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#1 Posted by KelpPlankton (51 posts) -

Really surprised me that the 3DS version is coming so soon. I hope the time gap between 3DS and WiiU versions is used to make some DLC characters or stages for both platforms.

#2 Posted by KelpPlankton (51 posts) -

$50 as the baseline is too high. $20-40.

#3 Posted by KelpPlankton (51 posts) -

Necronomicrown is from Evil Dead, it's design is straight out of one of the movies(Evil Ash wears it), and the item's description explicitly references those movies. Ash is totally in it.

#4 Edited by KelpPlankton (51 posts) -

The cost breakdown really illuminates a lot of what I don't know about games in terms of money. It's kind of surprising- and it certainly explains why it's not a trivial matter at all for Capcom to add new characters to their own games via DLC.

It's a shame, though, that this game can meet it's goal within 24 hours for a single character, and yet Project Awakening hasn't even hit the halfway mark of their kickstarter, when they've got an amazing looking game and modding toolkit in the works. Oh well, that's how the market sways I guess.

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I'm encountering this same bug(click to post review, page reloads to top of page with empty search options) for a Super Monday Night Combat review, but additionally, posting a review from the page for Fire Emblem: Awakening isn't working for me at all. Clicking the 'add a review' button just takes me to a Server Error page. I'm using Google Chrome, I don't know if that impacts it.

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Superman's already the main villain in this, practically.

Really digging Aquaman's look here. I didn't honestly expect him to make it into this game, or if he did, only as DLC, but they seem to have done a good job making him sufficiently badass to fit in well. Fighting with a trident is always awesome.

#7 Posted by KelpPlankton (51 posts) -

In my first playthrough, my dude got with Lissa. Owain should always have green hair. It is his natural state.

In my second, though, I played a female custom unit and had her get with Donny. Needed that overpowered MegaMorgan, and he did not disappoint.

#8 Posted by KelpPlankton (51 posts) -

Yeah the game is still very obviously a beta. But I feel like it's got a solid foundation here that some cool stuff can be built on if they get the unfriendly aspects sorted out.

But I need a server with music ASAP! No music sounds so dead...

#9 Posted by KelpPlankton (51 posts) -

The first wave, at least. Of which I got one. It's pretty cool so far! But I'm new to the PlanetMania stuff and I'm not sure how to customize my dude with different textures or join groups or anything.

And nobody's got music on their servers! How could this be?

#10 Posted by KelpPlankton (51 posts) -

I've never touched EVE. This still looks like it could be a fun shooter though, and the potential for interacting with players in another game seems really cool to me. Plus, free to play. Not planning on dropping the $20 on it for early access though, myself.

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