Things that the quest system needs

  1. Some goddamn variables for each part of the quest. Having to dig around in the 6 pages of games that Jeremy Soule worked on just to find two specific ones ain't that fun
  2. An option to get clearer/more specific tips, but at a cost of some XP
  3. This might be a bit crude to ask for, since this is already a awesome enough thing, but how about some rewards for gaining levels? So instead of gettin a level 3 fireball with 1.3X damage over 5 secs you get some small reward like a custom forum avatar, or the ability to send someone a rude and foul pm without getting banned.
These are really my only problems with this system, and they ain't big for that matter, but I hope atleast one of the will get adressed in some way in the future
P.S ididitfortehexpee


I've been to 4 of those and it's not that bad. Well, since I'm a member of a close knit Xbox community I know a lot of the people going to these openings so that's really what saves them from being mad boring


That Fable II

I'll keep on savoring Fable II, although  Fallout 3 and Gears 2 are also on my list. But those will have to wait until Fable's over