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Goddamnit. These are amazing. Nice work. :D

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WOO! My first PAX! I will be there with my wife, a friend, and my brand new baby definitely on Saturday all day... maybe Friday... maybe Sunday. Depends on whether or not I'm able to convince my wife to let me get more than the 1-day pass I got earlier last year.

In any case - super excited and looking forward to meeting people there and actually getting a decent number of Streetpasses for once.

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Desperation is an ugly thing. Just leave them alone.

I hope I didn't come off that way. And again - I don't want to pester anyone.

I know that Patrick at least seemed interested in checking it out since we had some correspondence for a while when the Gear VR was first announced publicly. I assume the only reason he didn't respond to my most recent message a few days ago before the end of the year is because at that time I had sent it, he no longer worked for GB but it wasn't official yet.

In any case, even if the rest of the crew weren't interested but read my PM, I would assume at least one of the guys would send a "no" rather than just ignore it on purpose. Wouldn't hurt my feelings at all and I would still be just as excited to see them live at PAX.

Twitter, tumblr, or their personal GB emails would all be decent methods I imagine.

Couldn't find their actual emails anywhere listed - I assume that was for a reason. But again. I don't know what the proper channels for this sort of stuff are anyway. Maybe I'll check one more time via PM on Jeff and Brad's respective Tumblrs.

After that, I'll assume they just aren't interested and will shut up.

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I work for Samsung in Dallas as a UI/UX guy on the Gear VR headset and its software and am going to PAX South in a couple of weeks.

I thought I might could reach out to see if the guys wanted to check one out while my wife, a couple of friends, and myself are there for the event. I reached out with private messages here on the site to pretty much the entire crew (Just Jeff and Patrick originally like 10 days ago before Patrick announced his departure since he was kinda the resident VR enthusiast, and then 2 days ago I sent another and looped in Brad, Dan, Drew, and Rorie) but not a single one replied. :(

I mean... I figured if they weren't interested, they'd just say no as opposed to actively ignoring a message, but then again, I don't know if they get lots of messages from other users, spam, don't check their private PMs or what...

So assuming the Bomb crew doesn't think I'm some asshat trying to shill for corporate overlords, does anyone know of a better way to privately contact the dudes? Feel free to PM me if there is and you think they'd be interested but you don't want to post it publicly.

Also, I want to stress I'm not a marketing person or someone trying to get a segment or video or whatever on the site or anything. Just thought maybe a couple of the guys might like to check one out if they hadn't already but were curious or interested...


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You will be missed greatly. I don't know what I'm going to do without Scoops and the Wolf in the mornings at the beginning and end of my work week. Always enjoyed the air of professionalism you brought to the mix of Giant Bomb.

Please keep us posted on where you go and if you can - come back for at least a few G.B. video features throughout the year.

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Damn... I was going to say Battletoads, but I saw this and must agree.

FTL on regular or hard mode with at least the Kessler or even each ship would be really interesting to watch.

Haha, the Kessler. Close enough.

Ah damnit, meant Kestrel. lol

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Damn... I was going to say Battletoads, but I saw this and must agree.

FTL on regular or hard mode with at least the Kessler or even each ship would be really interesting to watch.

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Hmmm 3GB eh... I wonder how my now-somewhat-aged EVGA 580 3GB edition will do...

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Hey Jeff. I really wish I could help you cope with this in the same way you and the Giant Bomb crew have been helping me get through a crisis I'm going through as well.

My own crisis involves my brand new first-born son who came almost 2 months earlier than he was supposed to. He's been in the NICU now for a couple of weeks and we got some really terrifying news the other day regarding an MRI and his brain. Outside of visiting and holding him for a bit on certain days, lately I've been trying to drown myself in work and Giant Bomb and a game every now and then since there is literally nothing else I can do while my wife and I wait for him to hopefully develop as he is supposed to. I'm terrified and break down when I think about it for too long.

Sorry for the tangent, but I guess really my point is that I wish I could be there for you the same way, and I hope knowing that a fan cares about you that much helps maybe at least a tiny bit.

We love you, Jeff.