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I'd buy one!

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Good job duder!

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I think i'm taken with morning dump. It's just so good

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Your loss will be felt tremendously Ryan. You never met me but my life was made better with you as part of it. Rest in peace.

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@rorie: Thanks Rorie, it's nice to have a response from the team! I hope you remain the Sexual Dinosaur we all know and love. Rar.

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I'd also look into a samsung 840pro SSD. I've gone through a lot of them in recent times and found the 840 to be the best by far. I'm about to buy 4 new ones myself.

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i have a desktop with a 7970, i7 and 16 gigs of ram and i can't run the witcher 2 with uber sampling, at least not at an enjoyable framerate. it's not a code issue, it's just doing TWICE as much work as it would be otherwise and it's already a beautiful looking game.

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I bought DLC for knights of the old republic for the original xbox which has been inaccessible since the removal of legacy xbox live.

It's irritating to lose access to something you've purchased but i'm not losing sleep over it.

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Steve Wilhite told the New York Times that he was "annoyed" there was still a debate over how to say the acronym.

He added that the Oxford English Dictionary was wrong to say it could be pronounced both ways.

I hate to say it guys, Will Smith was right.