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@Droop:   Dragovich, Steiner, Kravchenko. All must die.
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I think you mean facet rather than faucet there Brad, unless it's some weird Dragon Quest style monster. 
EDIT: Damn, beat to it! :D

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Never gotten into Battlefield, maybe I'll try getting into Battlefield 2, all I have heard is universal praise, but Medal of Honor doesn't interest me enough for me to purchase the limited edition, standard edition maybe.

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Man, here was me excited about a new quest set/competition. :\ In UK, damn. 
It'd be good if you could just do the quest and opt out of being entered into the competition.

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We're switching Lincoln Force over to the Unreal Engine in order to stay competitive in today's market.

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Jeff's band. If you ever listened to the Gamespot Hotspot podcast, their opening theme (Too Hot) was done by Midnight Brown. The break music was done by a forum member whose name escapes me.  
The I Love Mondays music that plays when people are talking is by Midnight Brown, though;

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