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I should add that I don't actively use Facebook. It hasn't been logged into from my PC in several months, and certainly isn't linked to my GiantBomb account.

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G'day. I'm using FF4 primarily, but also tested in chrome. When I click the "Add Forum to Favs" button at the top of any board, nothing happens. The browser shows zero signs of life, and nothing gets updated.

The chrome element inspector yields this error on click:

Unsafe JavaScript attempt to access frame with URL http://www.giantbomb.com/forums/the-elder-scrolls-iv-oblivion/81/ from frame with URL http://www.facebook.com/extern/login_status.php?api_key=e2af273dbd05846e8d61b3bfd349db22&extern=0&channel=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.giantbomb.com%2Fconnect%2Ffacebook%2Fxd_receiver%2F&locale=en_US. Domains, protocols and ports must match.
shout_10023.js:1 Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'request'

You guys need to add a codeblock feature to the editor too. :-p

Edit: Moar details!

Why are those links so inconsistent? O.o
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Thanks guys, that's a *great* selection of games. I'm shocked at how quickly they came.

@The_Laughing_Man, @FancySoapsMan, I've played Morrowind :-)

@tds418 I'll look into that game, I don't mind a shift in genre, in fact, the more diverse the system is (but achieving the same goal); the better.

@august Never heard of this one, but the title alone excites me. *clicks*

Another suggestion I just got from elsewhere was Borderlands. Which I've played and also loved. Specifically how every shot you make counts towards your proficiency with that weapon. That system is very simple however.

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@eroticfishcake said:

" @FlamingHobo said:

" @kerikxi said:
" @ArbitraryWater: I think EA has all the old Bullfrog stuff, yeah. "
Correct. "
That's bad news...they're either going to make a mediorce game or just churn out shitty sequels like they've done with everything so far.  Just finished Dungeon Keeper 2 a few weeks ago funny enough. "
There's a really good chance that EA is just going to let memory of the game crumble to dust. I'm an indie game developer; dungeon keeper 2 (that I first played in 1997) is my favourite game of all time. I still play it regularly, upwards of once a fortnight.

In my travels, I've found these:

Kalypso's Dungeons  - GB Link - This game was a real disappointment, but okay in its own right.

War for the Overworld - VERY promising indie game. I'm thinking of joining their project.

List of indie Dungeon Keeper remakes - Haven't even looked into any of these

Dungeons3D ( screenshot) - My own title. Needs a new name since Kalypso stole my old one XD. Tweet me if you have a good one. "Stone" is winning at the moment.
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Hey, it took me a few years after I bought it, but I finally got into oblivion a few months ago and I love it. I'm just wondering if anyone can recommend any games that have a similar levelling system? ie, where every action you perform makes you better in that particular area and related areas.

I would like to implement a similar system in a game that I am making, and could use some more related material (similar games) to observe.

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IMO, this would have been a good game in its own right. But as a Banjo Kazooie game; it sucks. It completely wrecks the world, and gameplay experience created in BK 1 and 2. When I heard that they were making a new Banjo Kazooie game, I went out and bought an X360 just to play it.

Turns out I love the X360, but the game was soo disappointing.

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Hey guys, I'm an independent game developer working with DirectX and XNA mainly. With past experience working with OpenGL and the very commercial Gamebryo engine.

Right now, I'm working on a project for Microsoft's Dream.Build.Play competition. I'm hoping you guys can help me out by naming some games that are similar to Bullfrog's Dungeon Keeper II, and Bethesda's Oblivion (not including prequels and sequels, they're a given!). I feel to make a good game in either of these genres; I need to expand my play library and get a better idea of how other studios have achieved similar goals.

Naturally, I don't expect to recreate the scale and quality of these games on my own; However these are the types of games that I enjoy making.

By the way staff: Great website. I love it. Bombcast is great too; I've been listening for around 8 months.

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How is this game even possible? It has Zelda written ALL over it. Surely thats breaching SOME form of copyright?
Lol. I mean, I just watched the trailer, and I see nothing but Zelda enemies, chickens, weapons, dungeons, designs. ALL over it.

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I cant seem to find any recent relevant posts on google; I'm just wondering if anyone knows the latest on XBLIG coming to Australia? There are a few that I really want to play of late.

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Looks great, I wonder if it tastes as good.

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