls anymore...


I feel like I'm losing direction

Okay. I've been playing Dark Souls for three weeks now, and it's been a blast - the game is punishing, but rewarding, offers no hand holding, etc. It features an immersive online system, blah blah blah. 
But you guys already know all that. The thing is, I feel a bit lost and underpowered.
Don't get me wrong, I do know where to go and which bosses to beat. I am currently trying to beat Seath, have ventured pretty far into the catacombs and have beaten the lava centipede. I'm also considering beating Sif in the near future.
The thing is, I feel like I'm underpowered for my level, and can't figure out what to equip/buy/level up to deal decent damage. I have lvl 83, and am focusing on magic and dexterity - I have 37 and 38 points in dexterity and intelligence, respectively. I'm using a +3 lighting Uchigatana, a +5 enchanted Uchigatana, and occasionally the lifehunt scythe and the furysword. I've lately switched from the gold-hemmed armor to the Ornstein set, sacrificing my fast roll in the process. I use 3 spells: souls spear, homing soul arrows and the strong magic shield.
I just feel like I'm not doing enough damage. All the dex scaling weapons feel like they barely tickle the opponent. From what I've experienced so far, dex scaling weapons are a joke in this game. The enchated Uchi feels alright-ish, but considering that I won't be able to upgrade it more I feel a little disappointed. 
I guess my general question is: what am I doing wrong? I know that the game gives me a hard time, since I've heard of people who have beaten the game on ~40 lvl (I am also 60 hours into the game). Am I missing some incredibly powerful spell? Should I find a better catalyst? And in what way can I use my high dexterity, since it's been pretty much useless so far?
Thanks a lot for all the advice.


I just gained 663214 souls

Hey everyone, I just wanted to say that I invaded a world while being in the forest hunter covenant and there were already two dudes fighting, the black phantom backstabbed the host 3 times and I received 663214 souls.
For the record I'm level 61 and to gain a level I need about 20000 souls... so yeah, that will probably be about 20 levels or so.
But for the sheer sake of discussion... what was the biggest number of souls you received at one time?
Cheers :)


I just met the funniest MK opponent ever.

After I moved my PS3 to my room from my brother's room (bro has exams and has to learn physics and shit) I had quite I finally was able to step my MK game up a bit. I was getting a little bored with Scorpion so I decided to check Cyber Sub-zero out yesterday. I love his moves and his combos are not that hard to pull off. Anyways...
I was getting into a match a few hours ago and my opponent picked Sub-zero. He turned out to be the turtling type, so I must admit I had a bit of trouble getting through, but after a few rounds I managed to rip him apart with some overheads when he was crouching and sweeps when he was standing.
I got a bit bored with Cyber sub so I decided to pick Scorpino (this is both the best and funniest typo ever). He changed his character to Baraka. As he proceeded to stand in a corner and block (with Baraka, lol), I just spammed hellfire whenever he was turtling. 
I then picked Cyber sub again, and he went with smoke. I managed to get him trapped in a corner and made a combo which consists of 6 kicks, every other of which is an overhead. He fell for it again and again, and after a few easy rounds I received a message saying:

"u nub stop beighim gayboy,using the same fing move"

 I chuckled a bit inside and sent him a message saying "you knew that I only used a single attack, yet you still fell for it and died".
He then replied

"yh cuz u cnt blk against it - by the time im bck up on my feet u do the move again fag"

I sent him a message asking "you do know that some attacks have to be blocked standing right?".
He then quit the lobby. But it only started getting interesting from there...
After a few minutes I received a message asking for a rematch. I picked Scorpion again, he went with Sub zero, the map's loading. Punching in some random code combination as usual.
But when the match started... something interesting occured.
It turned out that I activated a code taking away half of my health bar.  I honestly don't know how it happened, but even in spite of less hit points I managed to defeat him with ease. We then played another match - this time with full health bars - and I managed to kill him easily with a lot of spear (the kind that you have to block immediately after standing up or you'll get hit). He then sent me a message "still doin it". 
He then asked me to change to a random character. I randomed stryker, whose moves are pretty familiar to me, and defeated him without taking too much damage. 
My brother then came into the room.
I explained the situation to him, and he asked me to let him try to defeat my opponent. Incidentally we just received a message saying "no s moves".
Yeah, you guessed it. My brother killed him even without the S moves.
We then played some more rounds but he still wasn't able to win.
He finally got tired and quit the lobby.
And right now I received a message asking:

u got blk ops?




Sony, I am disappoint

I was really optimistic during the whole PSN outage crisis, as I was sure Sony would handle the situation properly. Except for Mortal Kombat I had no real games I wanted to desprerately try out online, and even in MK's case I had my bro to play with.

But I must admit, I feel like Sony has shown me the middle finger when I saw the games included in the welcome back package.

The first thing that bugs me is the fact that they gave us such a small variety. I would be satisifed with two games if I had a sufficient lineup of titles to choose from; I expected to see at least Flower and flOw to make it to the list, maybe also Trine or one of the Pixel Junk games. You know, one of these classic games which are good downloadable titles, and the fact that they are pretty old means they weren't going to bring much more profit anyway.

Instead we were offered: an almost two year old game whose replayability is greatly minimalized if you bought its sequel (which sold in pretty big numbers, mind you), a bad-to-mediocre dual joystick shooter, the worst Ratchet and Clank installment on the PS3, a very good action-adventure game and a very good racing game.

Come on, seriously?

I already have LBP and inFamous. I could bear it if they were some niche titles, but I think it's pretty safe to say that these games are among the best known PS3 exclusives, and many people own at least one of them (or LBP2, which is just better LBP). But alright Sony, you wanted to give the guy who only has one a chance to get the other. I kinda get it.

But your next move, Sony, I really don't understand.

You decided to give us a dual joystick shooter which isn't even that good, and a platformer whose two sequels are vastly superior.

From what I've heard, Tools of Destruction and Crack in Time are both incredible platformers. I would love to try any of them out, and the fact that they decided to give us Quest for Booty instead really disappoints me. If they really cared for earning our trust back,  we would be given ToD or CiT, but Sony somehow decided it's better to choose their inferior prequel instead. I don't buy that for a minute.

You can do better than that, Sony.

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I did it!

After a long and difficult journey, I've finally made it into the platinum league!
I've been in my gold division for about half a year (yep, pretty long), but after every game I've felt like I'd learned something (that is, if the game hasn't been a complete disaster). I've polished my builds and mechanics and I'm hope I'm ready for more challenging games. 

Also, I've finally given myself the excuse to write my first blog post; I wanted it to be something relevant. 
So, during this week's tournament I'll no longer be a gold leaguer :)
(Note: If this seems like boasting to you, you're right. This is my blog dammit, I can do whatever I want :))