Bionic Commando Rearmed "delayed"

IGN's reporting that it was a "last-minute development delay" or something.

Something about all this seems fishy.

Anyone wanna take bets that this is all due to MS flipping Geometry Wars 2 up a week and delaying BCR with total disregard for Capcom's promise of a July release date? I've heard enough random gripes from enough different publishers to know that the XBLA process has been a real pain when it comes to planning release dates. Hence why you never see publihers promoting release dates for their downloadable stuff... instead they leave those announcements to Microsoft because they hold the keys. I suppose the short lead times involved when you don't have to press a bunch of discs after clearing certification could also play into that, but I've never heard anyone blame that as the reason before.

Anyway, just struck me as odd, that's all.