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Where ever you are Ryan. I hope you're getting a kick out of us us getting all soppy while you're listening to your jams. It's strange how someone you've never met can have such a profound and genuine effect on you and Ryan surely did that. He made those hard days a little easier to manage and I can't help but have a great sense of loss today. My heart goes out to his family and to his friends. Rest in peace, Ryan.

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For me it's a case that MS already eroded any trust I had in their brand. This doesn't change that fact.

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I have 8 keys to give away. Add me here or PM me for one.


I have 6 keys still up for grabs.

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Congratulations, Tricky!

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It's honestly pretty funny how EA boasts that Battlefield 3 is on a competing level with Call of Duty and to be fair to them, I want it to be. This is apparently to be their title to take on Activision's franchise, yet it seems like EA has done nothing more than try to fuck itself over every step of the way. Honestly, this is the nail in the coffin for me, personally.

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Not surprised at all by this. Both have areas where they are dominant in the market. PS3 has superior hardware and Xbox 360 has a much more robust network. This late in the life cycle of both platforms there's very little to compete with one another over besides exclusive titles. Microsoft is simply asserting further control over its network advantage by trying to keep indie developers exclusive to their platform.

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Happy Birthday, Jeffrey! Have a great one!

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Video games! Fuck yeah!

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Happy Birthday, Vinny! Have a great one!

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 I was quite disappointed playing the MOH beta to be honest. Bugs aside, I feel they have alot of work to do content-wise for before MOH is ready to compete with what's already out on shelves. What I experienced of the multiplayer in it was rather disappointing. A combination of both Modern Warfare and Battlefield styles of gameplay sounded like a good idea, but it all feels very "watered-down".  This is really a very minor incentive to pick the game. At best.

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