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There's lots of reasons why people will get angry in a Dota match but none of them excuse being a dick. Mostly it's just people wanting to make it absolutely clear (to themselves and everyone else) that the loss is not their fault. Raging at your team is absolutely pathetic and counter productive.

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Hey can we, the Giant Bomb community stop calling the requirement for online multiplayer in Sim City "DRM"? It's not DRM. It serves a DRM purpose, but it's an online multiplayer game, and no one cares if you choose not to play it that way.

EA realised online games with DRM don't annoy people so much so they mandated that all their games will be online. SimCity has multiplayer to excuse the DRM, the DRM isn't a side-effect of multiplayer.

I guess multiplayer games have more opportunities for DLC too.

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Why 16-bit graphics? This game's got a great visual style, why remake it low-fi?

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Goddamn, the boss of 2K is apparently hell of dumb. Photorealism is required to create emotional connections? Has he looked at any none photographic/filmic art ever?

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What makes you so sure that Brad did this quest and found this same problem? Also, how long do think the review should be? Cus listing every single minor thing that happened in 50 hours would be a pretty long, boring and unhelpful review.

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There are some 'full speed' only servers but that's a taste thing, not everyone likes that. It also seems like a hold over from Nations since the drifting is so easy and fast in this one I don't know why anyone would object to it.

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The pictures in the OP are the ones Vinny mentions in the latest Bombcast. I'm not gonna be the one to tell him it doesn't go forever though.

Tried to get some of the edge but it's very easy to drive off before you see it. here's a couple from that journey though.

The edge of the sky dome

car angel

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Driving to the edge of the map in TM2 is pretty cool, there's far more geometry than there needs to be and as you get nearer the edge things start getting weird.

After a while the landscape flattens out into a gradual incline. Then the sky flickers to black before disappearing completely in front of you, but to the sides and looking back it's still blue:

As you can see we're getting pretty close to the clouds here, and maybe to the sun cus the lighting starts going crazy

A little further and we look back to see sky dome in the distance

The edge just appears out of nowhere as we are speeding along, I miss my shot of it

Shine on you crazy car driving game

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@the_chojin99: Note that it was profitable for Take-2, this won't include all the money that 3-D realms pissed away
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