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Congrats VINNY :o

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@irrelevantjohn: Well it is a Tuesday :p I expect it around March/April. Order comes out in February so i do not see Sony releasing it in that month.

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Sony has released the Gamescom demo which attendees were able to play.

Around the 5 minute mark it looks like there is a large spider on the building.

Also i love the entrance of the boss. Based Miyazaki.

It is hard to believe this game will be out early next year.

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Dan is just keeping it real.

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Yoshi still sucks btw

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@mooseymcman: Huh , Is the Phantom Gourmet like a more sophisticated version of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives?

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Dan ran the indie program for NOA for nine years but has left the company. He is going Indie. Dan caught a lot of press for being told not to use twitter anymore due to this tweet sympathizing with a fan over region locking on Nintendo's consoles.

Kotaku's Jason Schreier has put up a lengthy interview with Dan. You can read the full interview here.

Here is an interesting snippet.

"I had been strongly encouraged to stay off of Twitter—or at least say only things that were clearly safe—so after the region-locking comment they just said I needed to stop completely," Adelman said. "When people started complaining that I wasn't active on Twitter anymore, it was suggested that a PR person could just post in my name. I thought that was about the worst idea I'd ever heard, so I left it as is and let the silence speak for itself.

Dan brought over games like World of Goo on Nintendo platforms. A game which i really enjoyed. I am looking forward to what he does next.

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