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Let's be honest, Ubisoft: your ambition has bitten off more than it can chew. Don't get me wrong. The ideas that you had for games like Watch Dogs, The Crew, Unity, Far Cry 4... They all sounded fucking awesome, like the leap in games that we are wanting to have occur. Unfortunately, you are trying to churn it out too fucking soon and it's arriving busted, broken, and boring. The only honest hope that I have coming from you at this point is the new Rainbow Six game.

Ubisoft really needs to tone the shit down, get back on track to making solid releases that prove they can be a strong publisher, and maybe reassess where their strong suits are located rather than just trying to be another EA or Activision.

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@zirilius: I'm more than certain that they expected to hit 10 million again, since it's what happens with every expansion. Moreover, they were doing a major numbers overhaul with this expansion, as well as that tried-and-true promise of "hey, remember Burning Crusade and how much you loved it, because we're going back to that stuff...remember the Dark Portal that led to the Outlands, because it's on your login screen?"

I won't lie: when I saw the Dark Portal on that login screen, they almost...ALMOST...had me pre-ordering and resubscribing. However, I realized that I'm still thigh-deep in Marvel Heroes. Dare I say, the game has me by the left testicle. After watching people up here play it...and subsequently complain about it after they were praising it on the first day, I'm glad I didn't resubscribe. However, I will give it to Blizzard for at least FINALLY bringing the in-game damage numbers back down. The co-efficients on that shit were starting to get ridiculous.

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@laszlokovacs said:

The game is a decade old. Even with the updates, I imagine it'll run just fine.

They did quite a bit of graphical overall on that game with the last two expansions, so it does actually require a little something more.

So basically, instead of a 486 processor, you actually need a Pentium 2 now.

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This happens every expansion. I don't understand why people are ever surprised by it.

They still don't have League of Legends numbers, though.

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I've been hooked on that song since the shitty fan-filmed versions were released.

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Jeff is losing. This is bullshit.

However, he has way more votes than PewDiePie, which makes me happy as fuck.

It should've been Vinny.

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@jakob187: That cheddar looks like egg yolk.

The main reason I don't live on fast food any more is down to a special kind of shame that occurs when they ask you if you want "the Usual?".

That's how melted it was. I love it!

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Threads like this are actually really helpful to me right now. Our store is about to venture into purchasing new systems for this generation (LAN center), and we're debating between XBONE and PS4. We've used Xbox and Xbox 360 the entire time of our business' lifespan. Now, we're seriously considering switching to PS4, but personally, there's just a nagging feeling in the back of my head that it's a mistake.

I haven't spent ANY time with either console still, so any information I can find like this thread is very helpful.

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Let me drop some hot pro tips for ya:

  1. Press left trigger, then press right trigger.
  2. If you want a different gun, press Y or triangle. If you are a man, fuck switching guns.
  3. Fuck guns. Stab everything.
  4. In the immortal words of Gary Whitta: "Shoot that guy."
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They muted Beethoven and Axhom on mine. One is creative commons, and the other is a YouTube artist that literally offers free music to stream with (as long as you credit him).

Fuck Twitch and their ridiculous bullshit. That's why we just stream whatever music we want at this point: they'll mute anything.