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@jakob187: To be clear we don't actually know if this is the Titan replacement or just random FPS/3PS insert.



I know nothing.

That's what a potential embargo breaker would say.

Come on, leak some internal memos for us!


Between shit with Blizzard and shit with Google Fiber, I realize two things:

1. I need to not have friends working on/in line with top-secret things because IT KILLS ME TO KEEP SECRETS!

2. People are going to be STOKED! I'm stoked! Get stoked!

I actually wrote about five paragraphs worth of stuff in a message that was directed towards @fredchuckdave, then I said "man, I can't do it."

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@jakob187: To be clear we don't actually know if this is the Titan replacement or just random FPS/3PS insert.



I know nothing.

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Just to throw a correction out there, it's a third-person game, not a first-person. I understand that you meant "it uses the same general control scheme as an FPS," but FP literally means first-person.

As for Smite, I enjoy a game of it every once in a while, but in the long run, it's just that: something to break the monotony. I just don't find it to be anything spectacular. I prefer my MOBA games to be in a top-down isometric viewpoint in order to scope more of the battlefield. However, if someone digs Smite more, then more power to 'em.

@owack6: Yeah, that community died way faster than I thought it would. :(

Well, when the developer actively doesn't do shit to support the game and instead takes all the money they were given from the game to fund development for a new game, that's just what happens.

That's my problem with Uber: they will put out a game (Monday Night Combat, then Super Monday Night Combat), build up hype for it, then get immediately disinterested whenever they decide they want to make a new game. It's fucking annoying, man. I know it's not a big group of guys, but the least they could do is support their games in a deeper fashion.

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Doubt the list is legit. The Last Guardian and Siphon Filter? As much as I would LOVE for Sony to actually make another Siphon Filter for an actual console and not handheld, it just won't happen...and if it does, I imagine that it's not going to be the Siphon Filter that I know and love.

As for The Last Guardian, I'm pretty sure those developers said they were starting from scratch and building the game from the ground up again, and to not expect anything in the next year or two about it? I could be wrong about that. Nonetheless, I don't believe the game exists anymore, and it's just this hope that people are holding onto because they want that emotional catharsis when the big bird thing dies...

...because you know that thing is going to fucking die.

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Its possible this is just Project Titan or whatever they're calling it now days. They took it back to the drawing board a while ago after spending a few years at it.

Titan was scrapped, but they are taking all the stuff they wanted to do with that and moving it to a different project. They moved a lot of that team to already-existing things like Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm, while they are using this new hiring binge to get people together for this new thing.

So yes, parts of it are going to be Titan-esque, but it's a new game altogether.

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like Amalur...just not very good.

That comment made me realize that I'm going to hook my goddamn computer up and play through Amalur again. I've been bored as hell with games lately, and that sounds like just the thing I need! THANK YOU!

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I went back and watched the original TMNT, just to see if it was horrible. Oddly enough, that movie still kicks all kinds of ass.

The original movies didn't become truly horrible until Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III. That movie is just awful.

It had just been a LONG time since I had seen the first one. I didn't even remember it that well. However, it still holds up surprisingly well. Plus, while I always knew that Elias Koteas (one of my favorite actors ever) was Casey Jones, I wasn't aware how AWESOME he was.

It was really jarring watching the first and second back to back the other day, as I really thought the first April O'Neill was better than the second. Then again, Paige Turco was a minor thing in the '90s, I guess.

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I went back and watched the original TMNT, just to see if it was horrible. Oddly enough, that movie still kicks all kinds of ass.

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Oh, there's a long list, most of which was named in this thread already.

I'm adding Another 48 Hrs. onto this list, though. Fuck me, that movie was horrendous.

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I have SERIOUSLY tried to get into Hearthstone, but every time I do, I just think about how much more I'd like to be playing MTG.

Nonetheless, the only things I've honestly seen a problem with are Argent Commander or whatever it is called, at least one of the Shadow Words from the Priest, and the Hero Power for Mages. Mages are so broken solely because they have a Hero Power that can do work to both a hero AND minions. That just seems crazy. Maybe it's just the low end matches that I'm playing in (I think I have a deck to level 11? 12?), but it seems like that Mage hero power is just problematic for everyone. The only one that seems worse is the Paladin's hero power, but a lot of that is probably just me coming from MTG and thinking "goddamn Elspeth, fuck off!"