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@mb: Nope. Once those copies are gone, it immediately loads up the next game for sale.

I think you may have misunderstood what MB was asking. It is a "marketing stunt" if you think they're being deceptive and pretending like there's no room left for all the ones and zeros in their warehouse, so they need to get rid of those 150 copies of SiN Gold and then they're all sold out. But that's not really the case.

The limited availability just refers to the amount of a specific title that they can afford to sell at these crazy discounts. All these games will still be sold on GOG, just back up at their regular prices. It's the discounts that are available for a limited time.

That's what I was saying, just in a simpler fashion.

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From everything I've been researching today, it looks as though some of those games will still be active online through private servers. EA is just killing its own official support.

That's what I'm hoping for, at least. If Battlefield 2 goes down, that's a massive problem for our business.

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*Flashbacks of Jack Keane 2*

I'm half convinced that there are bots out there auto snagging all the free games.

I haven't seen a single free game go up yet, and I've been watching it all day long.

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@mb: Nope. Once those copies are gone, it immediately loads up the next game for sale.

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FUCK! I have no money right now! I don't get my paycheck until later today, and by that point, the sale will probably be done! DAMMIT!

Hopefully, a nice free game pops up that I don't already own.

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The dog would be unwieldy and scared shitless. Getting him out would be fairly difficult and most likely cause me to die in the process, which I'm assuming that I'm trying to prevent.

The girl cannot carry on my namesake.

The boy is the choice.

You guys come up with some morbid shit sometimes.

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@jakob187: To be clear we don't actually know if this is the Titan replacement or just random FPS/3PS insert.



I know nothing.

That's what a potential embargo breaker would say.

Come on, leak some internal memos for us!


Between shit with Blizzard and shit with Google Fiber, I realize two things:

1. I need to not have friends working on/in line with top-secret things because IT KILLS ME TO KEEP SECRETS!

2. People are going to be STOKED! I'm stoked! Get stoked!

I actually wrote about five paragraphs worth of stuff in a message that was directed towards @fredchuckdave, then I said "man, I can't do it."

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@jakob187: To be clear we don't actually know if this is the Titan replacement or just random FPS/3PS insert.



I know nothing.

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Just to throw a correction out there, it's a third-person game, not a first-person. I understand that you meant "it uses the same general control scheme as an FPS," but FP literally means first-person.

As for Smite, I enjoy a game of it every once in a while, but in the long run, it's just that: something to break the monotony. I just don't find it to be anything spectacular. I prefer my MOBA games to be in a top-down isometric viewpoint in order to scope more of the battlefield. However, if someone digs Smite more, then more power to 'em.

@owack6: Yeah, that community died way faster than I thought it would. :(

Well, when the developer actively doesn't do shit to support the game and instead takes all the money they were given from the game to fund development for a new game, that's just what happens.

That's my problem with Uber: they will put out a game (Monday Night Combat, then Super Monday Night Combat), build up hype for it, then get immediately disinterested whenever they decide they want to make a new game. It's fucking annoying, man. I know it's not a big group of guys, but the least they could do is support their games in a deeper fashion.

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Doubt the list is legit. The Last Guardian and Siphon Filter? As much as I would LOVE for Sony to actually make another Siphon Filter for an actual console and not handheld, it just won't happen...and if it does, I imagine that it's not going to be the Siphon Filter that I know and love.

As for The Last Guardian, I'm pretty sure those developers said they were starting from scratch and building the game from the ground up again, and to not expect anything in the next year or two about it? I could be wrong about that. Nonetheless, I don't believe the game exists anymore, and it's just this hope that people are holding onto because they want that emotional catharsis when the big bird thing dies...

...because you know that thing is going to fucking die.