Week 21 - Last week's games

Here is a list of my new games from last week and also a list of games I've played last week. 
Red Dead Redemption - PS3 
Finished the game actually just today. Goes straight to my all time favourite games. Will write a review later on. Most likely will go back and work on some of the collectibles and trophies 
Fallout - PC  
Got only 1h of this last week. Hopefully more time this week. 
Guitar Hero: World Tour - Xbox 360 
Got a urge to play some GH on Friday 
Rock Band - Xbox 360 
Wanted to get a new (for me) GH/RB game so got this on Saturday. Finished the main story on Medium today, bit too easy. Hard is probably just tad too much. My wussy skills are just between Medium and Hard :(
New purchases: 
Sleep is Death - PC
Had to get this because of the name your price thing it has. Not change to look into playing it yet though. 
Rock Band - Xbox 360  
Blue Dragon - Xbox 360 
It was just a fiver and I really like  Mistwalkers other Xbox RPG Lost Odyssey

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Week 20 - R* wannabe

Games I've played this week: 
Alan Wake - Xbox 360 
Started on Hard difficulty. Still awesome game. 
Fallout 1 - PC 
This was strange decision but never actually finished the game when it was released. Quite hardcore playing such a old PC game.  
FIFA World Cup South Africa thing - Wii 
Quite terrible but nice to get some WC kicks.  
Sonic & Sega Allstar Racing - Wii 
Much better than I expected. Review coming soon 
Red Dead Redemption - PS3 
Got the game on Friday morning and been playing it more or less ever since.  
Bought games: 
General Chaos - Megadrive 


Week 19 - Alan Wake...

Games I've been playing this week:

Braid - Xbox360
Managed to finish this, got a proper ending and almost all achievements. Review  has been posted here

Killer7 - PS2
Solved this Thursday evening, just in time for AW. Crazy game but still good. Review coming up soon.

Alan Wake - Xbox360
Got the game on Friday and finished today(Sunday). Brilliant game, no doubt GOTY so far. Will go back and finish the game on Hard as well and maybe hunt some achievements. Reading the book that came with the SE now. Review of the gaming coming up soon hopefully

2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa - Wii
Wanted do play some footie and have not played any such on Wii yet so this is good candidate. Not too bad, maybe tad simple.

Star Wars: Flight of the Falcon - GBA
Got some short sessions of this

This week's purchases
Alisia Dragoon - Megadrive
Never played this but some retro podcast got me interested

Sega Master System - Mark 2 with 2 controllers, light gun,manual and Rambo 3/World Grand Prix games.
Never had the Mark 2 before and had to get it when it was only £1

Alan Wake SE

RDR is released here on next Friday, ques who got game pre-ordered and the day off...? :D


Week 18 - This weeks games

Starting to really get into this game. Just past half-way point now.

Game Room - Shaolin-Lin's Road - Red Baron
Reviewed Shaolin's game earlier this week. Got all gold medals on Red Baron. Really nice and simple shooter. 

Wen't back to finish this. Completed everything on this except for the speedruns. Might review this soon.

Star Wars: Flight of the Falcon
Trying to recycle(play) the handheld consoles I got and now it's GBA's turn. A decent Star Wars shooter.

New purchases:
Game Room - Red Baron

Humble Indie Bundle
Have not heard of any of these games except for World of Goo which I played for the Wii. Would be nice if any of these would run on my notebook

Shadow Hearts: Covenant
Continuing to collect those JRPGs. One missing from Shadow Hearts collection. 
Oh and footie season is over today. Arsenal secured 3rd spot. Yau!
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Week 17 - now playing and stuff

Game's I've been playing this week: 
Infinite Space 
Finished this finally and got a quick review up. Enjoyed this really a lot. Ending sucked though.  
After Burner Climax 
Some random sessions of this. Got review coming up soon. 
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune 
Started this Friday evening and finished day later. Been a while since I played anything for so long in one go. Really enjoyed this as well, except for the daft monsters sections. That felt totally out of place. 
Lord of Ultima  
If this can be counted as gaming. Just logging in and adding buildings to build queue.  
Game Room 
 Been demoing some random games and bought Shaolin-Lin's Road . Will blog about Game Room later on. 
Wanted to start a PS/PS2 game and when looking at my games collection this jumped right at me. Played through the first boss. Really bizarre game. 
New purchases. 
Only Shaolin-Lin's Road for Game Room. 


Week 16- gaming journal blog

New week and new games. This week I've been playing:

 Infinite Space
Getting close to the end finally. Only couple of chapters left ( i think). The story has really grown in the end. Should finish this next week and get a review out.

Had only time for couple of sessions, but still enjoying this. Got review done almost

Lord of Ultima
Created a account and been starting to build my town. Too early to form a opinion, but looks promising so far

After Burner Climax
This game out of the blue. Really awesome sequal. Review coming up soon as well.

This week's purchases:
Gameboy Advance - black
Had to finish my GBA collection and re-buy a original GBA. Sold both mine when DS phat game out. This is actually one of my all time favourite consoles. Yes a GBA. 

Uncharted 1
Mate from work fixed this for a tenner. Never played it since I've only had PS3 for few months. Got Uncharted 2 bundled with PS3 but didn't want to play it before finishing the 1st.

On other front. Went for Airsoft today for first time and it awesome \m/    

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This is rubbish

Might as well add this piece of rant here as well. I've had Grid for Xbox 360 for a while now but haven't had time to start playing it until now. Installed the game to my Xbox 360 HDD and played couple of tracks. Purpose of installing a game to HDD is that Xbox 360 doesn't have to read disc when playing. It is supposed to fasten the loading times and more importantly lower the noice level because is game is read from HDD and from a spinning disc. Unfortunately Grid is reading the disc even with the install. This seems to be a known issue with Xbox 360 version. I found some post's on the Codemaster offical forums dated to 2008 stating the same?!?! Maybe it is my old age but I just can not bear the noice anymore and for that reason I am out. Shame because the game feeled promising. If a cheap PS3 copy comes a long I will get back to this.    

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Introduction and stuff

 Thought I start with my Giant Bomb "career" with a introduction of some sort. As mentioned in my bio I am a 32 year old half Finnish half Norwegian living in the UK. I am working for a major IT company as software engineer. Been into gaming ever since I got Commodore 64 when I was 7 or so. I like all genres but if I would have to pick one favorite genre I'd say RPG. Ever since the Ultima and the original AD&D games for C64 I've been big fan. Even though I've missed most of the JRPG's during all this years. This because of my console history lacks quite lot of Sony consoles. Which is something that I am getting back to. To play these all fine JRPG gems. Such as Xenosage trilogy, Shin Megami games and so on, but more about that later on. I also happen to collect consoles and games as many other people do who are into gaming. Only difference here being, at least what I like to believe/think, is that I only buy games and consoles that I intent to play. And that I only start games that I intent to finish. Also played using the original console for that particular game. How this works in practice is a different thing of course heh

I also like talking about games a lot, but most of the people around me are not so into gaming as I am. For a long time I wanted to get into game reviewing but besides odd review now and then. I haven't really gotten started with that. Except for now. Couple of months ago I joined Playfire and have been reviewing the games as I play them over there. It is only 5 odd reviews and I will post them here as well. Anyway Giant Bomb feels like a more proper place for such reviews because of the way this site is designed to be a sort of complete gaming database. Not that I am looking for an audience for my reviews. Just nice that my few cents of worth can be found under these games. So tons of reviews can be excepted, especially for older games. Which is a other principle for me that I try to stick to. I don't mind playing old or mediocre games as long as it is fun and/or I get something out of it.

I stumbled upon Giant Bomb by accident just recently & got hooked on the podcast's straight away. Really excellent stuff, looking forward to listening these every Wednesday @ work.  There is a big tie-in with different social networking sites on Giant Bomb which I don't care too much about. In fact I hate Facebook and Twitter and anything that relates to such. Too much of a hermit for such according to my wife. I know that it is a slight contradiction since Giant Bomb and likes of Playfire are for connecting gamers. For me this is different since I am interested in gaming and interested in meeting gamers with similar views.