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Homunculus Mace + 10 or lost sinner's sword +4… I love the mace animations though.

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Marathon 2, my parents only had a Mac when I was a kid so this was pretty much one of the few games I could get my hands on.

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Hi chaps and chapettes. I'm looking for some recommendations for a new PC monitor I'll also be using for console gaming. Ideally something big enought to do coding on and be a decent tv substitute for a smallish room. It's been ages since I looked at stand alone monitors so any advice would be appreciated!

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I'm all in for a VBOMB T after that Pathfinder session. Ideally it would include the stone statue arm being dropped from a great height.

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People need to cool it a little. It'll come naturally. I'm just happy they haven't decided to pack it all in.

Also @drewbert that DCS stream was super fun, get that stuff up on GB!

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Geez, @cbarnes86 you have my sympathies, sadly the only thing I can offer is a truly extensive knowledge of emo tunes to help...

Seriously though, good luck man.

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@wampa1: I don't know, I'm Glaswegian too, even ignoring the "Glasgow" setting I just thought the movie really had very few redeeming features.

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I freakin hate that movie. I find it offensive, as someone Scottish, and as a human being.