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At $50 per (knowing not everyone pays $50), that's $1MM - that's not a lot of money when you look at all the talent and tech that they have. Glad they have CBSi to support them.

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@moosenukes: if that was the number of viewers it was short on premium members by at least 1 cuz I wasn't watching it ;)

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@joshwent: am I the only person who doesn't want to talk to any device, like...ever?

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I'm fully in support of it - supply and demand. If someone wants to pay $800 for a PS4 - who am I to tell him no if I have one?

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Gerstmann is the undisputed star of Giant Bomb but he doesn't create narratives the way Ryan would and they need someone to do that.

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@ikilledthedj: a couple things. I'm an XBox guy so my comments will be on that side of the ledger.

I hate XBox Live as it is currently constructed. Unless you are in a party full of people you know, you are going to have a MISERABLE experience playing any multiplayer game.

They also do a piss poor job of matching you with people that you would actually want to play with. The only tool they give you is that if you HAPPEN to run across a player that you enjoyed playing with, you can shoot him a friend request. Well guess what? He's already got 100 friends. Wah wah.

I don't want to play with Timmies. I turn 39 years old in a couple months and if I want to play with kids, I'll turn off the XBox and take my kids to the park. It's much more rewarding and my kids no better than to scream vulgar obscenities in my ear.

I play on weekends and I'm not very good at any particular game but that doesn't mean that I don't enjoy guarding the flag or playing a support role on a team.

You put all those things together and I haven't played a multiplayer game on XBox Live since Modern Warfare 3 (which I HATED but my friends were playing it so...)

It is in Microsoft's interest to make a better multiplayer experience for me because I will be more motivated to pay $60 on day one for big titles instead of waiting until 18 months after they come out and paying less than $10.

I tried to get Jeff to talk about this on a jar-cast a while back but I think he lost the meaning of my long winded question.

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that podcast has been missing a true host since Ryan passed. At the risk of sounding insensitive, I immediately thought of Rich Gallup to be the new face of Giant Bomb (Jeff for whatever reason seems reluctant to really take on that role) but it also seems Rich has moved on to other things in his life.

I don't think Jeff Green is the answer. Not a culture fit.

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I realize I will get absolutely no support on this but Force Unleashed was my favorite game of the generation.

Star Wars and I can be a Jedi in a videogame? Yes please!

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twitter is losing their damn mind over this right now

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so apparently there's no MP3 or DLNA functionality at all?

I guess I don't care but I know plenty of people who do - and that was a great piece of functionality on the PS3...