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Describe the last death you remember from the game you last played.
I fell on a mountain of deadly dirty (?) needles in one of the dark worlds in Super Meat Boy.
I was trying to get a bandage that was floating between mountains of needles. Ouch.

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I touched a pile of salt and for some reason exploded in Super Meat Boy. Those bandages are motherfuckers.

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I told my team not to go near the capture point where enemy artillery was falling, I then proceeded to go there and stop a 6-man squad from taking the point and then finally succumbing to the arty, all while Blind Guardian - Welcome To Dying was playing. I do love Red Orchestra and my STG44.
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A Giant Space Station Laser came falling from orbit while my friend and I ran around frantically shooting the barrier closing up on us. We were on our last life, and had to redo the mission.
-Lost Planet 2 
It was pretty epic.

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A bunch of skeletons killed me in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow because the skeletons in that game are fast, believe it or not.

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I got shot in the face by a lawman on RDR freeroam.

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My car got torn to pieces when a train fell on it.

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I blew up my A-10 Warthog by dropping a bomb just before landing.

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I ran into someone while sprinting in Assassin's Creed II. That's right. I ran into someone, fell down and died. Needless to say it was quite hilarious.

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I went north apparently way too soon in New Vegas. Some giant flying insect killed me.

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Shot by some dude in Mafia II^^

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A fucking huge Russian robot in Vanquish totally shot the hell out of me
Also: ya'll should go out and buy Vanquish

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I got ambushed by a pack of zombies in Minecraft. 

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I mistook a Buffalo of Lies for a Worship in a game of Worms Reloaded and it cost me my life.

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i leaped off a viewpoint in AC2 and didn't land in the hay. i guess that's why the call it "leap of faith"...

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@ESREVER said:
" A Giant Space Station Laser came falling from orbit while my friend and I ran around frantically shooting the barrier closing up on us. We were on our last life, and had to redo the mission.-Lost Planet 2 It was pretty epic. "
Hmm, thats the end of the game sequence right? =P Lost Planet 2 is awesome. I remember being pretty confused during that part (Makes sense!) and not knowing what the hell to do. Such a good campaign though.
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Super Meat Boy.
Buzzsaws!  Buzzsaws everywhere!

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Hackers in MW 2. I watch the kill cam as he followed exactly where I was running through two walls and was waiting for me on the other side.
On an unrelated note, MW 2 is still a hack filled exploited POS game that I wish I never bought.
Never mind the first part, forgot I played some new vegas after that. I stepped on a bunch of mines and blew my characters legs off and she landed on the top bunk of a near by bunk bed then both her legs fell directly beside her in a rather comical fashion. Then the game crashed to desktop while it was reloading a save so I decided to watch the last few episodes of M*A*S*H instead.

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got killed by a space invader.

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Executed by the good citizens of Goodspring when I shot Easy Pete in the face.

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I was shot in the head multiple times with an incinerator.

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Miranda and Grunt were killed by husks on the derelict reaper ship, and a Scion killed me

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Got killed by a glitch in the DNF demo. Fucking invisible holes :(

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Last game I played was The Writer DLC for Alan Wake, can't really remember the last death I guess it was just by darkness infested dudes, wasn't near the end because I made it up the hill and through the fight without dying.

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All the deaths in Super Meat Boy kind of blur together.

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Murdered at the hands of a damned dirty Grubbin in Costume Quest.

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Made a dire mistake in the Caesar's tent.

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Got killed by an ubered heavy in TF2 :(

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In Infamous I got shot a whole bunch.

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Pounced on by a Deathclaw in Fallout: New Vegas. Those things are way deadlier than I remember them being in Fallout 3.

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I actually fell to death jumping around on q3ctf2. (q3 not quake live)

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Rage quit Costume Quest when I realized how far back I was.

Damn auto-save feature..  Not sure if that counts as a death though.

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Erm... OH yeah, I got blown off a ladder after shooting some barrels in the alley below in Deus Ex.

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I think I fell into some lava or something in Super Scribblenauts. 

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Got owned by a frog from above while trying avoiding water and missiles.

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I got pwned pretty hard with the last boss in No More Heroes 2. That guy is insane, hard and freakin' annoying! He pushed me out the window several times. Damn, that hurt.

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Nothing spectacular, really.
I died in disgrace while I fled from a couple of  Daedra-worshipping orcs.

I was like "Hey guys, what's going o-- OH SHIT!"

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Took a wrong turn up in the Las Vegas mountains and was torn apart by a Deathclaw.
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Cast Mazio on a group of Sky Balances.

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I drowned in a Vault.
Fucking Courier can't hold his breath for shit.

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Jumped into a torrent of lava in Super Meat Boy. 
Shortly before that I died from being force-fed by Antoine the chef in Dead Rising 2.

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Crawmerax the Invincible tore me apart.

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i made a backflip into a burning gap (between two ramps) and then blew up in Trails HD 
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Saw blades in Super Meat Boy.

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Nathan Drake and I dove to our death in a set of ruins.

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@TheGreatGuero said:

" I went north apparently way too soon in New Vegas. Some giant flying insect killed me. "

Me too, those things are devious swarming bastards! Trust me, I even tested cranking the difficulty down to Very Easy at level 22, and a swarm of five or more will still take out your companions in a heartbeat.
Edit: CAZADOR. Damn them.
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I was torn apart by like three Deathclaws because of Rex.

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Killed by a saw blade in Super Meat Boy.