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They already said there wasn't going to be any new dungeons since they were used for other games.

There is rumor of a harder mode. Not sure if debunked or confirmed.

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Honestly buying both but how do you know either system won't sit there collecting dust for a year like 3ds.Wii.Ps3.Vita.Wiiu? I can wait the first year until I see more of the line up. Most of the big games aren't until 2014. Who know what issues each console will have... I would not rush out to buy the first shipment of either systems. We all know theres a better version or bundle in the works.

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Good move by capcom. I really don't understand people. They complain about gamestop being this evil corp and how devs/companies don't make money off used games. Now you can't delete a save file,its a big deal. If you have to trade a game in 1) you should have rented it  or 2) shouldn't of bought it in the first place.  People aren't going to buy this game because they can't save 3-4$ on it, come on.

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I feel like Nintendo is the new  Fable. All these lies and misleading nonsense, very unprofessional. Clearly Wii U wasn't ready to be shown to the world just like 3ds wasn't ready to be released when it was.

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All I can do is laugh and snicker. They are pushing this console hard because the Wii is almost over. All we really have left is Kirby Wii and Zelda.

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Oh god please lie and promise me more things.

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Remake Sonic 3 with knuckles or give us something similar. Stop trying to add nonsense to the pot.

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I can not wait. The power trailer was amazing. That is how you make a trailer and get people hyped for a game.

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Why is this being done now rather than before? I am glad something like this is going on but can we get past region locks. Look devs want to make money and we want to play there games. So why cant we buy jap games to play. The fact that most Americans that watch anime prefer Jap with english subtitles.