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For your enjoyment.

Perfect for ringtones or torturing Jeff.

Note: Set to loop-1 for infinite enjoyment.

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I wouldn't submit Drew to all of the Final Fantasy games (just like they've skipped M.G. Acid and other "side-story" Metal Gear games), but having him play the watershed moment ones like the SNES versions of IV and VI, the PSX versions of VII, Tactics, and the PS2 version of FFX is plenty for me. Maybe even a Kingdom Hearts 1 bonus episode. And maybe don't even make him play all the way through. Maybe just until he decides they make him miserable and then he moves on to the next one, like how they do with the Demo Derby stuff.

One thing I am certain of, however, is that if they do a Final Scantasy, they DEFINITELY don't want to use Dan (sorry, @danryckert), as he will definitely just shit-talk the JRPG genre the whole time (probably for good reason a lot of the time).

I think the important part, just like with Metal Gear Scanlon, was this aspect of having someone who was an expert on the series and had appreciation for them all or at least the most notable games in a series essentially "guide" (*cough* Jason *cough*) Drew through each of the ones he plays to answer questions and perhaps sometimes explain why something was significant or not for the time it existed.

In any case, this is something I think I'd enjoy, as Drew seems pretty open to trying out this sort of stuff he maybe missed out on or wasn't necessarily interested in with an open mind and seems to be genuinely appreciative of games for their historical importance, both in the literal sense of history (WW1 games for example) and in the sense of how they changed aspects of the gaming industry itself in various ways.

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That's perfect.

Thanks for the shout out, too!

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@akyho: Now THIS is what I'm talking about! Thanks! :D

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@pyrodactyl said:

@jdp83: If you're up for something more recent Psycho Pass is a great cyberpunk show.

Here's a taste

Night city. Check. Giant neon ad displays glowing everywhere. Check! GIANT ASS FUTURE-REVOLVER. BIG CHECK! Thanks! Visuals are EXACTLY what I'm looking for. Will check this out for sure.

Have to say though... audio wise - that opening is WAAAAAAAAAAAY too J-Pop for me.

I was hoping for some music more like this:

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or this:

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Alright GB Anime experts - after watching the Snatcher old games show with the duders the other day I have been hankerin' for some lesser-known but still high-quality "cyberpunk" anime - namely from the late 80s / early 90s time period.

Yeah, I've seen the big name titles in this unique sub-genre - Ghost in the Shell, Akira, Battle Angel Alita, etc.

I'm looking for stuff that maybe was under the radar but stylistically fits the Cyberpunk genre - future noir/neon blade-runner environments where it's almost always night and/or raining and people wear trench-coats, characters with cyborg parts hooking in to eyes, arms, heads, etc., maybe even a healthy dose of some power armor / mecha, computers with super-wide CRT screens with black screens and green vector geometric graphics and all sorts of other nonsense flying down them, and of course - my favorite staple of Cyberpunk - big ass "80s future" style revolvers with ventilation ports and/or over-sized laser pointers/scopes attached to them that recoil like crazy when fired. Those that look like this:

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You know... anime with this sort of STYYYYYYYYYYYYLLLLLE... ^

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I took the existing mission insignia art created by @miesals and decided to try taking a swing at throwing together a quick mock up of a bit more "physical" looking version (similar to the badges used by NASA for their missions) using a couple of tricks I'm trying out for the first time after reading an article on photoshopping fake embroidered effects.

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@vinny said:

@miesals@jdp83@shivoa These are so awesome! Do you any of you mind if I use them in the episodes?

OH YES! Absolutely! It would be an HONOR to be a part of any of the Kerbal B.E.A.S.T. episodes!!

Dude, this just made my day. Thank you, Vinny.

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@shivoa: That looks great! Are you going to finish it out? Would love to see a colored version.

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@draugen said:

That's awesome and super creepy.

Mission accomplished.