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Posted by ahoodedfigure

Good to see someone else who appreciates Visual Novels, Exploration and Collectibles.  
Not so much for Wilhelm.  You talk about changing CDs taking you out of the game, Wilhelm screams are CD changers for me.  It's like the movie/game says "hey!  sound designer!" or "remember Star Wars right now?" To me it's a reference, so it would be as if said movie had someone make the Golden Arches and smile at the camera.  Funny the first few times...

Posted by JackiJinx
@ahoodedfigure: Thanks for the props, dude! Mucho appreciated.
The thing about the Wilhelm scream that I like is the unexpectedness of it and how stupid it sounds. It usually reminds me or confirms my suspicions of, "Yep, this has some questionable quality" to whatever I'm watching or playing...though when done right, it makes a funny moment funnier. So pretty much the reason you don't like it, I like it.
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I'm not surprised to see Psychonauts show up on this list. It has a good chunk of the concepts on this list at some point or another.