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Wasn't there a Norse Myth where Thor dressed up as a women? Kind of off topic but wondering.

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Hurray! I was hoping she would be in the game.

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Still pretty confused about Nerissa's character, as I've read some theories out there pointing to the fact Nerissa at some point was Faith in glamour. Kinda sucky cliffhanger might I point out since I'm thinking they probably won't start season 2 from that point since every other major plotline has been tied up.

Is there going to be a season 2? This always felt more like a one off to me rather then a continuing story like Walking Dead.

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Thanks Rorie. Lets keep things positive and friendly everyone.

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Congrats duder.

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@solh0und said:

If Michelle Ruff doesn't reprise her role as Yukari, I would be hugely disappointed at this game...

I've watched some video of her arcade mode in English and it certainly sounded like her.

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The avatar universe has always seemed perfect material for a good video game, so maybe this one will get it right? I like Platinum so all I can do is hope.

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Due to my new apartment's lack of internet I was unable to get a code, let alone download it (I've been hopping around from place to place all week just to watch E3). Glad to hear everyone's enjoying it.

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My favorite part of the episode was the "Quentin Tarantino like" conversation between Jamie and Tyron about the guy that smashed the beatles. It was so fantastic.

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Oh man this made my day. Well done sir.