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Let them do their thing. I'll do my thing. If people dig them, cool. If they don't, cool. It really affects me no one way or another.

I will say this, though: they have remained independent for the majority of their career (save the moment they were on Hollywood Records or whatever it was), have founded their own music festival that has been successful, and donate more money to charity every year than most bands ever will in their entire career. Therefore, they built their empire, maintained their empire, and give back to the world with a helping hand. That's something I can at least respect.

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YEP! MUST SEE! Looks like what I was hoping for!

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Oh man. I have to resist. If I were to do this, I'd take up the entire first page.

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Soooo...Sony is basically trying to lure in the entire Giant Bomb audience by hiring all our favorite people?

Well played, Sony.

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Should've touched his shoulder, bro.

In all seriousness, you stood up for what is right. May have gotten your ass handed to ya, but if she didn't go home with a mistake, then you did your job as a man. Well done.

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test post

Winning the internet all day!

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On one hand, I think it's sad that money is thrown at this Kickstarter while other good ideas through Kickstarter fail to get funded.

On the other hand, people can do whatever the hell they want with their money, so I'm not one to judge.

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It would have to be this game for me, I remember walking into gamestop and buying this just based off the box. It actually ended up being a very memorable experience. The game had a surprisingly enjoyable online multiplayer community, this game was in some ways my foot in the door to the idea of clans and guilds. I remember we had only about 4 or 5 people. I don't think I would try playing this game now, I doubt it would hold up and I am sure the online element was shut down long ago. But still nice memories on a risky gaming purchase that turned out well.

I shadow every one of these sentiments.

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@truthtellah: Am I supposed to be paying you hourly at the moment? I feel like I should be.

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C: I miss Temple of Elemental Evil way too much.

Oh man, if you like ToEE then this game's combat is right up your alley. Similar emphasis on throwing a lot of powerful foes in your general direction and giving you an abundance of tools to deal with them. It's not quite the same level of raw, unfettered brutality that I associate with Temple of Elemental Evil, but the combat still forces you to act smart (and occasionally reload when the enemy's opening salvo incapacitates 3 of your guys for 2 rounds each)

Goddammit. You are making this even more difficult!