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I feel like I'd be much more qualified for these in 2 years or so. Oh well.

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This Ruby Rose figure is the only one I own. Bought recently in fact. Debating if I want to get the rest of them when they come out.

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I stuck with Butters for most of the game cause of the random banter and Kenny doesn't really have any. I did use Cartman a lot once I got him.

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@smokeyd123 said:

So wait. Why is she in some sort of super sentai get-up? I don't remember her mentioning liking anything of the sort.

from what I could gather, she is going to college and work as a sentai actress. I think.

Yeah she works on a TV show called "Phoenix Ranger Featherman R", which is basically a Power Rangers parody. Its actually been a part of the Persona series since Innocent Sin.

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Thanks for being here Rorie. Also I had a great time meeting you at PAX.

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@mcfart said:

They've milked P4 so fucking much that I don't even care about it anymore

It's rapidly approaching there, isn't it. I wonder how much of this has to do with their recent acquisition.

I doubt this game specifically has much to do with the acquisition. Persona 4 Arena had already existed before they were bought and sequels to fighting games with updated characters is incredibly common.

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there was totally a riza sprite in that sprite dump download


Sorry, couldn't help myself.

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@lyisa said:

@viking_funeral: I imagine they were working on a lot of this stuff before the acquisition unless you mean they started this stuff because of Index financial problems.

And Rise is a lover not a fighter.

I see what you did there.

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Oh man, this looks so awesome. Main character definitely has an interesting back story thing going on. I really hope this turns out to be great this time. But uh....Why is there no III in the title anymore? Kinda weird. I could have sworn there was at some point.

Also, I don't understand the emphasis they've been putting on Varric, is he actually a popular character among the fanbase? I found him kinda boring and not funny.

Also also, I really hope that pre-order DLC isn't a party member. Bioware has to get over this disgusting little habit.

The game did have 3 in at one point but they dropped it a while ago.

I can't speak for everyone else but I personally loved Varric.

BioWare has gone on record saying that there will be no DLC party members.

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I'm coming from the perspective of never having played a Dragon Age game so I'm being judgemental in the most shallow way possible. That's just my 2 cents. I just come from a place that is pleasant rolling hills and ruined castles and all that, so, usually if a setting doesn't reflect that I can't really buy into it, or it's world building has to convince me in some other way. Growing up with Aruthurian legend, this just seems really off some how.

That's kind of like me saying, "This game set in Mexico looks nothing like my New England white suburban neighborhood, so I can't really buy into this." I don't think Dragon Age is really trying to mimic Aruthurian Legend. It takes elements from it and tries make its own world. In short, your right, you do sound shallow.