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so the thing that Jeff talked about on the podcast about sitting in his car outside a children's playground with the engine running? Yah that was me last night...

it's things like that that really make you question your decisions in life...

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@hailinel: agree I've gotten more out of reading the faction chatter than from the game itself. To be fair they have training missions but most people don't like to learn that way. Most people want to be told "hey you're near a portal! hack it!" or "hey there's an unclaimed portal - deploy some resonators!"

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@corruptedevil: thanks for the suggestion - there are 2 universally loved games which I could never get into - Bioshock and Half Life. I played each of them for like an hour each and had to turn them off from a mixture of boredom with the lack of action and a general dislike for the frenetic pace of when the action did kick up. I suppose that makes me a bad person but it just goes to show there's no accounting for taste :)

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@tyrrael: we have MUA - played about half of it with my son - the story is a little ehhhh. Great for ten year olds - not so much for 40 year olds.

@jeust: grade the horror element for me on that - scary or campy?

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just started playing this after they mentioned it on the Bombcast this week - what a weird thing! It's like a proper gamified version of foursquare.

I really have absolutely no idea whatsoever what I'm doing but I'm sort of intrigued by it nonetheless.

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@patoday: hm I've played both of those. Really enjoyed but not sure about re-play-ability when the challenge is figuring out the answer the first time.

Thanks though.

Vanquish has gotten weirdly expensive which I'm not sure I understand other than supply and demand.

I think Fable 2 was one of the early games with gold? If so I have it. Or am I thinking of Fable 3 that was bundled with the 360 I bought (which I promptly sold bc the demo didn't strike me at all)

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ooh yah Mirrors Edge is a great idea and I want to play that too.

Plus I think from what I've seen from it, it's just our kind of weird/dumb.

as for Deadly Premonition - we're not horror fans - Dead Rising was more dumb/funny than it was horror :)

Thanks for all the responses/ideas! Much love for you guys!

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@themightyskullboy: I LIKE that idea as I actually HAVE that game sitting shrink wrapped on my shelf (where it has been for a WHILE)

I neglected to mention we also have a Wii and I have never ever played any of Nintendo's catalog other than Wii Sports. I have a desire to check out Metroid Prime 3 but the last time I tried it (5 years ago), I spent an hour with it and just could not grasp the controls.

Thanks for the Mass Effect recommendation - I have played all three of those games and I'm not sure my wife could get into that. As much of a huge sci fi geek as I am, she really doesn't get into that but I would REALLY like to play those games again.

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My wife is not a video game person at all. But for some odd reason she REALLY got into Dead Rising (she watches, I play) and so we have played through DR 1 and 2 over the past year or so, but now that we're done with those, we're sort of looking for the next thing. Here's why I think Dead Rising works for us and what I'm looking for in our next game :

1) Relatively linear storyline - Yes there are different ways that things can end up but the story is largely on rails. We tried playing Saints Row 3 and I think that's a bit too "open" for us. We need a game that will prod us to stay on the story a bit more.

2) relatively simple gameplay - I know Dead Rising is probably not considered the easiest game in the world, but at the end of the day, you run around and press "X" to kill zombies. Straightforward.

3) good walkthroughs / wiki support - She was my wingman during all the Dead Rising time. Every time I got stuck, she would pull out her trusty iPad and pull up the various wiki's to guide me through the tougher parts or help explain outcomes that were not otherwise obvious.

4) a little campy - we enjoyed the dumbness of Dead Rising just enough. We're not looking for over the top stupidity, although we found the first few hours of Saints Row 3 highly entertaining at times - again, just not really keeping us on point with the narrative.

5) cheap and/or free - I love Games with Gold and I have all of them, so if there's a good candidate there I'd prefer that. Let's say $20 or less is a good target. $60 or even $40 games are a no-go.

6) not super gory - I know what you're thinking - really?!? You played Dead Rising and you don't like gore?!? This is the paradox that is my wife, folks. Shooters with a ton of headshots are not going to work with her. She was incredibly disinterested in Halo when I played it.

Thanks in advance for any and all opinions.

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holy crap the bobblehead dream just came alive - check out what amazon is doing!