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The fact that is seems like they are shoehorning the amazingness of Civil War into one Captain America movie really pisses me the fuck off. There is a TON of stuff that will be missing. Moreover, they mentioned that Ragnarok would be the big turning point movie for this phase before Infinity War hits...

...and yet they have a movie with the name "Civil War" in the title?


As a comic book fanboy, I am so fucking saddened by this shit. I'll reserve full judgment until the movies are released, but two movies before Civil War just isn't enough time to do that story its proper justice...at all...

Also, to give a little bit of backstory on some of these announcements:

The original leaked list featured Doctor Strange, Black Panther, Thor: Ragnarok, and Inhumans, as well as a Cap movie, a GotG movie, and Civil War (via Avengers movie rather than Cap). The ones that were not accurate were World War Hulk (which I would've gone ga-ga over) and Fallen Son (which is the Cap story they SHOULD do).

Marvel, of course, denied the list and pulled a "no comment." That's fine. However, multiple movies on that list ended up being confirmed, and the overall release order is MOSTLY intact.

Moreover, Downey doesn't want to do Iron Man anymore, and Evans has said he wants to stop being Cap. With Bucky having a 9-year deal, it easily means they could kill Cap off and bring Bucky into the role (ala Fallen Son). There was a rumor going around that Downey suggested putting Stark into the next Cap movie as an antagonist to start up the Civil War storyline.

It just feels like way too much coincidence, honestly.

There was also ANOTHER leaked list, and that one also included some of the ones on the previous list...while also including a Defenders film and a Hulk film. Again, here's the thing: you can tell it's shooped (those shinies), but it still includes some of the same logos.

Coincidentally, the Thor: Ragnarok logo is essentially the same one that Marvel is using with some fancier texture work on it.

Mind you, ALL of that shit is rumors...buuuuuuuuuuut, looking at this list, much of it seems like Marvel looked at that leaked list, said "let's flip some shit around, rename some shit, and just get Downey and Evans out of here so we can move on with other shit."

I'm hoping that's NOT the case, but it definitely feels like it is. Civil War is such a massive part of the overall Marvel Universe, and if they are seriously just going to shoehorn it into a Cap movie without any form of due justice, then I think I'll be completely done with Marvel flicks. It's one of my three favorite stories in the MU.

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I thought they cancelled Prey 2.

Oh. Gotcha. Different game, same saga. Dyack, please just stop.

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This is fine with me. I'd rather have companies holding true to the vision they have for their games rather than diminishing it for an inferior product.

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11bit is making it?

Yep. Gotta buy it. Loved Anomaly 1 and 2.

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Here's how to tell is jakob187 will definitively show up in a thread:

1. Did someone mention Vagrant Story?

2. Is @fredchuckdave making an appearance in the thread because Vagrant Story was mentioned?

3. Did someone mention Vagrant Story?

Goddamn. This game is still awesome. I finally picked up ANOTHER copy (my sixth to own) about two months ago, and it's still awesome. The combo system, the weapon synthesis system, the affinity system, the Parasite-Eve-green-bubble-of-wireframe-doom combat system, the exploration, the story, the nuance and the subtlety in all of the themes within the story, the characters, the graphics, the fact that you have to beat the fucking game three times in order to get 100% map completion...

Yep. Still the greatest game ever made, hands down.

Good on ya for visiting this gem of the PS1 era. Now you know what it feels like to play the greatest game ever. Also, that goddamn Hand of Light in your picture... LOVED THAT FUCKING THING!

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I'm gonna chime in once on this thing, solely because I've actually read all eight pages of comments on this.

I just watched the trailer about two hours ago, and I've been collecting my thoughts on the whole thing. For years, I've worked at a LAN gaming center (which I've made aware on these forums multiple times), and I've even done my fair share of questioning the way that we both intake violence in games as an audience as well as how developers use violence in their games. Our gaming center refused to carry games like Grand Theft Auto, yet we had no problems with carrying Left 4 Dead. Why is that?

It all came down to stigma. Stigma was the key thing. There are parents that believe, in some weird moral vacuum, that it's fine for you to be a soldier on a battlefield shooting at Middle Eastern people (Call of Duty) or some person mowing down zombies or aliens. However, the moment that you have someone shooting away at people just walking down the street or running them over (Grand Theft Auto), they say "no, that's too much." Actually, there are parents that believe even something like Call of Duty, which they consider "people shooting people," is too far.

This week, our store started carrying GTA. Why? The previous owner is no longer here, and the new owner (who is a relative of mine) sat down with me about a month ago. We discussed why some games were okay and some weren't. We were always positioned as a "family-friendly" place, and the defense for stuff like Call of Duty, Battlefield, Left 4 Dead, and Gears of War was "it's virtual paintball." However, it isn't. It's pointing a gun at things and killing them. Sure, it's virtual people. However, that doesn't mean that pointing a gun that the Middle Eastern terrorist in CoD is honestly any different than a gangster pointing a gun at a passerby in GTA. The only thing that is different is the setting.

This led to us seriously debating on whether we should carry GTA. I found myself standing behind the "stigma" argument, and then it hit me like a ton of bricks: I don't honestly give a fuck if a parent has a stigma. If anything, I should have a debate with a parent more about how they'll drop their 11-year-old child off for six hours with $5.00 to buy some microwave burgers from our store than whether they are playing fucking Grand Theft Auto.

Therefore, when I watched this trailer, it shocked me at first. However, I thought back to that discussion.

I've long held onto the ideal that violence in games does not equal violence in the real world. I still hold that belief. Hatred is a game. It's about killing people. I don't know if the guys behind it are trying to get a message out there about violence in games or not. It doesn't matter. The fact of the matter is this: if you are going to say that video games should be protected by the same laws as movies, music, and other "art forms"... If you want video games to be considered art, then you have to take it ALL. You don't get to pick and choose. You don't get to say "this game shouldn't exist, and it should be protested, and it should be banned." There aren't a LOT of you saying that, but there are a ton of other people that are saying just that "out there."

Fuck that. It's a game with violence. That violence is more over-the-top than what you want it to be, and it uses a "realistic graphics engine." That same shit has been said for years on every console and PC graphics upgrade.

I hope this game DOES get distribution. If it doesn't, I think it's a goddamn shame.

I WILL say that, with recent events around the gaming industry, it feels like either poor timing or precisely the right timing. I don't really know what to think of that, and I'd hate to think that someone would use the things surrounding the death threats of game developers as a way to get additional publicity for their game.

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The minute I have the money for it, it's going to be in my GOG library. I thoroughly enjoyed the first game. I even recreated E1M1 from Doom with the map editor. That thing was a dream to work with!

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My brother and his fiance introduced me to Grabbers last year, and I loved it. It's dumb, a bit cheesy, but pretty goddamn hilarious.

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"Hey. That woman has opinions and ideas on how to help offer some equality and a lack of harassment for an entire gender in a previously male-dominated industry. We should kill her."

That's literally what I imagine every idiot that throws these threats around is saying.

Can we just take away the internet? Can we reverse its invention? Between social media, constant spying, and the ease of throwing someone's life into a shitty spiral based on death threats...and of course, the million times a day someone tells me "WE'RE ALL GONNA GET EBOLA," I just really wish the internet was dead at this point.