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It takes 4-5 runs to S-Rank ME1 so here's what to do to get it ASAP...

  • Run 1: Soldier class, play paragon or renegade, take the first two squad-members and play with them for the rest of the game, unlock all weapon based achievements, beat the game once.
  • Run 2: Adept class, play opposite attitude of what you did with soldier, take second set of squad-members, unlock all adept power based achievements
  • Run 3: Engineer class, play whatever attitude you wish for this character, take last two squad-members, unlock all tech power achievements
  • Run 4: Take your favorite class for the hardcore achievement run and to unlock insanity
  • Final run: Beat Insanity

The reason why you only play as Soldier, Adept, and Engineer is cause they have all the powers/strengths of their class. Infiltrators don't have AI Hacking like the Engineer and the achievement only counts if your characters delivers the blow. You can dumb the number of runs down to 4 by playing on Hardcore while on your second or third run, but you'll be reminded about how under-leveled you are.

Whatever the choice I'm wishing you good luck in your endeavor. The ME franchise is a must in my book even if you don't think the genre and style fits your taste. It's a must down the line in anyone's backlog. Good luck, and have Batman. =]

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I saw a little kid that was probably no more than 7 years old step out of the house and open the gate to check the mailbox while I was at a 4-way stop. Two Blue Coat Coonhounds came running out and I thought "oh fuck. Those dogs are roadkill". They suddenly post up around the kid who was taking the mail out one by one. They just stood there and remained vigilant until she walked back in. The two dogs followed suit. Vote goes for dog, yo.

Cats are alright.

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Yep. When it comes to sheet music books that carry guitar tabs I find myself looking at the tabs more often up until when I lose the syncopation. Then I go back to the notation to get a feel for the rhythm.

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Mmm. I know it's a small role in the game, but does anyone remember Shock and Awe from Call of Duty 4? Captain "Deadly" Pelayo pretty much held it on her own with an MP5 in one hand after she was shot down in her AH-1 Cobra attack helicopter.

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ERRRRRR-*cuts to next indie game*

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@RedRavN: @jakob187: Thanks for listening to the tracks to begin with considering that this is a dinosaur of a thread. haha We've been touching up considerably since these songs hit the site and are happy to say that we'll get something with higher production in by the time Fall rolls by. These two post are pretty much gonna be a huge subject of discussion for the next two months considering we all have opinions that you guys pretty much summed up.

Thanks again for lending an ear, Duders. =]

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@ecliastee: Thanks, man. This forum is pretty damn ancient though so my head is in kind of spin right now. haha Thanks again, man.

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@datarez said:

Here's the big FAQ for the eve player:

I just want to note how hilarious it was to see "how do I shoot planets?!" as the first question. Never played the game, never will, but man do I love me some EVE news. haha

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Putting my hat in again for Gerstmas! 2013. Got The Witcher last year and I'm still pretty amazed and thankful about the contribution you and other members of the community have put here. Thanks again, Duders!

1. The Walking Dead

2. FTL

3. Hotline Miami

4. Dirt 2

5. Just Cause 2

6. Hitman: Blood Money

7. Super Meat Boy

8. Mark of The Ninja

9. Half-Life 2

10. Castle Crashers