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Thanks to everyone for your help! Im getting BL 2 reliefed that i'm not missing anything important


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Hey guys.

So I've been thinking about picking up Borderlands 2, since I've been told it's a great game, and it's been a while since I played a decent shooter (Not a CoD or Halo fan). But I have not played the first Borderlands yet. Should I play the first one, or can I jump straight into the second one? Will I be missing something by skipping 1?

I appreciate any coments!


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N64: Star Fox 64

Gamecube: Resident Evil 4

Wii: Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Xbox 360: Red Dead Redemption

You can ask me another day though, and I think my answers would be different.

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I beated Tony Hawk's Underground story mode 6 times in a single month. I couldn't stop imagining it could be me who lived that story, so I replayed it doing the exact same things over and over, thinking it was me doing the skating

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2 games:

F-1 World Grand Prix for Nintendo 64. A racing game?? How's that emotional? Turns out, it was my dad's favorite videogame, the one we used to play all the time, since F-1 was his favorite sport. I remember endless afternoons as a kid playing every race in the game. Most of my Nintendo 64 games are special because those are the ones I used to play the most with my dad, but F-1 is the one that reminds me the most of him. R.I.P Dad.

The Darkness: shortly after my father passed away, I had my first girlfriend, and my first true love. As @jakob187 said:

  • The Darkness the love story told between Jackie and Jenny was absolutely excellent.

And I remember that Jackie always told Jenny how she was his light in the darkness. I felt the same way about my girlfriend, as she was my support during a very dark time. And thus, making Jackie my avatar.

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I'm not sure yet, so I'm going to stick with the 360 for a while and see how the two consoles shape up, and then pick the one I like better.


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I think becoming an adult while having an excess amount of income has spoiled me. People have mentioned it before but when you were little and your parents were spending 70-80 bucks on games you beat the game you had before they bought you another one. If they did buy you another one you either got it for good grades, a birthday or christmas and usually that was it. If they didn't buy you games you rented them, and at most you had a week to play the living shit out of that game before you had to return it. I just think the level in which we play games and the information given to us have improved, also alot of us are smarter and don't get sucked in to these gimmicky advertisements anymore.

This. Knowing I can now afford gaming on my own, I don't quite enjoy some games as much as I think I should. I don't know if it's maturing or what, but I don't get the same feeling when I buy a new game, unless it's one I've been expecting for some time. Besides, I almost never buy a game without consulting some gaming sites for reviews, so now I don't get any surprises from the game, knowing in advance what I might like or not. So I think that growing up (being more mature and conscious about what you're buying) and having an income has kind of spoiled gaming for me. Still, I see gaming as a fun and relaxing part of my life.

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Been waiting for this news for a long time. Kinda feel good, since it will give me time to save up some money!

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@TyCobb said:

All I have to say is, don't be like the asshole atheists that want to shove their atheism down others throats because they choose to believe in something else. They are as bad as the religious folk that want to shove their religion down your throat because you believe in something else.


@Bane122 said:

As a Christian I'll just say. Good on ya. I'm glad you didn't try to hide something like that and that it has not created a gulf between the two of you. Your mom sounds like a hell of a lady.

People from both camps (believers and non-believers) often care too much about what the each other thinks. Your beliefs should only matter to you.

And this