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Too expensive as is but if found cheap, go for it. 0

I loved the Watchmen movie; I can’t say I was the biggest fan going in as I only read the graphic novel after watching the movie but it’s become my favorite comic book movie since. That being said I was looking forward to the Watchmen games but I’m sad to find I shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up. Watchmen: The End is Nigh is short, repetitive and not very fun. The game appears to have had a relatively high production budget compared to other downloadable games but not much went into making it fu...

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SotB has a well presented story with bland gameplay. 0

Sword of the Berserk: Guts’ Rage is a 3D hack and slash game that has little depth to the combat but has a great focus put into fleshing out the well portrayed story. The majority of the time I spent playing it, I wanted to get through the combat portions to see what would happen next, not to say the combat was terrible but the story was more enthralling. Oh, did I mention the main character wields a giant sword?   You play as the titular Guts, and you are looking for a cure for your love. She h...

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Most Wanted is a solid and diverse racing game. 0

 When it comes to racing games, I’m not particularly wooed by those that bill the police chases as a primary feature, so initially I had pretty low expectations for Need for Speed: Most Wanted. That’s not the only reason though, as I’m reviewing it a half decade later the series now has hit a low point it would seem. The general consensus nowadays is that the series has worn its welcome and should take a few years off. Most Wanted seems like a collage of racing games, it doesn’t want to do just ...

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