Games Generally Accepted as Bad

While good and bad are subjective words, the games on this list typically have few people around to defend them when the naysayers speak up, and usually for a good reason.

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Posted by MetalGearSunny

Reading about Wild Woody makes me want to play it.

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Just watched the Broken Pixels for Wild Woody. What the foxtrot was going on in that game? It's like there was a meeting down at Sega that was 5 minutes away, and some underprepared dude had spent all his time and budget on bad coke instead of working. In a panic, he pulls a Soze by looking at the shit around his office and comes up with a brilliant game idea. Luckily, all the execs have had slightly better cocaine for lunch, and a big rubber stamp that says APPROVED slams down on the napkin submitted as a design doc.

Posted by august

Fester's Quest is awesome and I will (not) fight anyone who says otherwise.

Posted by aafie

I must agree with August, it has aged about as well as Raul Julia.... but Fester and Simon were 2 of the greatest Quests of NES!

Posted by L33tfella_H
MiB: The Game for the Playstation 1 - not many people know about it (infact, i've only ever met 1 person in my life who knows what i'm on about), but this game is just something completely out there. Imagine Resident Evil Pre-4 style gameplay almost ripped completely, but imagine that they wanted some "unique" twist to the what do they do? add the most convoluted control scheme as if they were making an Atari Jaguar game or something. use the Up button on the D-pad to fire your weapon. no joke. All in all, it's not a good game at all, you should check it out though, it has some very "unintended" hilarious moments.
Blue Stinger - When the dreamcast was just about to launch over in the west, SEGA obviously wanted to get some launch games out there, and one of them was Blue stinger. Funny fact here is that Blue stinger was technically available for purchase a full Week before the Dreamcast was even out for retail. the main game is a behind-the-back 3rd person shooter/brawler type game that kinda plays like Resident Evil (the japanese version even uses the static camera, but they changed it cause of things like Tomb Raider being popular at the time). The story and the dialogue is hilariously bad, the objectives, weapons and even the combat were kinda ridiculous (you had 2 player characters, and one of them equipped shirts that changed his "combat style"). And even though most of the enemies look really menacing and make gruesome noises and all that...when you've killed them...they spill coins out and they even make the *plink* noise when they drop. Blue Stinger's a personal favourite of mine, but it really is not a great game whatsoever. Also, i haven't played it myself, but you need to check out Illbleed, the next game by the makers of Blue's something totally fucking out there.

All of the Make My Video games on the Sega CD - You know when a game just isn't worth the Disc it's printed on? When it isn't a game. Each one of the Make My Video games had like 10 minutes of FMV of characters doing "wacky shit" or whatever you'd call it, and then you play a 5-minute minigame where you try to feature as much of the "stuff" that the people in the FMV told you they wanted to see in the video. Personally, i'm no video producer, but mixing 3 completely different streams of video (there's newsreel footage, footage from the actual video for the song you're playing, cartoons and other assorted shit) doesn't exactly seem like the way these things are done...but i ain't no Video Jockey, so don't quote me on that. Truly a moment where you need to look at what you've done and realized you just pioneered those "games" you get on DVD copies of movies.
there's certainly more, but off the top of my head, these 3 spring to mind quite quickly. Now, i'm sure alot of people haven't ever encountered these games, but i'm sure if they did, they would consider them bad i'm sure.
Posted by mariofreak1
Fester's qest is awesome!
Posted by pikeplacer
Posted by Brackynews

That one Jaws game was pretty bad, but still sold like gangbusters.