Bosses That Would Make You Tuck Tail in Real Life

While there are MANY bosses that can fit into this category, this is the most elite of the elite.  Not only would you not fuck with these bosses, but you would tuck tail the minute you saw even a hint of them coming your way.    

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Posted by StarFoxA

Lavos is on here, so I approve.

Posted by OwnlyUzinWonHan

I forgot about that Mohole thing, it was easily my favorite part of Bionic Commando

Posted by hakunin

List lacks Demi-Fiend

Posted by Driadon

List also lacks Arioch

Posted by Zebra_3
Posted by Jakii

lol'd at Diablo :)

Posted by FatesEcho

Devil-Jho from Monster Hunter Tri. Mix of a  T-rex and a Crocodile, with an endless hunger that can survive in any climate, will eat anything (including its own tail after it is cut off) , breaths black flames and makes Dragons run in fear whenever it arrives... because it will eat them too.

Posted by GTCknight

Where's AM.