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#1 Posted by JoelHulsey (57 posts) -

I thought someone would ask "the" question and ask since Ryan's passing, did he ever think about shuttting it down. Ryan was such a huge part of the "personality" of Giant Bomb, I still can't believe he's not out there somewhere.

#2 Posted by JoelHulsey (57 posts) -

I cannot even bear to think of watching GOTY stuff. Ryan was such a huge part. How can you miss somebody so much that you have never met? The world just seems so much more blah...

#3 Posted by JoelHulsey (57 posts) -

Booted up Lost and the Damned this morning (never really played either DLC) and will be going through both DLC's over the weekend to get myself all in the GTA mood.


#4 Posted by JoelHulsey (57 posts) -

Maybe it's just me, but I'm just not "getting" this game. I bought the starter set for the 360, several of the add-on discs, as well as Italian sports car from Cars and weird squid-face dude from Pirates. I have about an hour in, but really still don't know what to "do." I played a short adventure with Mr. Incredible and only managed to get silver. I took him off the base and went with the sports car and did 2 races and got silver.

So what am I missing???

#5 Posted by JoelHulsey (57 posts) -

Actually cried several times today. How crazy is that? But I have spent several hours each week with Ryan's voice in my head and I hate that it will never happen again. Ryan and Jeff always did videos when new systems came out. The Kinect ones were classic! I was so looking forward to the PS4 and XboxOne videos. Now gaming just doesn't have any appeal at all. I'm just thinking of all the laughter I won't get to have now that Ryan is gone.

This just doesn't seem real...

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I never even met Ryan and I am crying. He brought so much joy and laughter to my life. I can't even imagine what it was like to actually get to work with him. What a privilege that must have been. I absolutely hate it that I won't get to hear any more from him. I just hate it...

#7 Posted by JoelHulsey (57 posts) -

What a waste of such incredible talent just to get wiped out by total asshats who the world would be such a better place if they just vanished.

My thoughts go out to Andrew's family.

#8 Posted by JoelHulsey (57 posts) -

If it meant XBL would stay the same as it is now, I would totally be okay with always online and making XBL always on. I understand why some people would not go for this, but my connection is pretty rock solid. So if the connection is there already, what do I care?

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Why is the Rock Band event never video recorded???

#10 Posted by JoelHulsey (57 posts) -

Wait, there are only 177,000 black and Latino men in New York??? Where in the hell is she getting her statistics?

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