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The Lost & Damned is an exceptional first entry as GTA DLC. 0

The original announcement at E3 06, the delays pushing the episodic content further back, and the fifty million dollars. Several months after the original details of the downloadable content were revealed, the Lost and the Damned is finally here. The Lost and Damned packs a new storyline featuring a new character, new modes, weapons, and vehicles, and even some controversy to go along with it. After all of the mentioned events, people want to know if it lives up to the hype. Subtly put, Lost and...

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Grand Theft Auto IV is bigger, and more bad than the rest. 7

The months and years of waiting for Grant Theft Auto IV have paid off for gamers around the world. GTA fans alike were cringing in their seats as they waited for an affirmative release date for the latest installment in this sandbox series. After GTA IV becoming multiplatform, announcements of it having downloadable content, and it being delayed, Grand Theft Auto IV is here. It is most certainly bigger, badder, and better than the rest of the GTA games. April 29th, 2008 has come and gone. Ladie...

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Undertow is can easily be put as simply terrible. 5

Undertow recently has gained attention as of late because its the free XBLA game we were promised. I suppose. Whether or not it would be warrant a purchase before/after this sale (ends Sunday, January 27th), I suggest for one you at least download it before hand. Whether or not you will play it after you grow bored of it. Undertow deals with for one, fighting in under water. The main plot is an aquatic alien race is launching a secret attack on Earth which would melt the polar ice caps. Whether...

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COD4 takes a step away from the WW2 setting, and does it well. 0

It has taken a couple of iterations by Infinity Ward and Treyarch; but this time Infinity Ward finally got the hit. After several weeks of the Beta back in August and September, Call of Duty 4 has finally come, and for the most part, has stayed in many consoles. The ever-so popular World War II franchise has shifted away from that setting, into a Modern setting. It proves to be a fresh, new, and exciting setting to play in. A good, yet short, single player prepares you for the oh-so addicting a...

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