Seaman: Day Thirty-Five

When I start up, Leonard Nimoy tells me we’re nearing the mating season for the frogmen; this makes me wonder if, when the unnamed frogman declared he wanted to do it, he was just doing “it” for pleasure or to mate; this could be why Eddie didn’t perish. Once I’m actually in front of them I feed them and adjust their environment.

The unnamed frogman asks if I’m seeing anyone romantically yet and when I respond no, he asks if I believe there is someone out there for me. I say yes and he says that is so like me, being an Aries I always look on the bright side and don’t put too much though into anything. After this Eddie comes up and tells me he’s going to try and make the jump.

He does! He jumps onto the ring and his weight pulls it down; it was just a lever. While he’s pulling it down the back wall lifts up revealing a rain forest type environment, he remembers that this is Dr. Gassé’s island. Both he and the unnamed frogman make their way into it and Eddie turns around and we begin a final conversation. He tells me he must leave to continue his evolution and he’s grateful that I’ve taken care of him this whole time. He tells me to try and tap on the glass some time and he alludes to this being a way of calling him. Rather than wait, I try it right after he leaves. A nice hip-hop style beat comes on and both Eddie and the unnamed frogman appear as do the credits for the game; if I stop tapping on the glass, the credits stop and the next two or three minutes prove to be halfway tiring.

Well I guess that’s it, I’ll probably check back in tomorrow and see if anything changes, then after that I’ll probably spend some time going over my notes and doing a final recap.


Seaman: Day Thirty-Four

When I first arrive in the laboratory, I’m greeted by the sounds of the frogmen begging to be fed so I hop over to the insect terrarium and get some caterpillars; once fed I adjust their environment. I noticed the unnamed frogmen jump at the glass yesterday and he’s done it again. I didn’t think anything of it earlier but now I understand that he’s practicing to get out, just like he told me he was going to.

Again, the unnamed frogman is very solemn when he tells me he’s ready to try and jump out again. He goes for it but misses again. There is a hoop in the back left corner of the tank and I didn’t know what it was for at the beginning but this is what he’s trying to jump through. After this, neither of them talks, nor will the unnamed frogman try and jump again. It looks like he’ll only try once a day and we’ll have to keep doing this until he makes it.


Seaman: Day Thirty-Three

Once I’ve started up, Leonard Nimoy tells me that the frogmen have fully grown and may look a little grotesque, but also somewhat cute. After feeding them and adjusting their environment, the unnamed frogmen talks about it being the first day of winter.

Then he talks, very solemnly, about beginning to remember a past life. He tells me that it is really really important that I let him free to continue evolving, and that he will keep my secrets safe. He has begun to remember his long lost love. His father was a king in Egypt during the 3 dynasty and his lover was the daughter of a priest. Neither father would approve their marriage due to their different positions in life; as a result her father consulted one of the Egyptian gods, Thoth, and he changed their forms but they’ve been apart ever since. He tells me that he is going to jump out of the terrarium.

After he fails, he begins talking about human beliefs. He begins talking about the past and then jumps forward to today where we’ve narrowed it down to a few predominant religions. He asks whether I believe in a god/gods and if I consider myself spiritual. He tells me that all this religious talk has been adding up this question, am I a good person? He then wants to know if I think if I think religion has made the world a better place; I answer yes even though I told him I wasn’t religious and he finds my set of emotions complex and “truly, truly confusing”; He then wants to know if I think the world would be better with just one religion. He finishes up his talk about religion by discussing the fallacies of it.


Seaman: Day Thirty-Two

As usual the frogmen are hungry by the time I see them and I hop over to the insect terrarium and grab a caterpillar; the unnamed frogman gets it. I have to wait a few minutes for some eggs to hatch in the insect terrarium; once they do I grab one of the caterpillars and feed it to Eddie. While waiting for Eddie to finish I adjust the temperature and turn the sprinkler on. Right after he finishes, the unnamed frogman exclaims he “wants to do it” and hops over towards Eddie and attaches his antennae to Eddie’s. This lasts only a few seconds and to my amazement, neither dies.

I begin chatting with the unnamed frogman and he begins talking about human politics. He has noticed that for nearly every country there is a unique form of governance. He knows that I reside in a democratic country and asks if I’m taking advantage of my power, am I registered to vote? He understands that there are really only two major parties and it may be hard for everyone to agree on anything, he wants to know what party I side with more. I answer Democrat and he wants to know if I sided with Bill Clinton on the whole “Monica” thing, which seems timely for when it came out. He also questions the effectiveness of our way of governing, wondering if there is a difference between rich middle aged white man A or rich middle aged white man B, and whether one voice means a difference in a country of millions.

He talks about how things were much simpler in the olden days with a king, emperor or pharaoh. He talks more about our political system and asks if I know what the electoral college is and what checks and balances are. A few minutes later he is “all talked out” and we say our goodbyes.


Seaman: Day Thirty-One

I made a video for today’s entry but I’ll also do the regular text entry as well. As soon as I entered I heard cries of hunger and went to the insect terrarium and got two caterpillars. After they ate, I adjusted their environment and then started to chat. Eddie wasn’t talking so I tried the other frogman. He talked after a bit and he started off talking about doctors and health.

He asked if I had healthcare and thought the whole idea of insurance kind of odd. He also asked if I see a therapist and when I replied no he told me that seeing a therapist is not a sign of weakness, after all seeing a doctor is not a sign of weakness but usually a necessity. He also made sure to remind of the importance of the mind/brain.

Neither of them talks much more and I’m done for the night. Well the video won't be up right away, maybe not today either. I was uploading it to YouTube and it was going to take two hours. Halfway into it, there was an error. I'll try again tomorrow and maybe later tonight. Any suggestions?


Seaman: Day Thirty

Upon arriving Leonard Nimoy tells me that the tadmen have changed and now have more in common with a frog, so we shall call them “frogmen.” He also tells me that they are sensitive to dryness and I may use my new sprinkler to remedy this.

The first thing out of the frogmen is “feed me or my death is on you”; sounds like they might be hungry. I drop in a caterpillar and one of them gets it then I go get a second one for the other frogman. I then raise the temperature and turn on the sprinkler. After coaxing him a bit he begins delving into a topic.

He ruminates on being free and what it must be like to be able to go anywhere and says it feels oddly familiar. He then asks if I’m in good shape, I respond yes and he thinks that we get most of our definition about being “fit” from TV and magazines and thinks this is usually unrealistic but somewhat of a necessary evil. He wonders how I stay in shape and I say walking and running as I’m always on my feet at my job. He brings up the fact that we don’t need to run to catch our prey anymore and this reminds of the bit about our ancestors wearing glasses.

Continuing on whit the topic, he asks if I belong to a health club or gym and if I think I eat healthy. He talks about how weird it is that to get exercise nowadays we need to go to a special place and pay a fee whereas we used to just run a round in the field or get “beefed up” from doing manual labor. He also talks about sports and sometime today misunderstood what I was saying and thought I was naming him. So I gave one of them the name Eddie (as in Brutal Legend) and he then goes from being a speckled orange color to a greenish red color with black spots. One of the things that had an impact on me from today was a part about doctors and our health; it involved Eddie saying we’re the only species that can heal ourselves when we get sick, pretty cool thought.


Seaman: Day Twenty-Nine

To begin, I adjust the temperature for the two remaining tadmen; however after doing so one of them hops onto land. It looks like he is now a frogman. He calls out to me and after I say hi, he informs me that today in 1903, the Wright brothers made their first flight; I’m learning something new from these creatures every day.   Soon after this the other tadman crawls onto land as well.

After a bit, one of the frogmen talks about how humans are always busy, wondering if it could just be those of us in America, as it is a business oriented country. He wants to know what I do with friends when I have free time; I tell him we usually play games. He says it’s cool that I’m taking something that is usually a one person affair and doing it with friends. He thinks this is where the industry is heading; nine years later, that’s already been answered with online gaming taking off.

Right after this, he tells me that the frogmen will require the terrarium to be watered down, to keep its moisture level high; I now have access to a sprayer. His next theme is about humans as social beings. He notices that we are quite talkative and if asked the right question, we could go on for hours. He asks about what my friends and I talk about and how I spend time with my family.

The frogmen talk more about our social nature and eventually finish off with a discussion on how my persona changes depending on whom I’m talking to. He says he wants some time to think about what we’ve talked about today and tells me “byeeeeee.’ Lastly, I switch over to the insect terrarium and water it down. 

One of the Frogmen 

Seaman: Day Twenty-Eight

After turning up the temperature for the remaining tadmen, one of them informs me that today, in 1773, was the Boston tea party; I chat him up and he asks me what state we are in. I reply Oklahoma and he then wishes to know what big city we’re closest to. Knowing that Oklahoma is an oil rich state he wonders what it will look like in one hundred years when we rely less on fossil fuels. Even though this game was made ten years ago, many of the topics talked about are still quite relevant.

Later he wonders aloud about how influential America is in the world, how diverse we are and what America’s future will look like. He asks if I’ve traveled abroad but I haven’t yet. He reminds me of the phrase about walking a mile in someone’s shoes. He tells me that walking a mile in someone’s country is the next best thing and then continues on with his thought.

His next talking point is how the world is always shrinking. He tells me of the need to be tolerant of other people and should continue to in the future as we become more interdependent. He looks to America and Europe with their fusion of cultures through an array of methods and wonders if, in the future, the world will act as one giant unit.

Before I leave, he asks about my job. Whether I like it and what I like about it. After giving my response he gives a few minute long, in depth answer about jobs. I water down the insect terrarium and then say goodbye.


Seaman: Day Twenty-Seven

The first thing I notice when entering is that the tadmen have grown considerably since yesterday. They are a little plumper, their legs have grown a little bit longer and they are more of a speckled brown color than they used to be. Realizing it’s the middle of December, one of the tadmen asks if it has snowed yet. As they swim around I also notice miniscule arms forming, and then I hear the blood sucking; down to three.

Today they want to talk to me about what we humans, and specifically Americans, are into these days. One of them believes that we are more interested in the media rather than politics or philosophy. He asks if I prefer renting movies or going to the cinema. I prefer the cinema and he inquires if I go with friends and indeed I do. He then asks what types is my favorite and I say comedies. Another tadman asks what my favorite move is and I say Fight Club. He then bets I can quote one thousand lines from it but tells me to save, he has heard enough Monty Python.

I didn’t think it would matter what my favorite movie would be and it appears I was right. There are thousands of movies and to get them to recognize the names of one hundred would be tough. I’m guessing since he knew my favorite type was comedy, that’s what he would say no matter what. While I’m typing this, another tadman comes up and kills the one I was talking to, time to move to another.

He asks how much TV I watch and I guess it’s around six hours a week; he finds this impressive since there’s so much information always on. He now asks what I watch and it's news. He spouts out some knowledge about news becoming more tabloid-like and I can agree that it’s like that even nowadays.

Telling me he’s done, he begins to talk about music. He asks what my favorite is, I say alternative and he tells me that the line between pop and alternative is blurring. Afterwards he moves onto the “printed word.” He asks whether I like to read and I say yes. He asks a few more questions and then says he’s done for the day.


Seaman: Day Twenty-Six

I raise the temperature for the tadmen and begin talking to them. After our brief hellos, one of them says he’s done for the day. It looks like I should have talked with them a little more yesterday to get that response. After picking a tadman up, I see that their legs have grown a little bit, they look more developed.

I hop over to the insect terrarium and water it down. I’m curious as to why the tadmen do not need to be fed this long after they’ve hatched. My guess is that they don’t need a lot of food at this stage and if they do get hungry they’ll suck the blood of another tadmen, and then they’ll rely on me.

I chat and tickle the tadmen a bit and then leave for the night.