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So my copy of the game worked fine earlier in the week but now when I "Press Any Button" to advance to the menu the game freezes during the loading screen.  I have to shut the 360 down completely and reboot, any ideas on how I might be able to get the game to work again?

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s10129107 said:
"I dont know how developers get the nerve to sell a map pack.  some things oughta be free.  Hopefully consoles will catch up to PCs sometime soon on this issue.

You don't see how developers get the nerve to sell a map pack.  Really?  Do you think these guys are working for free? Don't get me wrong I would love for all content to be free and having played PC games, I love the mod community but I can also see companies wanting to be compensated for work which is basically extra content to the game.  On another note, companies like Epic and Bungie have both expressed a desire to make their content free but MS has insisted on charging for that content.  According to the last Bungie podcast they aren't sure that the Legendary Map pack is going to go free because MS wants to try a new strategy with them, in fact it was tough for them to release Cold Storage for free.
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Soccer on the Atari 2600.

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Guns N' Roses.  I'm still patiently waiting for Chinese Democracy to be released.

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Jordan23 said:
"I'm just curious what have happen to the platormer genre. There seem to be less platformers coming to the market nowadays, the only company that seem to care somewhat is Nintendo. The last platformer that I've played was Super Mario Galaxy (Grade A quality gaming).

So, do you guys think platformers are becoming an lost art?

I would argue that Insomniac cares more about the genre than Nintendo does.  They have consistently released Ratchet & Clank (grade A quality gaming) games over the last six years.  Nintendo throws us a bone every once in a while with a SMG or a New SMB but then they go dark for three to five years. 

Also I find that genres have now become more mixed.  A game like Uncharted has many platforming aspects but mixes them with shooter aspects (ala Tomb Raider).
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Ghil said:
"It does drop down but the FPS issue seems to be more of the Engine faults than the devs, wich would mean we would have to blame Epic for that one.
Except SK rewrote the engine for Too Human so you can't blame Epic. Anyways, as for the game I played the demo and I am intrigued but probably not enough for a day one purchase.  I'll probably split the costs with a friend who has it on pre-order and just play it when he finishes up with it.
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I bought Super Stardust HD just to try out the trophies and I have to say I like it, probably even more so than my 360 achievements because of the very RPG like leveling scheme used.  Now if only there were more games that supported them at this point.  I can honestly say if Soul Caliber IV had trophies I would be getting it because I am on the fence and a chance to snag some trophies would probably be enough to get me to buy it.

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I'll probably pick up Resistance at some point, I played a bit of it on a friend's copy and it seemed cool enough.

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Dethfish77 said:
"This message is not to ask you what you think is wrong with with my 360 (although your thoughts would be nice) but to ask you how in the hell can Microsoft send out a broken Xbox 360? "
At least yours turns on, when I got my replacement system it red ringed out of the box.
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SpaceInsomniac said:
"Seeing Elton John and Billy Joel together might have been pricey, but it was so worth it.  Other than that, I saw Ben Folds Five shortly after their second album came out, and before they were very popular.  It was a great show.
  You are very correct in that statement (I've seen them three times that way), although I still think the two of them put on a better show separately.  My personal favorite concert is a toss up between having seen Guns N' Roses at the Meadowlands and seeing Metallica's Million Decibel March in the parking lot of the Philadelphia Sports Complex.