PSP for a casual gamer?!

At my work we used to have couple of PS2's (and a Wii) which were used to play mostly PES 08. Had some nice matches during our breaks and even tournaments after work. In the end some twat kept stealing the controllers and Wii remote which caused the game room to be closed. No i don't work in a kindergarten.  

This is called Football 
This is called Football 
Anyway there was this one dude who wanted to hookup and do some gaming outside work since we had such good and even matches. He knew that I am gamer and had all consoles. He didn't have any consoles, but was interested in getting a PS3. After month's of back and worth looking for new TVs, different consoles and what not. He comes to me and tells that he has finally gotten a console. A PSP. I almost said: "Why man why?" , but didn't want to insult him. I mean this guy knows nothing about games. Clearly. Well maybe other than some football(soccer) manager games for PC that he used to play. This is no doubt the worst new console/handheld you can buy.  I am not just putting the PSP down here. I've got myself one and enjoy the games. When there are such that is. Although I probably still use my old PS2 more than PSP just simple because there are way more fun games for it. The bundle he got was the PSP 3000 with latest FIFA (world-cup) cash-in. And not even the European PSP GO bundle with 10 games. I really feel sorry for this guy. Don't you just wish that you could tell people like things really are? He might enjoy the PSP for short time but it will end up being a sleek looking dust collector.  
 This PSP bundle he got is even £10 more than the basic  Xbox 360 bundle here in the UK. Or if you insist on PSP get a 2nd hand from Game/Gamestation that thrown in a warranty for a 1000 model that can be CFW'ered.. not that I support that or know anything of such. Anyway need to sort out my PSP's battery and see if I can get some matches done against the poor sod.  


Eve and me - Eve Online ramblings

I consider myself as Eve-Online player even though I haven't been subscribing the game for more than one year now. CCP, the company behind Eve has promotions every six month or so to get old players back. Like just now recently. They offer you five free days and hope of course one to get hooked again. Well I re-activated my accounts again to see if anything has changed there. Yes I said accounts. I got two accounts which I used to run on separate PC's. This really helped my mining career since I had one ship that was dedicated mining barge and other one did the hauling. Also on missions this worked fine where my main battle-ship was doing the killing as well as the tanking. My support ship(other account) would jump in few mins later to do a remote repair on my trusty Ringnes (all my ships after named beer brands). Or if all going well on tanking part I can assist the killing with drones.

 Not this Eve
 Not this Eve

Eve does actually have a good system where you can buy time-cards (called PLEX) with in-game currency. I've done the math couple of times and  I could easily support one account by mining. And maybe even two with their new heavy industrial ship.  Although the markets might have changed so much that mining is such a viable profession anymore. Anyway working for a time-card sounds like a job and that's what it is in the end. This will get more interesting when you are doing low-sec mining. Which means that you are in low-security space which means that you are free game. Ideally you would want to be in a Alliance space that is secured by your Alliance. Still you need be glued on the local channel and keep an eye on the incoming.
 Kill those Roids!
 Kill those Roids!

Biggest problem I have with Eve is the fact it is a time sink.  When getting to a bigger scale operation you can't be interrupted. No pause buttons in MMO's. Even my wife knows this now. To be able to play I would need to upgrade the hardware on my PC which is another drawback as well as coming up with all this time that I don't have. Same as with my day to day work. If I don't go there for a while I have lot's of catching up to do. And to do it well I need to be doing it every day. So sorry CCP, you won't be getting me hooked again! Interesting how this concluded that Eve or any other MMO = work, for me.  

Week 30 - Plastic guitar band

 This week's entry for played and purchased games:
Dark Void Zero - PC
Finally finished this. On easy! That's how skilled I am. Playing though on Easy now. Review coming up soon.
Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood
- Xbox 360
Already rambled about this on previous blog. Everything in this game feels so clunky compared to Red Dead Redemption. Anyway, would be still nice to finish it.

Final Fantasy 3 - DS
Continuing my quest to complete all FF games for first time. Really enjoying this so far. Got only 5h in so far.
Guitar Hero: Metallica - Xbox 360
I am fond of rhythm games and needed a new one.  Definitely the best of GH lot, not only because its metal. As a metal head I always thought that Metallica are over-rated. Anyways these songs are really fun to play and quite challenging. 
New purchases:
Guitar Hero: Metallica
Gears of War
All for Xbox 360. Got a really good haul from Gamestation. Pre-owned :( would be too much to pay full price of these. GoW was only a fiver. Never played this. 
Batman - Vengeance - PS2
Got another Batman game to my collection. 
Kingdom of Hearts 358/2
For DS. From Zavvi. Hoshigami was a fiver and KoH tenner. New games for such price?
RB drumset. Not really purchase. Zavvi just replaced the one that broke after two uses. Got it Friday.
Continuing to post Youtube videos, so here is my all time favorite Metallica song. And even better version from Dark Tranquillity. Heja Sverige!


Call of Juarez BiB - I got a scratched copy

So I decide to start playing Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood yesterday. Have had the copy for months now. Game was still shrink-wrapped but not entirely sure where I got this. Probably from Tesco, a local supermarket. First thing I did  with it, as I do with  all my  Xbox 360 games, is to install it on the HD. I am just too old for the helicopter sound. Install stopped at 4% and said that disc is dirty and so on. Dang, I just took the brand new disc out of the box. For sure didn't move Xbox or anything for the disc to get scratched. OK fair enough. I give the game a change by  playing it without installing. All work fine until today. On start of Chapter IV - ACT II. I get greeted with this: 

No Caption Provided
And no matter what I try it won't go past this. Game is unplayable. When I check the disc bit better there seems to be a tiny scratch that might cause this. Freaking annoying. Brand new shrink-wrapped game and already scratched.  Will try to take game to Gamestation next week and see if they can sort this with their scratch remover tool. Not the end of the world if not because this doesn't seem to be too good game.

Week 29 - Review bonanza

New week and new games, here is list of game's I've played this week:  
Uncharted 2 - PS3  
Finished and reviewed this. Gave it 5 stars. Such a great game and story. Wish I had experienced it earlier.
Madworld - Wii 
Finished and reviewed the game today. Must admit did not like this too much. Had some problems coming up with a title for the review. Ended up with Am I too old for this which is strange title for a mature Wii game.  
Monster Jam: Urban Assault - DS 
Actually pretty decent DS racer. Posted a review here.
 Transformers: Animated the Game - DS 
Another mediocre DS game that I finished and reviewed this week. Wife does yoga on Wii Fit+ couple of nights a week. So  I need to do my gaming  with a hand-held or PC then. DS's turn this week. I gave this Transformers game only two stars but would much rather go back to it than Madworld. 
Alien Swarm - PC 
Sorted a Steam account finally and got this free game after the Giantbomb GL. Bit too demanding for my netbook so couldn't really play.
Dark Void Zero - PC 
Only got an about hour spend on this and that didn't go too well. When I finally got to the first boss didn't manage to even kill it. Will definitely return to this next week. 
Batman Begins - Xbox 
Batman Rise of Sin Tzu - Xbox 
Got a really good bargain on these two Batman games for original Xbox. Both of the are supposed to be pretty decent. 
Dark Void Zero - PC 
First ever Steam purchase.  
Some Reverend Bizarre for Sunday evening:


Week 28 - Wife broke the drums

It has been a good week gaming wise. Managed to finish 3 games and review all of them.
Played games: 
Golden Sun: The Lost Age - GBA 
Finally managed to finish this. Got my view on form of opinion up here as well. 
Aquaria - PC 
Got some more time to play this and got a review of this as well here. Really mediocre game. 
Monkey Island 2 - XBLA 
Did a speedrun with no hints to get a S-rank. Also reviewed the game.
Rock Band - Xbox 360 
Had to play some more Epic and Detroit Rock City  + some drums

Uncharted 2 - PS3  
Haven't used PS3 in while so forgot all about the daft mandatory patches. It was 8 patches that had to be installed before I got to play. My first ever  play through.
The Witcher - PC 
After the great Sapkowski book I read on my holidays I wanted to get this game as well. Got the patches up to 1.5 which is the same as SE version if I understood correctly. 
Blood of Elves - Book 
Speaking of Sapkowski, got his second book that has been translated to English. Haven't started this yet. 
Rock Band drum set - Xbox 360  
Zavvi, a UK based entertainment retail had a crazy sale for official RB drum sets, only £11. Can't really so no for that price. So got myself these and blasted through the RB  career on easy difficulty on. For a guitarist (not just plastic) it is really different and interesting. Did get only two sessions and today when I tried to play some more the drums didn't work anymore. Won't get recognised when plugging in. My wife was already complaining that the drums were loud so I am putting the blame on her :) 

Week's 24-25-26-27 - Summer holidays

I don't have four weeks of summer holidays, just two. Skipped the last week, but not sure where the 4th week is from. Probably got the week numbers wrong earlier. Anyway.. 
Played games: 
Golden Sun: The Lost Age - GBA 
Had my GBA with me on my holidays and wanted (re)start and finish Golden Sun 2. This game is massive. The first one was already long and complex but this is even bigger in every sense. Really loving the puzzles. Got about 20h in now. Got  the trident forged and should be heading to Lemuria next.
Aquaria - PC  
Had my netbook with me as well and wanted to start with one game from the Indie Bundle while ago. Got only couple of hours of game time so can't really say much about this. Will get back to this once I am done with GS2. 
Pro Evolution Soccer 8 - Xbox 360 
This was also during my holidays. Visited a childhood friend and it turned out that he had a Xbox as well. So got some good matches against him. He still has a SD TV and for a current gen footie game it looked horrid.  So spoiled with the HD  :) 

Bionic Commando Rearmed - XBLA
After holidays I finished this and wrote a review about the game here. Pretty decent XBLA game. 
Game Room - H.E.R.O - Xbox 360 
My third Game Room game. Remember playing this on C64 so had to get this. Wrote a review of this as well. Really challenging to review such a old game but I decided that I will review all the games I am playing so sticking to it. Still need to review Red Baron 
Monkey Island 2 - XBLA 
Being a big Lucasarts fan  there was no doubt about getting this game. Still as awesome it was in 1991. Managed to finish this already, but had already forgotten too many puzzles. So will go back to it and try to do a speedrun with no hints. And maybe a review if I can praise it enough. Although I always preferred the 1st over this. 
New purchases: 
H.E.R.O - Game Room 
Monkey Island 2 - XBLA 
Infinite Undiscovery -  Xbox 360 
Another JRPG that I was missing, got it for only couple of quids 
Demon's Soul Black Phantom Edition - PS3 
This was finally brought to EU. Got my copy on release date but haven't started with this yet. Have played friends imported copy few months ago already though.


Week 23 - E3

Here is a list of games I played/purchased last week:

Rock Band - Xbox 360
Got the Anvil trackpack for Rock Band and been playing those and other metal songs. Works really for a failed musician like me after few beers :)
Anvil songs bit easy, even on Hard difficulty. Tempted to get the new Ozzy trackpack since I haven't heard Scream yet. But it's bit too expensive for my taste. Can(and will) get the whole album for that price soon anyway.
Final Fantasy II - GBA
Getting closer to the end, at least I think so. Got all the locations open now and going after the main goon next.

Bionic Commando Rearmed - Xbox 360
Microsoft got Inventory Blowout for some of the better arcade games. Haven't played Remarmed yet so grapped this for 400 points. Played couple of hours of this and really liking this so far. Especially the the chiptune music.

New purchases
Andrzej Sapkowski - The Last Wish - Book
A book, but gaming related. Going for holiday in couple of days and needed some literature. Sapkowski is of course the guy behind Witcher game. Which I haven't played yet, but have heard so much good stuff about. Need to get a hold of this and see if any of my PCs can run this.

USB charger cable - PSP
Mentioned couple of weeks ago that my PSP died. Ordered a USB charger cable from Ebay to test that it wasn't the charger cable. Payed whopping £1.5 of it, from Hong-Kong of course. How anyone can make profit with such price? Well anyway the cable worked so PSP is still good. Probably will get a new battery and charger cable,
official ones.

Bionic Commando Rearmed - Xbox 360
Inventory Blowout
Splosion Man - Xbox 360
Shadow Complex - Xbox 360
Got some more fine arcade gems for 50% off. Had to upgrade to Gold member to get these offers. MS had a offer on that as well, £1 for first month.

Anvil - Trackpack for Rock Band - Xbox 360
Anvil is the most under-rated metal band and they deserve any piece of recognition and financial support they can get.

E3 the biggest gaming event of the year was last week as well. Here are my thoughts on. Didn't have any great expectations actually. At least on the games front especially after Rockstar pulled off. On hardware front it was quite clear that there would new announcements which is always very interesting of course.

On Microsoft's conference, like for many this was absolutely disappointing. Other than Fable 3 they had couple of new generic shooters and that Kinetic nonsense. Last years E3 was really promising for Natal/Kinetic but what they showed here was total BS. It is nothing more than next gen PS Eye-toy. Nothing in that software line-up interests me. Not even Turn 10's new game. Disappointing Microsoft.

Nintendo in many people opinion had the best show and I don't disagree. Really pleased to hear that 3DS is working so well. 3DS will be pre-ordered for sure in this household. Nintendo had also quite an line-up for 3DS titles. Will be interesting to see when these are coming out. The other main interested in Nintendo's lineup was of course new Zelda for Wii with M+ support. Looking very much forward to this.

Sony's show was focusing too much on the 3D games and that motion controller crap as well. They announced tons of new games and finally a release date for GT5 At least they did better than MS by announcing some real games. Nothing here that really jumps at me.  
Overally the amount of games announced is impressive, here are few of my favorites:
Driver: San Francisco
Been fan of this franchise ever since PS-era. Played all of the games so far. Even Driv3r which I really tried to like. Not so sure about the car hopping mechanism on this but at least the driving has the same 70's car chase feel as the first ones had.
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit
Another franchise I've been fond of since the first game in the series. Hot Pursuit games being my favorite ones.
Rock Band 3
Finally a more real-like guitar. I know some people complain that if it get's so close of being the real thing why not play real guitar instead or that it is not the same thing. Well I actually can play real guitar but with my busy life I never have time to pick it up and/or keep the interested up. 


Week 22 - Football \m/

These are the games I've been playing this week:
Rock Band - Xbox 360
Two songs left on hard mode. Outlaws and Molly Hatchet songs. Both got nasty solo.
Final Fantasy II - GBA
Was supposed to start this with PSP but my PSP decided to resign. Ordered a new charger-cable to make sure it's not that.  Luckily had the Dawn of Souls for GBA as well so playing it now. The XP mechanics is really screwed but I knew this before and don't mind the odd grinding sessions. Passed 10h mark just and got the wyvern egg delivered
New purchases:
Shadow Hearts - PS2
This completed my Shadow Hearts collection. Still good selection of good PS2 RPGs to buy
Original Xbox remote
Seeing how much I still use my original Xbox thought it would be useful to have a remote.
Let's see how much gaming I get to do next week with World Cup and E3.


Week 21 - War. War never changes

This week's list of game's I've played
Rock Band - Xbox 360
Started the career with Hard, still doable surprisingly.. or I am getting better

Sonic & Sega All Star Racing - Wii
Played some more of this and got a review up here

Fallout - PC
Been using most time on this one and managed actually finish this today. Really good game but everyone probably know this already. It has it's flaws and it has not aged so well. Anyway will probably write a review about this.

Lead The Meerkats - Wiiware
Just finished this, used only couple of hours on it. Review definitely coming up.
Red Dead Redemption - PS3
Have not actually played this since I completed the story last Monday. Got a review more or less written. Maybe will go back to this next week.
New purchases:
Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg - Gamecube
Never played this but had to get it after playing that Sonic & Sega kart game. Supposed to be a decent enough Sonic Team game
Jade Empire - Xbox
One of the Bioware games I haven't played. Original Xbox games are dirt cheap

Panzer Dragoon Orta - Xbox
Another good Xbox title I've havent played. Yes I am bit of a Sega fanboy. 
Lead The Meerkats - Wiiware 
Got a soft spot for Finnish games