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This is very depressing news. I want to throw my voice into the arena and say how fortunate we all were to have had him brought into our lives through GameSpot, GiantBomb, the Bombcast, or whatever venue. Thanks for the laughs.

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With Final Fantasy XII, Square Enix developed Ivalice into one of the biggest and most detailed game worlds I’ve played through; introduced me to well-developed characters who did not seem like the played out caricatures I’m used to in role-playing games; showcased an interesting story, one that harkened back to the roots of Final Fantasy, with crystal-powered life, all the while, weaving an interesting mature tale of corruption and complex relationships. Lastly, I experienced gameplay systems that brought new elements to a genre I spend so much time with. For these things, and many smaller elements, Final Fantasy XII will be a game I gauge all others by.

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I was defeated by the final boss, a Gatling gun wielding maniacal leader of a familiar Wild West town, in the PS2 game Samurai Western.

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@wreakOnes: I'd recommend Odin Sphere for the PS2 simply because you haven't played it yet. Coincidentally, I also have Odin Sphere and haven't played it.

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Has anyone here listened to the soundtrack for Front Mission? I've been listening to it whilst doing homework and there are a few tracks that are just superb. Maybe someone else jams out to video game soundtracks while working?

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My first console was the SNES, but my first system was the Game Boy Pocket. I remember receiving the yellow version for my birthday when I was very young along with a copy of Black Bass Lure Fishing. I played that game a bunch but my fondest memories with the system stem from my tenure with the Pokemon games. I remember walking around my backyard for hours as I made my way through Virdian Forest, as I captured Mewtwo, and when I'd play my friend's copies to level up their Pokemon for them.

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Thus Spoke Zarathustra courtesy of Friedrich Nietzsche.

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I wasn't that impressed with it. You nailed it though; poor graphics, bland combat, and terrible voice acting. Is this game cashing in on Demon's Souls popularity? To me they seem comparable and it is coming from Atlus who is Souls less with Namco Bandai publishing Dark Souls.

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I agree with his sentiment entirely, I just wish he didn't have to be so offensive in the way he did it. Granted, he was spot on and pretty funny, but some professional conduct would've been nice too.

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@FluxWaveZ said:

Rage. I don't know much about it, nor do I really want to right now.

I feel the same, although I don't necessarily have an affection for id like some people do. However I enjoyed the Blake Griffin commercial.