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Intriguing! I'll def check it out - thanks man.

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Got the Magic Smoke trophy a few days ago and a message popped up on my screen saying I was rewarded Uplay reward points for completing the Fatal Focus action (kill 4 opponents during 1 session of focus)...

...went to my Uplay screen and it didn't register (The Magic Smoke trophy is still there though)!

Am I boned? Will this fix itself somehow if I make a new savegame? What do?! :(

PS: I tried to pose a question on my ubisoft support page but when I went to the "My Questions History" area, it was blank... leading me to believe it never even got recorded (tried multiple times)


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@aarownd: A lot of people seem to dislike most dubs - including me! It just hardly ever fits the feel of the show/movie.

About the only time I've ever enjoyed hearing a dub to an anime show is Cardcaptors

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@evilrazer: Probably one of the best stories I've read about the value of having friends on the internet. Sorry to hear about you getting displaced due to war though, man! :(

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Effin' done with Twitch... what a slap in the face.

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@acidbrandon18: It's one of my favourite movies also! I don't think they should do any more movies though... the first one was perfect - could've just left it at that.

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Hahaha my oh my did this thread not disappoint lol... keep them comin'!

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@sharkethic: Had issues trying to get online the first few minutes I played but persistence paid off... then I had intermittent drops from uplay during the game - I wonder what happens to your notoriety and skills if that happens :(((