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1. /popcorn at this thread

2. Lighten the fuck up, people.

3. He took the video down because people got offended. I didn't get to see it. Goddammit. You people always have to ruin fun.

4. Everyone gets offended so goddamn easily nowadays. This seems like an opportune time to repost this video YET AGAIN:

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I'm not saying that Shadow of Mordor as a game itself is the great thing. I'm saying the system is great. This tells me how many people actually read the entirety of my blog on this one. Yeesh.

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@marcsman: I already thought of that. It would be way too cool.

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@wchigo: I S-ranked Arkham Asylum (along with everyone in the world because it wasn't that hard), and I was really good at the combat in the game. The problem is that I played about eight hours of City, got sick of its boredom-inducing bullshit, and then never touched Origins (save for maybe two or three minutes to make sure it was working on the PCs at work). Therefore, I hadn't used that combat system in a long while.

@evo: I'm sad to hear that you haven't had that same kind of experience. Then again, I wouldn't expect the same experience for everyone. You are correct in the fact that this just keeps happening over and over, and there are times when it DOES feel repetitive. Maybe it's the unique sense of vengeance I felt towards this one specific enemy leading to my death over and over (again, he wouldn't finish the job...he'd get the minions to do it, and eventually, I couldn't get the second wind stuff fast enough or it just didn't give me an option anymore). I can't explain just WHY it was that I became so pissed off at this guy, so engrossed that I needed to see his end come about. It was just one of those moments in my gaming history that will sit there for a long time, remembering how it literally made me feel.

Regardless, I won't say your opinion is wrong. I imagine that's what a lot of people might feel about the system this long after the game's launch. There is definite room for improvement, but I think there is a pretty large and hardlined base to build from, which is impressive.

@marcsman: I just started Dragon Age Inquisition last night. About one hour in (much like my experience with the first game, where I experienced the Redcliffe glitch that would've forced me to start from scratch), I got a glitch at the chantry where you have the first conversation that leads to the reforming of the Inquisition. It wouldn't let me choose any of the dialogue wheel. Restarted the game, finally got past that, then my first fight after leaving the chantry led to me being stuck in the tactical camera mode and not being able to exit it. Restarted it again, and then I had an issue where one of my followers (Solas) was constantly running into a rock wall and wouldn't go anywhere else. I engaged a fight, he wouldn't engage into it, and once I killed every one of the enemies, he wouldn't escape combat mode, despite having no weapon drawn.

Yeah. To say that it's going to be my Game of the Year is a fucking stretch at this point. This is all within two hours and forty-nine minutes of gameplay. I'm HOPING that this shit doesn't persist. Then again, this seems to be my luck with every goddamn Dragon Age game ever.

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I don't think it's a silly choice at all. It's a game that will continually grow, and with that growth, we'll see a far larger and fully-formed game.

The problem with Destiny is that it's an MMO, and as such, it isn't going to be complete upon release. Here at the LAN center, we have guys that come in SOLELY to play Destiny. They don't give a shit about any other game. Some of them come from Call of Duty, others from League of Legends, and even one that quit WoW for it. Therefore, to us "elitest" gamers, we look at Destiny and say "eh." Hell, I couldn't get past level 5 without feeling bored. However, for those guys that did get past it, they have thoroughly loved and enjoyed the game in the same way that most MMO players enjoy it.

Therefore, I see no problem with it as a top pick.

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Tokyo Ghoul. Goddamn, that show was fantastic. I CANNOT wait until January for the next season.

I should also point out that I do not watch a ton of anime. The ones I've watched this year are Parasytes, Terra Formars, Tokyo Ghoul, and (regrettably) Akame ga kill. I'm sure there's something else in there somewhere, but if so, then I probably wasn't very impressed by it.

I've been told I should check out some Park thing show or something (the one with the bear that looks like @mattyftm's avatar) and Seven Deadly Sins? I don't know.

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Double Fine has quickly (IMO) gone from being fucking awesome with a lot of their original releases and ideas to the shadiest fucking load of horseshit ever. I wouldn't drop a dime on a single product they offer at this point. They can never keep up with their promises.

So...basically, they've turned into all the multi-billion dollar corporations releasing games and consoles...but without the same budget.

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I haven't pre-ordered a game since I was a kid. I'd never dream of doing it now.

Hell, I won't even buy early access games, and I barely participate in betas.

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Divinity: Original Sin seems like one that most people aren't even mentioning enough. Fuck, that game was goddamn incredible! If there was any game that came out which made me feel like CRPGs were back in a big way, it was that one. Wasteland 2 was good, but Divinity was just fucking fantastic. Beautiful game, great writing, good voice acting, but the gameplay was so fucking strategic and well-paced. The combination of elements felt much better than even Magicka. GOD. DAMN. I love that game so much that it hurts. It was a beautiful return to form for Larian. They needed that to happen.

I'm also curious if This War of Mine is something that would be considered. I haven't played it, but I haven't met anyone that played it and didn't love it.

I would put Reaper of Souls into my Top 10 at least. I hadn't played D3 in forever after the 1.03 (?) patch that initially nerfed Inferno Mode, but Reaper brought me back in a big way. That is a FANTASTIC expansion. Now they just need to speed up their update patches and give us more reason to keep playing beyond just min-maxing.

I've also gotten back into Marvel Heroes and Warframe, and both of those games MASSIVELY improved in 2014...to the point that I've spent more time than I care to admit with both of them.

Also, while I haven't played it, I've heard nothing bad about South Park: The Stick of Truth from a single person I know, so I feel like maybe that game is just suffering from "early year release syndrome."

@dietlime: The only reason I wouldn't ever give Path of Exile praise is because the builds in that game are way more cookie-cutter than D3 IMO. They have this massive talent tree, but you are really only ever going one of a few ways, and it's always the same way to maximize it. They talked a lot about build diversity, and yet every time I go back to it, I feel like the build diversity is far less than what is now in Diablo 3. Not only did Reaper open up some crazy build possibilities that never would've worked before, but they are continually introducing new build possibilities with the seasons now. Hell, I remember how stoked I was to get the seasonal shield on my Crusader, then go Condemn spam build and laugh incessantly as I murdered everything in my path. Moreover, the Greater Rifts offered a new level of endgame. I just personally don't care about trying to get as far as I can, namely because I play a lot of other games.

Then again, the last time I played PoE was, like, three months ago? Something like that. Maybe some of that has changed since then?