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The game has worked perfectly fine for me. I guess I lucked out.

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@killroycantkill: I think it's less about the inconvenience and more about the principle of it being a dumb nonsensical rule.

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@butano said:

Man, I'm pretty surprised at the limitations of the live streaming and archiving functionalities

Can I archive my livestreams on Ustream or Twitch?

At this time, livestreams will not be archived for further viewing on Ustream. Users can archive their livestreams on Twitch by presetting via PC. Please follow PlayStation.Blog and for news regarding PS4’s video services following launch.

Can users copy the recorded gameplay video from PS4 to other devices, such as PC?

PS4 users will not be able to directly copy recorded gameplay video files from PS4 to other devices, though they will be able to use the DUALSHOCK 4 controller’s Share button to upload videos to Facebook for distribution. This function will be supported by a future system update.

Also of note:

Are users able to record, distribute or stream any gameplay video?

No. Users may not be able to record certain areas within the game. Developers can select the area of restriction, and what will be restricted will depend on game titles. In these cases, recording will be temporarily suspended during the scene.

The developers get to choose what's recordable.....that's pretty shitty.

It makes sense from a spoiler perspective. Makes it a lot harder to just stream out the ending of a game within the first couple of days. Guess we'll see how developers choose to use that power.

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Xbox 180 seems to have a better launch line up.

Pretty crazy that we have a console launch with some big franchise titles on day one. Usually it's just all garbage.

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Is there anyway I can throw money at this, as a Canadian? I want to see the game released for you guys.

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Reminds me of Plainsight. Pretty neat robot deathmatch game but it never really captured a playerbase.

I feel like with the fact that most people own a lot more games, it's harder to devote the time to smaller multiplayer games. Frozen Synapse is pretty much dead right now; I tried to play it right after the red DLC came out and couldn't find any games much to my chagrin. Red Orchestra 2 and Natural Selection 2 are two of the biggest exclusively multiplayer games made by smaller devs, and they're still relatively tiny playerbases. You saw this a lot with source mods a few years back too, but it seems to have extended into commercial games as well. I remember really fun mods like Eternal Silence, Sourceforts or The Hidden becoming ghost towns. This may just be nostalgia, but back in the day I remember even unpopular mods always having some players around. With Steam sales providing a wider breadth of options and games like DOTA 2 and LoL requiring immense dedication from players while also being absurdly popular and you can quickly see how these games can't develop a dedicated playerbase. It seems like a lot of multiplayer games live very short lives and then die out much faster than they used to.

That said, I don't think set up or multiplayer are inherent barriers. Day Z is notoriously inapproachable for a few reasons (Annoying install, Arma2's jankiness and complex controls) but still managed to garner an utterly massive playerbase because of the idea and intrigue of the mod.

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Not a fan of this port at all.

The puzzles were fun and a nice break from the constant bombardment of text, and really you can't do the ending properly without two screens.

Also it's hard to tell from just one screenshot, but I'm not a fan of the presentation. The DS version is very much a first person perspective with the bottom screen being Junpei's inner monologue and the top being a view of whoever he is talking to and his replies to them. (The consistency of this is what made the ending as great as it was)

This reminds me of the TWEWY iOS port, wherein they take a popular game and throw it on the iphone to try and make some money and in the process butcher it. Which is a shame because Ghost Trick translated really well to the platform and I would love to see these games get more attention, but it has to be the proper way that doesn't result in a distilled and weakened experience.

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@h0lgr: My big concern with CoH2 is that Relic won't be able to provide proper post-release support without THQ backing them. DoW2 lost support (and most of the dev team got laid off from Relic) this past march because of THQ's financial woes.