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Nice, nice....and if anyone wanna post gear lists, thats cool too.
Mine for example:
-Epiphone Les Paul Custom/Standard
-Line 6 Spider II HD150 head
-Park G412a Speaker Cabinet
-MXL 990
-Shure SM58/SM57
-Behringer 2222FX
-Yamaha PSR Keyboard
-Crate 100W Bass Amp
-Jackson Bass
-Yamaha Acoustic

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Represent yourselves....and what you play:

I sing, play guitar,and dabble in some piano/bass.  I also love to record music.

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Any time they talked about J Allard....made me laugh.  and of course the "Hold on to your f-ing hats gentlemen"

Brad - "If he comes out in a hoodie in a blazer, i will jump out of my seat and cheer"
Ryan - "I will shit my pants"

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damn..i was gonna make a thread like this...looks like someone beat me to the punch.  My vote either goes for Brad or Vinny.  They are both pretty funny in the videos/in the podcast.  I'm gonna have to go with Brad for the win though.

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Every Time I Die - The New Black

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The universe is too big for there not to be another planet with life forms on it.  But, I second what the person above me has stated....I don't think they really have been here.  Would it be cool if they have?  Sure...just as long as it doesn't turn out to be all x-filesy and they are planning to take over earth.

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M16 w/ Red Dot or Ak47 w/ Red Dot
Stopping Power
Deep Impact.

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His voice is rough, but it didnt really change my thoughts on the movie...I thought it was a really fun ride, and a great movie.

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I would buy them...especially for the fact you can use them as midi drums...i just don't think i have the money.

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Its got the Middle by Jimmy Eat World...what more could you ask for.