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I remember you from when you started at EGM. Since then, from what I've seen here on Giant Bomb, you've definitely grown up as a writer and as a person (I actually commented that to a friend of mine at work about a year ago).

I didn't always agree with everything you said or how you said it, but I was almost always interested in what you had to say.

All the best to you in your new adventure, and keep up the good work!

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Wolfenstein, South Park, Sunset Overdrive and Divinity are the sleepers for me.

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All the best Alexis!

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Great write up, Jeff!

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All the rage over this whole thing is hilarious.

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Really great article @patrickklepek. For me, I will always buy physical copies of things that I truly love. While I get where people come from with wanting to have super minimalist homes/lifestyles, having rooms in my house that are totally bare and empty just don't feel like home to me. I couldn't imagine going to my Grandma's house and not having some of her ceramic figures, collector tins, books, and family pictures on shelves. It just wouldn't feel the same.

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I second what @kidavenger said. Picked one up and swap it between my PS4 and XB1. Much, much better than the pack in mics, and are an absolute steal at anywhere from $5-10.

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Mustard on a spicy chorizo, or any other bbq'd sausage for that matter, is amazing.

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I'd like a map, or an option for waypoints to be either temporary or always on. maybe it won't matter so much once I learn level layouts, but as it is, popping the ghost every few seconds can get old.

Totally this. A map would help wonders.

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Might have to play through The Witcher 1 and 2 again. Just recently read through The Time of Contempt.

This is easily my most anticipated next gen game. Can't wait!