The Second Stop

Holy hell am I tired!
It's been a long ass day and my cousins are finally gone.

So let's see... Where to start...
We passed through Tennessee (spelt correctly btw), Georgia, and have arrived in South Carolina. 

It was SUPPOSED to be roughly 8 hours of driving but we kept getting lost or off track turning it into a 13 hour drive of DOOM. 
Umm... We crossed over a bridge in Tennessee and... well... look fo yo self. 


Yah I thought that was pretty damn great. 
...Disgusting creature....

Uhh I played some flash game on the way and at some point it said that to me... 
Bonus points to the fool that can name that flash game. 
Now I just need readers... 
Oh and we also stopped at a gas station somewhere along the way that reminded me of a certain quick-look...



Yes I realize it's a letter different but whatever. 
Luckily Stucky wasn't home. 
Anyway I'm tired and have no clue where I'll be going tomorrow. 


The First Stop

Oh man I like the titles! sounds like a crazy series or something! 
But man hopefully I don't go all the way to fourteen or something that would be dumb. 
So our first stop! Damn driving is tedious! Luckily I only had to drive about half way so that was a win.

We are stopped in Memphis Tennessee... Tenesee... Tenessee... TeneC FUCK
So spellcheck is currently offline, hopefully one of those is right, get off my back already! (How the fuck did you get there?!?!) 
So this place is cool. It's nothing special but there's a pool and the room smells like cigarettes (Home sweet home) 
I got my camera working a few minutes ago and took a few pictures, though only a couple turned out good, night pictures are a bitch. (Note to self: get tripod) 



So yeah... Insert picture ftw!

Oh so we WERE planning on visiting the Ace of Cakes duder at his bakery Charm City Cakes in Baltimore to snag some pictures with him, now I hate cakes but this fool is really cool and if you haven't seen the show you should watch it at least once, BUT I was checking out their website and was fairly amused at the visitation section of their FAQ. Check it out if ya wanna, 
Link no jutsu (*sigh* I had to...)   
So I guess we aren't going to visit them...  
whatever... I hate cake... 
Now if he made me a mutha effin brownie shaped like a Skullmonkey or something I'd bow down in a second... or less... 
So yup this was day 1 
If you want a souvenier or something then I'll tell you what I can do!

I can take a picture of the thing I woulda got you if I was in a giving mood! 
But I'm not in a giving mood today...

Tomorrow isn't looking good for you either... 

Wouldn't it be insane if someone laughed like that? 
Fuck I'm tired!


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The Trip...

So this is a little late considering we have already gotten this trip underway, but hey at least you know now. 
Oh yeah, we are currently traveling the East Coast. 
Why you ask?

Well, my very super duper ecstatic oh-so-interested reader, because:

1. I am dropping off my damn monst-demo-COUSINS back at their home in South Carolina.

2. Because Kansas is boring as hell. 
3. Because I wanna visit my oldest sister in Pennsylvania.

4. Because New York is so nearby and we just can't pass that up now can we?

I can smell the New York style hotdogs from here...

Anywho, I'll try to post some more entries later on throughout the trip and even some pictures if I can figure this thing out. 
And since this is so damn late I'll be posting something right after this. 
So stay tuned for about 10 minutes or so after this is posted... or don't I'm not really sure what I'm gonna say but I do have a picture of this stop we are currently at. 
That's about all...

gimme a sec...

And if you have already stopped reading this then damn you! 
wait.... shit....

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Alive... I think?

Best part about Kansas is that there is a lot of cheap food. 

Nearest mall is the next state over.

All the rednecks play Modern Warfare 2 
People wonder where all the online fuckers come from 
Answer: Kansas

I figured it out! 
Achievment unlocked: Nowhere to Run Nowhere to Hide 

Actually people here are really nice... Sorta.

They seem kinda dumb too 
Not all of them, but most. 
So far Iv'e only met one really big asshole. 
He said he was gonna call me Willis and that my last name was Gay

Will Is Gay

Clever bastard isn't he? 
I mean what the fuck did I do?! 
Oh yeah I sat in the only seat available in the class. 
I hope he chokes on his tongue. 
I think I'll survive here for now. 
I mean hell it's not that bad, there are some cool people out here. 
Only one girl Iv'e met so far that I'd even consider though. 
Y'know because whatever :P


So I'm moving right...

Well next week we are gonna be moving into a hotel for a month and then after that... OFF TO FREDONIA.... 
*Sigh* I'm not sure whether to be happy or sad anymore. 
I'm gonna miss my friends for sure, but  I'm also glad to be leaving this place. 
I just hope there's an arcade somewhere around there. 
And pie... 
And carrot juice... 
Onwards to the future! No matter what awaits.... 
God let there be Internet...