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  • Man of Steel: $54.6 million
  • Monsters University: $82.5 milliion
  • World War Z: $65.4 million
  • Total: $202.5 million
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A few years back I dreamt that me and Jeff did a quick look of a 3D console mario game, the crazy thing is that a week ago I had the same dream except we were quick looking the sequel of that game but the mobile version on my old crappy phone. I do remember me and Jeff riffing pretty well, if only dream could become reality... some day...

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Here's two levels I've made so far, hope you guys like em.



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Nvm it started working now, looks like those elusive top men struck again :) Thanks anyway.

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Lol, nope. If it was I'd definitely have to slap myself pretty hard :P

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For the past month when either progressing or streaming Giantbomb videos there is no audio at all, my speakers work fine and I've tried all kinds of browsers but it still won't work. The only way I've been able to watch the videos with sound is by using the download function, but it keeps hitching up and not loading properly. What I find really weird is that the player on all the other Whiskey Media sites works perfectly. Can anyone help, please?

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GT: Kazmarth

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